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This is becoming a tradition, one that I like. For those new to my friend's list this year, we really do split an apple during dinner on Christmas Eve, exactly for this reason, so . . .

Please have an apple with me on this Christmas Eve. If you get lost, sick or feel down, if you don't know where to go when on a crossroad, when things are tough and rough during the year, remember who you have shared the Christmas apple with. That person is always there for you.

You all know where to find me, right ♥

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

And because I just finished putting together the Christmas cookies tray, have one more picture :

apple is there for you to imagine the size of the tray ;D

I am weak

Dec. 11th, 2011 09:48 pm
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heart1 new hair; it looks cute, what the . . .
rice 9 working days left till Christmas vacation
plane flight ticket to Japan booked!!!! April 27 2012 - May 8 2012

heart love meme, my thread. I really, really promise to come out of this constant string of chores and work and doctors and flat hunting (OMG!) and comment on your threads on this and the time capsule meme sometimes right before Christmas. It'll be like really late, pleasant surprise?

moneybagOnly 9 days of crazy. I am already planning tasks for January and planning what I will do work wise during the vacation, BUT! *just keep swimming*fish


Dec. 8th, 2011 10:35 pm
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!!Breaking ou of the hiatus or something because of this meme. Chances are if I don't do this now, I will have forgotten by the time I'll be back on LJ fully. Anyway, I've never done something like this before, and it sounds really nice, so:


teardropI have no words for this week. When I texted my mom, she had neither, lol. Anyway maybe I will come back to some events of it before holidays, at least briefly, but for now, packing and then sleep.

shockuOH WAIT!

shinkansenI'm going home by train tomorrow. Aside from 4 hours on one train and 30 minutes on another, I also have an hour to spend on the train station in between. I should be working, but I know I'll probably be too dead to do so after a whole day of catching up. I could write. This is not a request post, but if you have an idea, a prompt, something, leave it here. Inspire me. I have four hours; maybe I'll pick something up. (Whether you leave me the preferred characters is up to you ;D)

Is it true Ueda's character in Runaway speaks in Kansai dialect? /relevant to my nonexistent ship
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hourglassI wanted to post today, then I looked at the clock and it's past 9 pm and ugh.

bellLife's been pretty intense on many fronts lately. I can't even go into details, really, it just makes my head spin. I'm told that the work front is like this every end of the year (because of everyone tying the knots they ignored all year), but the rest of it is just all badly timed, lol.

^_^;;My hols is still not finished, and the intense life seems to have scheduled itself for at least another two weeks (and I dread that more scheduling is ahead of me).

rainSo I give up (just a little). I do loom around, but I can't keep up most of the time and there's no meaning in frantically scrambling to.

movieA little hiatus is in order. I should be back before Christmas. (I want to post pics from when Kari was here, damn it D:) I'm missing loads of fandom flail and there will be no point in talking about random life joys (very, very shady pubs and cards) when they are one month old, and I'm sorry about this, but I think there's no other way.

Advent's here. This is the part I like about it.

not red this year, LE GASP

heart1LOL Count on me to make a Hiatus post way too long to read. I might pop up on your journals to comment if my evening state of total blank exhaustion permits. See you around!!!

The lights

Nov. 18th, 2011 09:45 pm
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There's been waffles on sticks, fog, bridges, fog, Jewish cemeteries, fog . . . all you can eat sushi bar and green tea ice-cream floats. Tomorrow is in the stars. But we are spending a quality Friday evening with our legs up. There are no sappy romantic movies, so it could be worse ;D
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I should be sleeping, but today we went for a bit of bowling right after work (all paid for :D) which turned into darts match which resulted in me coming home few minutes ago. I just washed my hair because I smelled like ashtray and there was no way for me to fall asleep like that.

Now I need to sit down for a second before I can attempt to dry my hair >.> So I really really really want to pimp this out. Help me out!

There's been a smaller experimental challenge running through, well basically, most of this year, when people remixed a fic "telephone game" style. One after another. The result of it (8 fics in total) were just posted.

I'm really looking forward to see how it turned out, especially knowing how I coped. But I also want more people to go and have a try . . .

so here:

Hello? Who's there?

