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Hello everyone!

I keep wanting to post and here I am too late for anything else than for wishing you the usual. It's Christmas Eve here, and that's when all the magic happens in this family.

The cakes for sure are ready ;D

And so let me wish you merry, blessed Christmas full of love and joy and a great year 2013 filled with success and good things.

Thank you for sticking with me for yet another year, for giving me chance to meet you, to talk to you, to share all my ups and downs with you. I love you all.

my father is in love with this snowman in our yard ;D
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eyesMy head’s been hurting so much all day, but I was so set to post that I just had to. If this makes next to no sense because of the headache, then I apologize.

glassesSo The Anti-friending meme. Ever since I first got the idea presented to me, all I could think of was ruffled feathers. I know it was one of the things that could do that. Ruffle feathers that is. I am sorry if it felt like too much, too negative and completely unnecessary, and I hope you forgive me my extravagant moment of hosting it anyway.

NGMy other concern with it was that it could turn to flat out hate meme. But people were pretty good with it, other than occasional efforts of trying too hard to make their point and failing at recognizing when it is better to stop. Then the meme got killed by a true hate meme (I has impeccable timing), so maybe that is a reason why people were rather civil too. Thank god for that because I almost did not sleep that night, afraid of letting it go unattended. In a way, this too is a conclusion, fandom can handle itself on occasions.

thumbsupThe whole thing was rather interesting. I’m sure I had more conclusions, but by now, the following three stuck in my mind, so here you go:pairings, coherence and connectivity )

heartyeyesAnyway, personal result of the meme. I suppose I have always known that being RyoDa fangirl means people are cautious of friending you. But lately I have had such a steady and nice friend list that I almost forgot. The meme reminded me that RyoDa fangirls are considered crazy and more thread than an asset to one's friends list. Therefor I now love you even more for giving me a try and tolerating my crazy. I know my mind can get very one-track sometimes when it comes to my OTP, but I hope I do not annoy you with it too much.

flowerAfter that very serious fandom analysis (LOL, fandom is serious business), have my Saturday night joy. I spent my Saturday at work, but took a walk on my way home and got myself something to liven up my kitchen. With the choice I made, it seems fall is really coming.

4leafcloverIt is a pretty fall though! The weather forecast for the next two weeks is sunny and still around 20 °C or only a little less so this is great *____________* I took a walk up to the castle today after work, so I need to sort and post those pictures sometimes. It was rather pretty.

planeAnd lastly, my sister, [livejournal.com profile] chivakaza is safely in Japan, probably sleeping more than 24 hours of travel and official business away. I am relieved, she seemed to have handled it like a boss and now she has an amazing year ahead of her. (LOL she also sent her friends to my journal to find out if the plane did not crush and since she might not have the internet for a while, I figured I'd leave this public so that curious people not willing to wait 5 months before getting worried know she is fine and safe)
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I last posted 20 days ago. Scary! Anyway there has been very little people reacting to my posts lately. While I try to not let it get to me, especially when I rumble about my private life, when I flail about fandom and nothing happens, it kind of saddens me. I need people to flail with. Anyway, the point is. If you do not read my entries and skip over them, do us both a favour and defriend me. Thank you very much.

Now that the bitching part is over, I have been all over the place in those 20 days. There has been plenty I wanted to post about, but then some things happened that made me draw back a little. I apologize for not commenting on your posts guys, I have seen several picture posts and such *____* so just know that I'll try to get back on track again.

Anyway, bullet points :
* I've gone to see fireworks; and have been on a boat trip and to a castle; basically I'm saying good bye to Brno, and it is sinking in that I am leaving. I admit, it is scary, but such is life.

* There has been my PC giving me blue screen and all kinds of messed up messages so I have it reinstalled and lost all my bookmarks ;____; I also lost that set of cute Japanese emot-icons. If someone still remembers how to install them, I'll be the happiest kid on the block.

