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lightbulbSo I . . .
- went to Prague
- saw 8 apartments - had a crazy Saturday in which I got to know what feels like all metro stations and many tram/bus stations of Prague and probably did like 50 km travelling around it
- found a flat and basically persuaded the guy that I am the one he wants to rent that room to
- mostly did it because one more day like that would kill me and the flat was mostly acceptable
- signed the contract today and gave my landlord “legal” advice on how to properly get around the law with less of a chance to get caught by tax control
- got home, did my hair, nails, laundry . . .

cherryblossomNails are inappropriate for my job but. I got the nail polish from my sister for my birthday because she thinks my nail polish collection is boring. We are holding the job interviews for my successor this week at work, and I hate how it is going to go down bla bla basically this is me revolting. My nail polish is to tell the applicants to relax; it is not all as bonkers as it seems. Yeah the logic behind that.

sleepyI really, really need a good night sleep tonight. Oh there was supposed to be a mention of red library, historic, dirty and really hilarious novel in Czech somewhere in here.

camera1A few pictures from Prague is over at [livejournal.com profile] sanslunettes. I have not been able to listen to all those voice posts that emerged, the plan is one every evening over the course of this week . . .
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I am back from Italy, which was the typical ski trip. The weather was funky, and there wasn’t almost any snow off the slopes, the hotel had no internet connection and dinners had three courses plus desert. They were also really late, and I kept on being really hungry then unreasonably full after that food assault. They had awesome tiramisu though.

I am glad to be back though. My pipe bones, is it how they are called? Anyway those bones in the front of your legs below knees are hurting like crazy from ski boots, and Italian beds are always too soft.

Pictures are here, if you want to see, though there are faces, so they are friends’ locked. My favorite line of the whole week was the one my dad shouted after my brother while they went down the ski slope on the first day: “Avoid the snow!” I swear I laughed so hard that was the closest I came to falling the whole week.

Right in the meantime, fandom exploded and I’m sorry to say I haven’t seen The Lotus PV yet (anyone got a link?). But I hear Arashi finally did a step for the better, so yay! Also, let me express my sheer amusement over the fact that Ryo’s first lead role is him being a 30 year old daddy of two kids that gets his life altered by a dog (while his buddies Jin and Pi get sexed up in different parts of the world respectively).

Let me finish by saying that I have seen Ueda’s, Nakamaru’s and group shop pictures for Ultimate Wheels and I pretty much rolled in glee. They are amazing. Ueda’s are easy to find at sleepyueda. I have the rest from [livejournal.com profile] js_shop, which is awesome for me because I can’t keep up with ever changing sources and scanners and this girl keeps lots of stuff in one place. I seriously had problems choosing, but I love all of those where they play cards, so let me flail over one of those


Also since when is Nakamaru so squishable? I mean I always had this pointy association with his appearances (and for once this is not about his nose), but he is amazingly squishy in this photo shoot. Also Koki should keep his hair like this forever.(credit Naver and kamegoing223, each word is a separate link ;D)

Right I am off to sleep. I will continue to catch up with what I missed, but if you feel like I need to know something, please point it out, I’m seriously lost at times.

P.S.: While my pictures were uploading, I read this NEWS interview. There is probably a little mess up in Ryo's translation, which makes his part even more hilarious. Now I want a fic where he makes out with his friends instead of making up with them after they fight. Anyone up to writing it? ;D
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SO . . . still no Internet.

I am currently in Prague where I went due to a work meeting and figured since I am here I could visit a friend and stay overnight and chat and catch up. Which is why I am online checking train rides to . . . Budapest. Where I am going all by myself (or so it was finally decided) this Sunday. Staying until Tuesday. On Wednesday we are hosting judges from some pretty interesting countries at the court. Thursday is crazy according to the plans . . . I mean. Up till Christmas there are only 4 days left I will be working (as in sitting on my chair in the court building as opposed to being in Hungary or whatever) And I GOT MY FIRST PAY-CHECK TODAY! OMG finally after 6 weeks of workings, it was getting pretty bad.

What else. Oh I know, the main reason I am online.

KAT-TUN fic exchange

rules and intro
Sign-ups start on December 18

We are gearing for the next year. KAT-TUN DVD should come out soon, Jin has tons of activities, iggy thing should be up sometimes, right? So I think it is a perfect time to start thinking how you want your KAT-TUN. Any soul that sign ups can have a piece of mine ;D.

I am off to cook and be sociable. Some of these days I will have time to catch up on what you are up to. Some day . . . Until then ♥
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So I guess bullet points will do.

cherry I came home from Croatia today. There was sun, sun, sun, sea (oh so good) and tiny cute kids among other things. It was a good 10 days “away.”
cherry Since it was so freaking hot by the sea (and I hear it was as bad here in the meantime), now there is very pleasant 23 °C. I am a happy kid.
cherry I am leaving for Brno tomorrow. The awesome thing is I am driving. I need to make some nice music CDs. Americans are arriving on Wednesday. YAY!
cherry I was officially asked to pay for my education (which I don´t plan to) and have the date and the commission for my state exams. September 17th is THE DAY!
cherry I have stopped by the living room today and watched the second half of The Reader my sister was watching. I guess it was to remind myself why I almost never do sad, moral dilemmas, depressing and unhappy in general. Angst in the fic-acquired terminology. Czechs do lots of 2nd world war movies though and they tend to do them well. If anyone is in the mood, We have to help each other (apparently in English it is Divided We Fall and I´ve seen it in US video rentals, it was also nominated for Oscars) is amazing. Though I have watched it with foreigners and ended up disappointed because they did not feel it as much as I would like them to.
cherry I just beat my whole family in cards (my brother’s new obsession)
cherry I think I have read all your personal entries . . . I hope I did not miss anything.
cherry I was going to ask what did I miss fandom wise, (in a funny way) but ironically enough it is not so funny anymore. Still I won’t be online much in the next few days and have no time to go see the communities. So anything (other than Jin-face) that I need or want to know? I am dying to know how Joker is, has anyone watched it? And I am starting to get lost in all those new Arashi songs. Such a mess!!!

The one thing you all are dying to know. Or you are so fed up that you will skip over it.
I’m actually confused because there are people who claim Jin leaving KAT-TUN is not set in stone yet. We will see. I laughed a little at Johnny using (allegedly) the term fair because since when that is a criterion in Johnny’s? Or entertainment? The next thought was that he plans on making huge money out of a reunion concert couple of years down the road.

Now seriously. I will miss Jin because his vocals are a great part of KAT-TUN music, and I like their songs most out of JE (in general). I’m still his fan and will probably follow his activities, though how much is a question. But I’m primarily KAT-TUN fan and am in it for the rest of them and will continue to. They worked as hard as him to create KAT-TUN and KAT-TUN is what pulls me in. I do like their shows, their relationships … Sure 6-member KAT-TUN is the classic and very great, but they keep on being great with Jin flying solo. I’m only a little amused by Kame’s A now being abused in the name. I am also sorry for him a little because I don’t need to go to communities to know he will get a great portion of wank. I believe he is much stronger than in the past though and KAT-TUN stillis a band for me.

So that is that. If someone on my f-list disagrees, I am sorry. If you think you can’t deal with me flailing over KAT-TUN from now on, I do tag my posts, so feel free to skip them when you see the KAT-TUN tag.

That got long. Sorry. Talk to you probably this Sunday.


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