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Sooo . . . it feels like Christmas has been ages ago. But it was okay and, as always, exhausting in that masochistic family gatherings way. I got red kitchen appliances (for the kitchen of my new flat that I don’t have yet, nor have I really found anything suitable yet. Lol, but I do have a kettle and a toaster for it now ;D). I´ve worked Tuesday through Friday, and I must say if nothing else, commuting to work was wonderful. I had a hard time choosing on which of practically all free seats of a bus to sit on.

In short , my life could be characterized as very busy and very cold right now. I will spare you the reasons (it´s all my fault) for the first or bitter but sometime funny stories of the second. But I will say that the entire town of Brno has decided to shove it in my face that no one works on new Year’s Eve but me. I mean, the four lane road near my house that is usually always stuck was completely empty this morning (like seriously NO CARS!) and public transport runs on Sunday schedule. And the store into which I was planning on going after work was long closed. There you have it, Alex, everyone else have saved up vacation days for this but you.

Anyway . . . New Year’s resolutions. I has no segue today. To be more optimistic and zen about things next year. I am feeling tired and down way too often lately and really I can do better than that.

In the spirit of doing better, I am so freaking happy about how the [livejournal.com profile] fic_the_faith sign ups are going! All things considered, I should call the participants a crowd. LOL. That said, If you want to sign up but haven’t done so just yet because you like to toy with my emotions you were busy or were stalling, now is the time to do it since the sign-up close soooooooooooon! Do it!

And when one door closes, another opens (what was I spouting about lack of segues?!) I am running another round of RyoDa Valentine’s Ficcolate exchange over at [livejournal.com profile] ryoda_love! It seems to be a success to advertise this as an occasion to bargain for a bad fic (shoot me, but I do know my fandom), so how about that? The timeline is damn fast, and the word count minimum is easy breezy 500 words, and I can already see the panic attack of the week of February 14th.

Enough of spouting. I am falling off my feet, which is why I am off to my friends’ place. Thank god we are laid back (boring) people, so we’ll just chill, talk, maybe play games and go to sleep before the dawn (an easy task these days).

All that is left for me to say is that I wish you a good rest of the old year and happy New Year! As my mother says, you should not eat “birds” on New Year because your luck will fly away, and I wish you that you step into the New Year well and in good mood so as to set the tone of a great rest of 2011!

See you next year! melody
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This will bug me forever. Why randomly ask and then have no reaction to the answer?

[livejournal.com profile] jrockurisumasu started posting. I´m, I mean Naughty reindeer is about to code the day two

My oven won´t start up for the reasons unknown to me, and I might have to cancel my baking (and most importantly chilling) Sunday because of it because I do not want to talk to my Landlord and I doubt he would just rush over and fix it anyway. And I can´t have the thing I bought for tonight´s dinner.

My mother´s plans for the days until Christmas made me think I actually don´t want to go home for Christmas

I might have found a way to solve the incredible cold that I experience every day in my office

Oh yeah, I have internet again, it is incredibly crappy and keeps disappearing, but most of the time I am online

Catching up on my flist was overwhelming (the 10 days meme contained sooo much info on you guys)

I saw my thread on the love meme. Thank you ♥

Budapest was . . . idk something undefined

I almost fell asleep on the bus from work today and that is scary

I am FINALLY doing laundry

I am not in a good place, I guess

So I am off to wallow in some more idk what and I´ll talk to you all when I get over myself again
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I have somehow survived the week of doom. And Saturday would have been a really lovely day, had I not have to interact with my mother via emails. But I woke up today, and one of the first things I saw was THE lollipop, and I decided I will try to selectively forget the end of my yesterday.

I have my advent wreath! I want one more thing which is what is here called a Christmas rose, for both my flat and my work actually, but I’ll see if I actually manage to shed the money for that. ;__; OMG money. Right.

I managed to talk to my ♥ co-mod today, and it’s not like I had any doubt, but we are now gearing up for another round of [livejournal.com profile] fic_the_faith! YAY! Sign-ups will start somewhere mid December and whoever participates will get their assignment only sometimes in January, so I think that is enough of time to kind of take a breather from exchanges . . .