Lame ad is lame. Go read, I'll join you on Friday evening. Talk to you later <3
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loveletter I've started the full inbox project, so let's hope I have inspiration enough to write to 7 people for a week :D

footprint I might have [livejournal.com profile] parasol_odori next week. Excite!

! Today marks two finally:

pencil I finally posted the [livejournal.com profile] help_japan fic, and I am so, so, so happy. I can now move on and concentrate on hols. We'll see how that goes.

camera1 And I finally posted the pictures I mentioned some time ago. It's the collection from the time I took a walk up to the castle. Click on the picture bellow to see the rest. Any of them can be seen in the original size when you right click on them, idek maybe some of the ones with views could have been bigger.

cloverHave a nice week!
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I just felt like coming out of my hole for this.

Now excuse me while I go back to my corner thinking very, very dirty and inappropriate and cheesy thoughts.
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So I'm just going to beg here, since I failed at this project being a secret a long time ago.

The fic I mentioned yesterday is done. It's over 20 000 words, so it is a complete monster. I can't ever publish this without a proper beta, but yeah, I have no clue where to find one for such a long thing. Help? I'd offer a newborn, but I believe it's already taken by someone who beta read for me before. Just like most of my internal organs.

Help? If you know of anyone I could beg, that would help too.
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shockuIf you are wondering where I am these days, I'm still hiding in my corner where things are shiny, sparkly and magical and how they were a month ago (also where the NEWS - KAT-TUN rumor did not happen)

pencilI might also be struggling with my second help_japan fic that is currently around 16 000 words and still not done. This frustrates me because I didn't want to write such a monster. I feel a little bad for making anyone read that, especially the "recipient". Even more so because it touches so many things I usually avoid. Hello drama, where did you come from? Oh wait arrowup eyes

heart1Anyway what got me out of the whole is this meme.

PROJECT FULL INBOX: People love getting lots of emails, so let's use this week to fill up the inboxes of friends with random things to brighten their days! Comment here saying you want a FULL INBOX so I can begin plotting my attack, then put this in your journal so your friends can let you know that they want a full inbox from you. Whether it is a ton of random comments on entries, pointless PMs, or emails with questionable gifs attached, let's have a week of full inbox fun!

!!I will however move the week when the spamming from me happens to next week because this one is quite busy and it would be pointless to even try.

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eyesSO . . . I've gone a bit away so to speak after I had a bit of a fight with real life, to put it metaphorically, last Friday. Or hormones, I'm still not sure. I stayed a bit away from about everything.

shockuJust as I was slowly coming back, NEWS happened. Well that's that. I always thought fandom was there to amuse me. Or not fandom, the boys are here to amuse me in one way or another. So I don't know why JE goes out of their way to screw over just about everything I like about it lately. You are not doing a good job at keeping me around, orz.

thumbsupAnyway, I am still a bit distanced, I would say, but I was pretty productive yesterday, and even if the result will always stay dubious, I am proud of myself just because I finished it.

movieAs a reward I went on a search for a certain .gif. I didn't find it, so I made it. I don't know how to make .gifs mind you. I had to install one more program and read like three tutorials, so it probably sucks but it makes me happy.

heartyeyesYeah, my favorite Zenkai Girl moment. And one of my favorite J drama moments ever too. Because TOUCHES *_____* I was going to write this whole thing on touches and why I like this one and why I like touches in fic too and stuff, but somehow, the need to talk about it is gone. So that's that.

NGI seriously hope I didn't spoiler anyone by now.

camera1Oh also, I had to look for some MatsuJun pics today and when did the guy get this pretty? I found some of his phases very (there I said it) charming but this . . . Also have Ueda Tatsuya picture-a-month mosaic from the year 2000 up till now-days (click the picture to make it bigger ;D ).

houseI'm home and am driving to Prague only on Tuesday evening so I won't be around even as much as I normally am. I just felt like letting you know ;D
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watchI think this all is enough for a quick (mostly) fandom post

heartyeyesSo let's talk about how Ueda's hair finally matches his hunched, very macho and MALE posture. He tends to stand exactly like that, but call me an idiot, it looks sooooooooooo good like this. With every new (and more in color) picture, I like bouzu Pommu more and more. Not to mention, I really like it when an idol goes and does something that challenges his image and public perception of him up to that point. And yeah I can't stop looking. (See also: Nakamaru with rolled up sleeves and from that angle looks amazing).