* Most importantly, I have packed my stuff here and moved most of it to Prague this weekend (forgot the camera at home, which is why pictures to follow are kind of sucky):

<3 My parents picked me and my stuff up in Brno on Saturday, and on our way to Prague we stopped to eat in some village off highway. They had a tree that is 500 - 600 years old.
See under the cut! )

O.O We arrived to Prague and proceeded to get stuck in a NEW elevator in my apartment building with the mother of the owner of that apartment who panicked, turned red and started to talk about forgetting her medication for high blood pressure. It took 45 minutes to get us out of there. Click the cut for picture of "my" calming medication:
baileyyyys )

D: I found my new room not ready and the apartment in a mess (my new roommates did not leave me any space in the fridge or the bathroom and did not bother even washing the dishes before they left for the weekend). So no pictures yet and our first talk will be an interesting one.

Then we proceeded to wander around Prague and eat and have coffee and all around good time. My parents snuck me into their hotel room so I stayed there for the night, which was a great thing given the state of my room.
Pics taken on Charles bridge under the cut )

:D today we dropped the rest of the bags off - thankfully the elevator worked already - and left Prague because it was raining there.
Under the cut are two more random pictures )

Anyway in the very little fandom news:
!!! DOA deadline is approaching and I am trying not to panic over not hearing anything from most of the teams.
I had a historic ryoda fic written for me
??? today I came back to concrit meme, so here's my thread, please don't be gentle.

That is all. I am off to find a place where they'll fix my bike in Brno and then collapse because I am soooo tired. I am leaving Brno for good this Thursday and I hope the rest of the move will go smoothly. Talk to you from Prague <3
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There is 15!!!! teams signed-up for [livejournal.com profile] je_devilorangel. This is not why I am posting, but I figured I'd share some joy. Now only if I could start writing for it. It is planned for the weekend.

I hope I will manage to actually do some writing instead of rewatching Beach Boys, all because Rin posted the opening (that you need to watch!!!) and made me want to. Really. I so do not need to stare at pretty 90's styled boys in tinted sunglasses searching for oceans right now ;__; By which I mean to say, someone else needs to get hooked!

!!Now the real reason I am posting. I finished my RyoDa Fic List of Doom. If you are craving a RyoDa fic, it is probably waiting for you to find it on that list. Head this way because it is posted out of order, but I though some of you on my flist might silently appreciate its existence <3

Tomorrow is FRIDAY! All of you, I hope you have a good one!
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LOL so talking about the castle from two weeks ago is so last week, literally that is seems i never will. Oh well I’ll tell you about naked medieval bottoms and clever Czechs some other time.

Anyway I am posting to say some things. First, I saw a picture of onigiri this week, felt like eating some and randomly typed into my sister’s IM box “Come make me onigiri,” and she seriously did. From another city, this weekend. heart1heart1heart1She came bearing miso and wakame and we got tofu and found umeboshi paste and suddenly there was also a bit of sushi and what ended up being food orgy. I finished the miso soup today, and I’m having onogiri for lunch tomorrow :DDD

We ended up just bumping around and skyping with Rin and it was fun <3 They might have plotted out my FQF for me too, those two. ROFL.

In fandom news, [livejournal.com profile] fic_the_faith is done posting! Reading people’s reactions to fics, it seems that it’s been a great year. I am sending you to read what you haven’t. I myself am stuck on day three I think ;__; but I will get there, damn it!

Anyway, thank you to anyone who had to deal with my modly crankiness and insecurity. Guys, I had 3 fics in on March 15th (which was the second deadline already), so how the hell it happened that we did not need a pinch hit is beyond me, but I call that DAISEEEEKOOOO (yes that is stupid fangirl Japanese , sue me).

Because we barely just finished one exchange and tons of others are running, it is time for

Devil or Angel.

The JE collaboration fic challenge.

GO SIGN UP ... on April 1st when the sign ups open. Really, there is no pairing, rating, group or universe limitation, it’s just you, your partner and vast possibilities AND the twist that is incorporating a color into the fic. We dropped the themes, but we wanted to give you at least something extra to make it interesting. Details are in the intro post, so grab someone and write something you would never write alone.

I kind of wanted this photo to end this post, so. My sister painted her nails while she was here, with the same nail polish as me. We were originally going to document that fact, but because I am cheesy and she was spamming me Kpop, this is how it ended up. At least you can see our thumbs?

Guess which hand is mine;D You can also try and guess which fic I wrote for [livejournal.com profile] fic_the_faith. Rin would probably say it is obvious just from the header itself >.>

And now I am really going to go be productive.
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I am back from Italy, which was the typical ski trip. The weather was funky, and there wasn’t almost any snow off the slopes, the hotel had no internet connection and dinners had three courses plus desert. They were also really late, and I kept on being really hungry then unreasonably full after that food assault. They had awesome tiramisu though.