Now, I was NOT going to do a wish-list for many reasons one of them being the fact I honestly don’t think I’ll get around to fulfilling much (or more like any) from others this December. You may call me a little selfish, but it might also have something to do with all the exchanges this year and that I plan to write more or less for myself only if I write in December. Which means, fluff, probably RyoDa, not much plot, easy, things none of you ladies craving plots are into. If I write . . . because I should be writing about Protocol 14 of ECHR and let me tell you that will take some time.

But then I keep thinking I want lots of things. I mean the material ones. Which none of you can fulfil obviously. Right now, I can only think of about half of the stuff I came up in the past two weeks. It has a lot to do with the fact I moved and lack things I had at home. Even if my family asked, I would probably go, “I don’t know what I want . . . anything is fine.” So this first wish list is in reality a list of things I’ll be saving up for from now on. If I manage to save up ever . . . And I figured it might cheer me up somehow making this list (don´t ask about the logic behind that), so I went for it.

very materialistic list of things that will keep making me broke in the next few months )

Now on the fandom/fic front, it is much easier. And so I am listing those ones as well )

!!Well that was easy. Now, to be serious. You people make me happy all year long. I suck most of it, and I am happy you tolerate me, so the biggest Christmas present for me will be if you keep being awesome pie as you are. And I demand that any of you that will get anywhere in 200 km radius of Brno will let me know, because chances are I will attempt to meet you.

Now, a little announcement. Since my landlord is kind of a douche at times, I might not have internet for a while starting December 1st. The old contract for this flat is ending, and he said he´d take care of it, but I haven’t heard anything about it ever since, and I got tired of writing him emails he won’t answer. I will still tweet random things like I am cold/pissed/hungry from work on occasions and I will abuse the internet there to at least check my email so if there is anything you want me to know, mail me! Or maybe he will surprise us. Have a good week!
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This made me smile today. Ryo and Massu being totally cute. And Massu is hot. Just saying.

ryo massu

And Ryo never stop being dork. How is this sexy again? LOL.

In other fandom news, I have read an awesome Arsenal/Ace fic yesterday (*__* I mean that was the whole point of 8uppers, right?) and the got a lesson on how to write kissing scenes, courtesy of Ryo/Ohkura. I can´t wait to see the new KAT-TUN PV, omg why is there still so much time left and Eighto concert pictures are so hilarious even by their very high standards!

I also miss “my fandom.” I lived a lot on short subbed clips of whichever of the groups I follow, but lately no one (to my knowledge) subs KAT-TUN related stuff at all, NEWS are scarce and none of the Arashi subbing groups I follow sub their variety really (and I gave up trying to get into the million new ones). This was how I enjoyed my fandom the most; I hardly ever have time to catch up on scans and translations and this way my gateway. I miss it so much ;__;

One more fandom related thing, me and Rin are conducting an experiment of some sort (or just looking for a reason to write together again), so there is a poll on my writing community. If you wanted to fill it out and for whatever reason did not do so just yet. Here is your chance ->->-> paperclip <-<-<-! Yes we call stuff we write epic.

In real life news, I moved, gained a flatmate and this Monday I started working. The normal at least 8 hours (plus 30 min. lunch break) a day, grown up, regular job. more on job and the thing called RL )

Before I wish you good rest of the weekend, I have one more thing. I realize this journal, while it is still fandom based, is more and more my personal, real life related place. I have no clue how many of you are interested in that, and I know my fandom related posts are sucky and scarce lately. I’m always behind, I leave most of my flailing unsaid because I get to catch up on singles, videos and funny stuff happening way too late when all of you have moved on. I might sound annoying and boring for all I know.

So this is me telling you that if you just skip over my post whenever they appear on your f-list, or if they are more annoying or vexing even than anything, you have every right to defriend me.

I am sure you don’t have to be told, but some people still kind of try to be considerate or need that little push. So this is me giving you a reason.
Defriending amnesty they call it?

Here it is. No hurt feelings, no bitterness. I prefer honesty.