melody2The PV for Kaze Wa Fuiteiru is out, and it is official, it's the second AKB48 song I really like (I don't really know any old stuff, but I heard everything after Beginner and some). Plus I like the darker setting of the PV. This is also probably the first time Itano Tomomi didn't bother me (I really do not like her face, sorry to anyone who does).

presentOh yeah, today I got my [livejournal.com profile] rocky_rudolph mod hat back on. My sister is still Internet-less (though she sends me MMS about toilets, bikes, sea horses and killing unicorns), so whenever she gets the sorted out assignments to me, I will have to send 46 emails. LOL my weekend is doomed. What with the evening get together turning more into like all day get together on Saturday and two fics to write before October 13 and other stuff.

moneybagIn real life news, I just paid my rent. It is sad how I always feel SO broke afterward. For half of the month, I am all, you are doing well, saving up, being all responsible, it is looking good. And then BAM! LE SIGH! I just needed to get that off my chest.

arrowupTomorrow is the last day of my 3-months probation period at work. My boss isn't even in the office due to some injury to lay me off from one day to another on last minute, so I am pretty sure I am staying in Prague for at least another 3 months until the end of my short term contract. Then I either become jobless right after Christmas, or I am in for a permanent one *____* Will gambarimasu for that magical formula of "for an indefinite period" to be added in.
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eyesMy head’s been hurting so much all day, but I was so set to post that I just had to. If this makes next to no sense because of the headache, then I apologize.

glassesSo The Anti-friending meme. Ever since I first got the idea presented to me, all I could think of was ruffled feathers. I know it was one of the things that could do that. Ruffle feathers that is. I am sorry if it felt like too much, too negative and completely unnecessary, and I hope you forgive me my extravagant moment of hosting it anyway.

NGMy other concern with it was that it could turn to flat out hate meme. But people were pretty good with it, other than occasional efforts of trying too hard to make their point and failing at recognizing when it is better to stop. Then the meme got killed by a true hate meme (I has impeccable timing), so maybe that is a reason why people were rather civil too. Thank god for that because I almost did not sleep that night, afraid of letting it go unattended. In a way, this too is a conclusion, fandom can handle itself on occasions.

thumbsupThe whole thing was rather interesting. I’m sure I had more conclusions, but by now, the following three stuck in my mind, so here you go:pairings, coherence and connectivity )

heartyeyesAnyway, personal result of the meme. I suppose I have always known that being RyoDa fangirl means people are cautious of friending you. But lately I have had such a steady and nice friend list that I almost forgot. The meme reminded me that RyoDa fangirls are considered crazy and more thread than an asset to one's friends list. Therefor I now love you even more for giving me a try and tolerating my crazy. I know my mind can get very one-track sometimes when it comes to my OTP, but I hope I do not annoy you with it too much.

flowerAfter that very serious fandom analysis (LOL, fandom is serious business), have my Saturday night joy. I spent my Saturday at work, but took a walk on my way home and got myself something to liven up my kitchen. With the choice I made, it seems fall is really coming.

4leafcloverIt is a pretty fall though! The weather forecast for the next two weeks is sunny and still around 20 °C or only a little less so this is great *____________* I took a walk up to the castle today after work, so I need to sort and post those pictures sometimes. It was rather pretty.

planeAnd lastly, my sister, [livejournal.com profile] chivakaza is safely in Japan, probably sleeping more than 24 hours of travel and official business away. I am relieved, she seemed to have handled it like a boss and now she has an amazing year ahead of her. (LOL she also sent her friends to my journal to find out if the plane did not crush and since she might not have the internet for a while, I figured I'd leave this public so that curious people not willing to wait 5 months before getting worried know she is fine and safe)
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{Why do you not want to be my friend?}

!?this is a reaction to people wondering why no one/certain people do not want to friend them on a friending meme
paperclipThis is a social experiment as much as it is a meme.
!!This is NOT a hate meme!