I am glad to be back though. My pipe bones, is it how they are called? Anyway those bones in the front of your legs below knees are hurting like crazy from ski boots, and Italian beds are always too soft.

Pictures are here, if you want to see, though there are faces, so they are friends’ locked. My favorite line of the whole week was the one my dad shouted after my brother while they went down the ski slope on the first day: “Avoid the snow!” I swear I laughed so hard that was the closest I came to falling the whole week.

Right in the meantime, fandom exploded and I’m sorry to say I haven’t seen The Lotus PV yet (anyone got a link?). But I hear Arashi finally did a step for the better, so yay! Also, let me express my sheer amusement over the fact that Ryo’s first lead role is him being a 30 year old daddy of two kids that gets his life altered by a dog (while his buddies Jin and Pi get sexed up in different parts of the world respectively).

Let me finish by saying that I have seen Ueda’s, Nakamaru’s and group shop pictures for Ultimate Wheels and I pretty much rolled in glee. They are amazing. Ueda’s are easy to find at sleepyueda. I have the rest from [livejournal.com profile] js_shop, which is awesome for me because I can’t keep up with ever changing sources and scanners and this girl keeps lots of stuff in one place. I seriously had problems choosing, but I love all of those where they play cards, so let me flail over one of those


Also since when is Nakamaru so squishable? I mean I always had this pointy association with his appearances (and for once this is not about his nose), but he is amazingly squishy in this photo shoot. Also Koki should keep his hair like this forever.(credit Naver and kamegoing223, each word is a separate link ;D)

Right I am off to sleep. I will continue to catch up with what I missed, but if you feel like I need to know something, please point it out, I’m seriously lost at times.

P.S.: While my pictures were uploading, I read this NEWS interview. There is probably a little mess up in Ryo's translation, which makes his part even more hilarious. Now I want a fic where he makes out with his friends instead of making up with them after they fight. Anyone up to writing it? ;D
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So. Yesterday I came home and my mother went: "Your dad is bowling, let's go and see him." It was some get together of business partners where they had like a bowling competition, then had the entire bowling place reserved for the night. There were also live singers and stuff.

To make long story short, we ended up occupying two bowling lanes simultaneously, in one we bowled in 6 people, in the other it was just me, my dad and my brother. I basically kept bowling almost constantly for about 4 hours and today, I can barely move. Laugh all you want, bowling is some serious exertion. I am nearly convinced one might die of excessive bowling.

In the positive news since I don´t want to go over the latest development of the serious business, I finally got my hands on the present from Amandine. Got a kat-tun key chain among other things :DDD Thank you <3 And this is what I call a complete nut job. My "old" and "new" BlackBerry. They are the same series, only one has a different, newer, number, I guess. The old one is black, the new one is shiny grey around the edges, just yeah . . . I function on two phones, so I am just switching an old Sony Ericson for a new BlackBerry, but it feels a bit over the top. Still welcome to the family. :D

Okay this entry has no real purpose other than me being incredibly lazy today and wasting a great opportunity to be a bit productive. But I am snatching a meme.

Step 1: Post this into your LJ publicly.
Step 2: Others will reply anonymously about what they really think of you.
Step 3: Cry, because this meme is so brutal, and it hurts you will never know who it is.

Just give me three seconds to enable anonymous commenting.

Have a nice weekend!

P.S.: The rumour has it Kame, Nakamaru and Ueda (with bunch of other people) went to Jin's concert last night. If this is true, KAT-TUN has made me a very proud fan (I mean more than usual). Now only if Jin stopped being so negative about where he came from and my fandom world would be a perfect place ;D.
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Our carps. I believe they are all dead by now. In memoriam? It is a tradition to eat carp on Christmas Eve, for diner around here.

Our Christmas tree. Before . . . and after, times two. We went back to red after several years of copper hues. I must admit it does look tiny better on the yellow wall background of our living room. I do hate that wall.

The mistletoe that was in front of our house door when I came home on Monday. It is now used elsewhere which is a sham.e I liked it there. I had a good laugh when I found out my dad shot it off a tree. SHOT IT! I am also surprised it felt down all the way to the ground without getting entangled in the branches and thus getting stuck.