For those who are staying . . . I hope I can still be a good friend some way or another. If you want to know what I am up to everyday, go check out my photo journal over at [livejournal.com profile] sanslunettes. ♥
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This morning, I bought a flying ticket to London. For next week. I´m leaving on Wednesday and coming back on Saturday. I had found one really cheap yesterday night because I am an idiot and could not resist the temptation to go and check how much they currently cost. It was still available this morning, so I ended up buying it. I had called home before I did so and my mother was not picking up. My father said “I was an adult and could do what I want to.” Guys, lol, that is kind of big news. :DDD

His statement was later revoked by my mom, but too late since the ticket was paid for by then. I have yet to undergo the detailed questioning ... that will be fun.

I have refused to pay extra 30 EUR for a checked luggage (what I am a cheapskate) since I´m staying 3 nights only and decided I can pack myself into a carry on for that (I totally can). Since then I have realized that means no liquids and had a field day at mocking myself for the decision. All those security restrictions had totally slipped my mind because I usually avoid them exactly by checking the luggage in and taking only book and travel documents with me into the plane. Of course low cost aircraft means luggage is not in the price. Oh well, as long as I manage to carry my eye drops with me I can deal. I should look for those closable transparent bags they require . . .

This basically means I am ambushing Pix and Vix and Amy and their private time so I really hope I will not be much of a burden.

Also today, after a month of silence, my thesis consultant has spoken (or rather has written me an email). It had three lines and promised to finally read my thesis. I will see how long that will take her . . .


I don´t know who to credit, but I would love to know and kiss this person senseless or something less creepy and more showing my love for her/him
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I´m so tired!

I´m still home (as in Trnava) and today had some nice nice moments, but being here for what feels like eternity now is draining me. And I can´t sleep. I think I´m having nightmares but this time (for a change) I don´t remember even those. I wake up scared and confused and have to calm down before going back into some kind of restless deep slumber only to wake up soon enough. It´s so strange. What is going on?

I leave tomorrow during the afternoon . . . just a bit longer. I´m a bit suicidal and took up an article translation, which will need to be done overnight from Thursday to Friday. I´ve just realized that unless I´ll miraculously sleep well next two nights I will seriously hurt that article by attempting the translation.

I´m not sure what was this suppose to be about, other than me needing to say I´m tired.

I want to read fic, fluffy cheesy not AU fic (I want the crazy idealized JE world so much) that is not pin or akame or tegomass or junior or arashi pairing which is all I seem to stumble upon when I go and search (basically I probably crave Ryoda but that is way too much to ask, and maruda, ryoshige or koyashige would probably do the trick).

Or maybe an article about rent contracts and specific ways of drafting them when an employer wants to pay for only part of the rent of his employee and refuses to deal with the issue by an agreement with his employee would do. Rather, he is forcing two separate contracts to be drafted and concluded by the landlord . . . Well fuck (I just realized it´s still on my mind). I wish my mother had told me tomorrow morning, I´ve been apparently drafting this for the past hour while pretending to skim my flist. It´s not her fault, it´s mine, my brain can´t filter and let go. Only about 16 hours more . . .
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I´ve been staring at one particular wip of mine for two weeks now not being able to write a word. I DO NOT want to move on. I want this one done. Le sigh, will try tomorrow again. I kind of want to discuss it with someone but the one person I want to discuss it with, I can´t. How pathetic.

I´ve been also trying to come up with ideas for DOA so that when me and my partner “talk” about it next time, I´m of some use. I´m blank though. Lol maybe that actually is a way to approach our story.

My mother strikes again this week (before I even got home). Sometimes I wonder why I do it to myself. Like why do I teach her how to use gtalk when that´s the only thing I have on almost all the time, sometimes even when I´m not really online.
I´m so tired of seeing a scheme behind every single word and action. I´m even more tired of then finding out that there really is one (scheme) behind it. It´s pathetic. I´m pathetic. I usually manage to guess what scheme is being cooked as well, though I have to give my mom credit for still being able to plot things far beyond my imagination, for still being able to surprise me. Well at least I know where my own comes from. And I have always thought it was my father´s genes where the (little) creativity I have came from.

I got rid (sorry for my choice of verb) of all terminally sick and psychically unstable people related cases at work and have been told not to come this week anymore (lol again). I´m glad I didn´t read any new unsettling story before leaving. I´m not sure if I can handle those stories hunting me for more than a weekend.