pencilFill out the form at the end of this entry like you would fill it out on a friending meme
shockuLet people tell you anonymously why they don’t want to be friends with you based on this filled out form

downarrowI do not want any personal hate or bashing, but there may be many other interesting reasons:
- maybe you don’t friend people who like Tegoshi (despite having many other things in common otherwise) because Tegoshi in big doses makes you dizzy
- maybe you want your friends list balanced, so you are friending only people who have wide range of interests
- maybe the .gif they posted seemed too forced, like they are trying too much
- it is okay that someone sounds e.g. intimidating based on the filled out form or that you want someone closer to your age
- it is not okay saying you heard someone is a bitch and they should get lost

lightbulbThis meme is about finding out what turns people off friending other specific people based on the impression created by a friending meme post

NGIf it turns into personal hate and bashing, I will have no qualms to delete this entry and conclude internet is not a place for such an experiment.

heart1But I hope you all would try to have an open mind and create as friendly of an atmosphere as possible for an anti-friending meme.

Here is the form to fill in:

(the form is identical as the one for the latest friending meme, and the idea of this was not really mine either, I am not that brilliant.)

4leafcloverPlay nice, if you think this is a good idea, help me spread the word!

edit: the hate meme for those who got lost ;D is now here
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LOL nothing else is relevant

Or well maybe.

camera1Meet element of fire. She was the best of them. Had a really great "insane" stare down and fascinated me a bit. Or a lot.

Also today, exactly a year ago, September 17th, I graduated from university. LOL 1 year anniversary of adult life, what? Clearly, right afterwards I was pretty out of it and couldn't type to safe my life. And later, I was full of impressions. So much has happened since (and changed). At least clearly, Ueda still can get the raise out of me. I don't remember capslocking like this in ever.

There's a friending meme going on, so hi new friends. I am sorry for jumping straight into a crazy. This might be the most of capslock you'll see from me . . . in next year or so <3!!cake
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I came back to my apartment, completely tired because of the journey to Prague and barely standing up.

The apartment is filthy. There is tons of unwashed dishes, my flatmate told me not to stress it and most of all, the kitchen is flooded from my owners attempt to install hot water in the kitchen sink.

He just wiped the floor under the stove with the cloth I wash the bathroom with. The bathroom I need to clean because I would not even step into such a filthy shower. It's 7 pm and I am so mad and so tired and so hungry, guys you have no idea.

So I just needed to rant otherwise I might verbally attack the flat owner again. Because he did construction work in my bathroom and did not clean it and flooded my kitchen. Then I would strangle my flatmates because they let my basil die, did not move a finger in the flat in a week and the trash can is gloriously smelly.

/grits teeth.
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I linked this on Twitter, but I wanted a placeholder for it. I hope it stays up for a long time to make me giggle. I love this performance (and the failing backdancers) and if I didn't think the song is way too catchy before this, now I do. And I love the girl. From the cuts of Heyx3, it is pretty clear she is a complete star.

Maru-maru-mori-mori . . .

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Today would be actually a good day to post about how things have been since I've moved whole 8 days ago, or just today because today felt like kind of an okay day but mha, I just don't feel like it. So instead ima pimp!

Double the trouble!

Devil or Angel.

Now posting!

So yeah. I hope people will find something they'll like over there. If you would help me spread the word, that would be great too. here is the handy box for the sparkly text only, not for the banner:

My own DOA experience this year has taken a few interesting turns and twists, and I am honestly really anxious about the result, but I regret nothing. There are some great moments in the fic (I think) and I learned a lot and tried a lot of stuff that I usually do not do at all when writing, so it has definitely been challenge in the right sense of the word. Now only to manage the rest of the mod duties that [livejournal.com profile] parasol_odori carries with me (awesomely) and life will be peachy.

Also no more exchanges for me until Hols, so I should FINALLY get on with my Help Japan fics. I am pretty sure it will still take a lots of time because work is really intense, but I will get there!

Have a nice weekend people!
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I last posted 20 days ago. Scary! Anyway there has been very little people reacting to my posts lately. While I try to not let it get to me, especially when I rumble about my private life, when I flail about fandom and nothing happens, it kind of saddens me. I need people to flail with. Anyway, the point is. If you do not read my entries and skip over them, do us both a favour and defriend me. Thank you very much.

Now that the bitching part is over, I have been all over the place in those 20 days. There has been plenty I wanted to post about, but then some things happened that made me draw back a little. I apologize for not commenting on your posts guys, I have seen several picture posts and such *____* so just know that I'll try to get back on track again.