Ok, something positive, I was on a sugar date with my friend today. Tons of sugar and gossip. <3 Only it´s not even gossip anymore, it´s just "listen to this craziness and be happy you are still sane, single (not divorced with 2 small kids), not in prison for tax fraud and have enough brain not to walk home at 4 am at night alone and taking the most dangerous route." LOL we clearly needed to assure ourselves of our own normalcy.

Normalcy, right, K8 at their best. I suck at fast screen-capping.

Also what I love about this:

1. Maru will never be bad ass
2. There is Ryo (and omg Yassu totally beams at him, as does Ohkura btw, all of them are beaming actually)
3. Ohkura wears pink furry hoodie
4. Well hmmm … Yassu, I don´t know how to call that overall/night/dwarf gown he is wearing, but it is red and white. He also has purple shoes on.
(I really do suck at screen-capping)I want a rip of the Yassu/Subaru duet and Yoko´s solo (because everyone´s in it ;D)Does anyone have a set list? There are few things I can´t identify and really want to!
See I totally ended on a positive note!
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I am back in Brno for two weeks or so *__* I also have some new LJ friends! Hi there!

I was gonna somehow retell the whole “cottage of doom” episode in regards to my thesis, but got over that ambition by now. Let it be said that it was not pleasant (but that was expected). I have since then rephrased my ideal job requirements to (1) as soon as possible, (2) as far away from home as possible, and (3) pays for some rent and at least one meal a day (unfortunately I am still too spoiled to live under a bridge). Also, I have shown my thesis to my mother yesterday and tried to give her some overview of what goes on in every chapter. She has amended her stance of me being totally unreliable and faulty and idk what else to “maybe your consultant would have communicate with you better if it had been written in Slovak instead of English, and then you might have finished it”(which may or may not be true), but it only translates to “if this had been written in Slovak (and I could have read it and surely save you by my awesome ever knowing demeanour), you would not have failed to hand it in on time (and put the entire family on shame).” Well . . . she hadn´t liked me writing it in English from the start because it stripped her off control and I had known that. End of story, and I promise to whine about this a little less from now on. I know the thesis has taken over my journal in the past few weeks.

Now fandom, [livejournal.com profile] naoryuu got me awesome Potato and Wink up, and Arashi nakasha? (unofficial photobook) when in Japan <3. I have them only for few days now, but they were bought last year. So GREAT *__* I have the Potato with Arashi-sleeping shoot *__*, and the way Shige´s PhotoShigenic looks like in that sea of color and gay makes me want to learn Japanese only so I can read it. Also I felt as a total pedophile because both those magazines are full of Juniors mainly. It was disturbing, all those young boys trying to act all – sexy is it?

I know these were scanned, but I wanted to flail over my own scans, though I remembered too late and managed to scan only very little. )
It´s good I don´t want to make living by scanning, I suck at it. It was the first time using that scanner, but I am just too weak to squish those pages down enough for the scans to be really good . . .

Which brings me to the fact that Arashi 10 year anniversary concert is out but it is split in like 30 parts in total for all the DVD (of 99 MB on MU each), and I need to find my inner zen to start downloading that. Until then I will watch the Kanjani8 concert! Can has time to do so?

I start working tomorrow again, but that is more than okay. Yay for paced return!!! Two days only this week . . .

Right, now, I had not been able to resist and asked [livejournal.com profile] myxstorie for a colour. I should have known better. She gave me purple!!! I . . . I have issues with purple. IDK how many of you have ever been in a catholic church during the Lent, but during that time the cross is covered in the very exact purple that has become so fashionable in the past few years. No matter where I see it, that is my first thought: God dying for me and that I should repent for my sins. I can´t fight the 8 years of catholic school in my system. Anyway, I have gotten over the trauma to some extent in a past year or so, so there are some things, but TEN???

here is what I managed to come up with )
If someone still didn´t get any color to list 10 things in it which she/he loves, comment and ask me for one, I will happily oblige!

Also if you are still looking for a partner in crime for [livejournal.com profile] je_devilorangel, hook-ups are here. Some clarifications about themes from SM-kun himself are here!. Don´t let their existence discourage you! And this was wayyyyyy too long, sorry <3

EDIT, I am a fail! HAPPY BIRTHDAY [livejournal.com profile] einji!!!
lol in sync with "my color", I hope you had a good day <3


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