Anyway, bullet points :
* I've gone to see fireworks; and have been on a boat trip and to a castle; basically I'm saying good bye to Brno, and it is sinking in that I am leaving. I admit, it is scary, but such is life.

* There has been my PC giving me blue screen and all kinds of messed up messages so I have it reinstalled and lost all my bookmarks ;____; I also lost that set of cute Japanese emot-icons. If someone still remembers how to install them, I'll be the happiest kid on the block.

* Most importantly, I have packed my stuff here and moved most of it to Prague this weekend (forgot the camera at home, which is why pictures to follow are kind of sucky):

<3 My parents picked me and my stuff up in Brno on Saturday, and on our way to Prague we stopped to eat in some village off highway. They had a tree that is 500 - 600 years old.
See under the cut! )

O.O We arrived to Prague and proceeded to get stuck in a NEW elevator in my apartment building with the mother of the owner of that apartment who panicked, turned red and started to talk about forgetting her medication for high blood pressure. It took 45 minutes to get us out of there. Click the cut for picture of "my" calming medication:
baileyyyys )

D: I found my new room not ready and the apartment in a mess (my new roommates did not leave me any space in the fridge or the bathroom and did not bother even washing the dishes before they left for the weekend). So no pictures yet and our first talk will be an interesting one.

Then we proceeded to wander around Prague and eat and have coffee and all around good time. My parents snuck me into their hotel room so I stayed there for the night, which was a great thing given the state of my room.
Pics taken on Charles bridge under the cut )

:D today we dropped the rest of the bags off - thankfully the elevator worked already - and left Prague because it was raining there.
Under the cut are two more random pictures )

Anyway in the very little fandom news:
!!! DOA deadline is approaching and I am trying not to panic over not hearing anything from most of the teams.
I had a historic ryoda fic written for me
??? today I came back to concrit meme, so here's my thread, please don't be gentle.

That is all. I am off to find a place where they'll fix my bike in Brno and then collapse because I am soooo tired. I am leaving Brno for good this Thursday and I hope the rest of the move will go smoothly. Talk to you from Prague <3
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I’ve been piling up fandom stuff I wanted to flail or just talk about, and now it is all old news and there might be too much.

lovely I really like Kinki Kid’s Time. I am not sure why because it sounds a bit "electro" to me, but I guess it has something with all the instrumental in the background.

moviecamera KAT-TUN's 156th CM song is making me cringe because there’s tons of auto-tune, but I love the running in the CM itself. Like any other fangirl I supposed. There have been .gifs of Nakamaru and Ueda that made me go *___*, but now they are gone ;__; If you have them, please please link me?

shirtWhite shirt is what makes man look great. AnAn knows this. That I like this picture of Ryo is not that surprising. That I like Kame in this one is more of a shock. Turtle-chan also scared me to death recently because I was subjected to a .gif of him rolling up his sleeves (wearing trousers and tucked in WHITE shirt) and I found him HOT. I should probably be thankful for the loss of that .gif.

pencilI love this interview. Ueda is on a fan service strike clearly. The mentions of Nakamaru and Kanjani8 are great. Not to mention him saying K8 was fun made me think he had loads of fun ogling Ryo’s ass during Marching J. I have linked that picture before, but I can do it again ;D.

penI was going to pimp the possibility of mini-reel that is now a reality. Claim post is this way. I fail, lol.

cakeOh and then there is loads of Junba. There is this amazing bar shoot and then there are VS Arashi "kissing" caps and WHOA Jun looks great, Aiba is as gorgeous as ever and they are the biggest teases ever.

watchI had more, but the second post it got lost. But I went on tumblr again, so this is the newest addition to my Subaru/Ryo obsession, here goes KAT-TUN garden party I want to join for the pretty and there is Nakamaru working his lips?

shocku I am sorry, I am not crediting, but I mostly have no idea who. People link pictures, I try to track them down when I can save them, it's all a huge mess >.>

japaneseteaI am out. I leave you with an office rule number one:
To make your instant coffee, you deserve a fresh dose of water that has not boiled three times already in the old water kettle.

eyesIn real life, I had pictures to share but then I realized that would require somehow addressing this weekend and I just want to forget it. So I’ll just say there was cake.

this one I just found so credit to onigishi@tumblr


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