My hair has finally been cut. The same style as last time. My mother and apparently my brother too don´t like it. I am glad it is short again.

I need to watch Natsu no Koi wa Nijiiro ni Kagayaku. I mean I. love. these. post. cards!

These scans, all of them, are amazing. All of KAT-TUN are so pretty in the snowy shoot, and I like the serious second one too.

I am (again) linking [livejournal.com profile] fic_the_faith.

And The New Year´s Eve Fic-a-thon! It has awesome awesome banner, and I am going to go and try doing it sometimes after I get up from bed on the January 1st. YAY! Lazying around with fic! You should do it too!

And right now I am going to sit on my butt and finally finish Trains and Trails because this is getting ridiculous!

Oh yeah, my sister is right, [livejournal.com profile] jrockurisumasu is a pretty community.
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I have somehow survived the week of doom. And Saturday would have been a really lovely day, had I not have to interact with my mother via emails. But I woke up today, and one of the first things I saw was THE lollipop, and I decided I will try to selectively forget the end of my yesterday.

I have my advent wreath! I want one more thing which is what is here called a Christmas rose, for both my flat and my work actually, but I’ll see if I actually manage to shed the money for that. ;__; OMG money. Right.

I managed to talk to my ♥ co-mod today, and it’s not like I had any doubt, but we are now gearing up for another round of [livejournal.com profile] fic_the_faith! YAY! Sign-ups will start somewhere mid December and whoever participates will get their assignment only sometimes in January, so I think that is enough of time to kind of take a breather from exchanges . . .

Now, I was NOT going to do a wish-list for many reasons one of them being the fact I honestly don’t think I’ll get around to fulfilling much (or more like any) from others this December. You may call me a little selfish, but it might also have something to do with all the exchanges this year and that I plan to write more or less for myself only if I write in December. Which means, fluff, probably RyoDa, not much plot, easy, things none of you ladies craving plots are into. If I write . . . because I should be writing about Protocol 14 of ECHR and let me tell you that will take some time.

But then I keep thinking I want lots of things. I mean the material ones. Which none of you can fulfil obviously. Right now, I can only think of about half of the stuff I came up in the past two weeks. It has a lot to do with the fact I moved and lack things I had at home. Even if my family asked, I would probably go, “I don’t know what I want . . . anything is fine.” So this first wish list is in reality a list of things I’ll be saving up for from now on. If I manage to save up ever . . . And I figured it might cheer me up somehow making this list (don´t ask about the logic behind that), so I went for it.

very materialistic list of things that will keep making me broke in the next few months )

Now on the fandom/fic front, it is much easier. And so I am listing those ones as well )

!!Well that was easy. Now, to be serious. You people make me happy all year long. I suck most of it, and I am happy you tolerate me, so the biggest Christmas present for me will be if you keep being awesome pie as you are. And I demand that any of you that will get anywhere in 200 km radius of Brno will let me know, because chances are I will attempt to meet you.

Now, a little announcement. Since my landlord is kind of a douche at times, I might not have internet for a while starting December 1st. The old contract for this flat is ending, and he said he´d take care of it, but I haven’t heard anything about it ever since, and I got tired of writing him emails he won’t answer. I will still tweet random things like I am cold/pissed/hungry from work on occasions and I will abuse the internet there to at least check my email so if there is anything you want me to know, mail me! Or maybe he will surprise us. Have a good week!
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This made me smile today. Ryo and Massu being totally cute. And Massu is hot. Just saying.

ryo massu

And Ryo never stop being dork. How is this sexy again? LOL.

In other fandom news, I have read an awesome Arsenal/Ace fic yesterday (*__* I mean that was the whole point of 8uppers, right?) and the got a lesson on how to write kissing scenes, courtesy of Ryo/Ohkura. I can´t wait to see the new KAT-TUN PV, omg why is there still so much time left and Eighto concert pictures are so hilarious even by their very high standards!

I also miss “my fandom.” I lived a lot on short subbed clips of whichever of the groups I follow, but lately no one (to my knowledge) subs KAT-TUN related stuff at all, NEWS are scarce and none of the Arashi subbing groups I follow sub their variety really (and I gave up trying to get into the million new ones). This was how I enjoyed my fandom the most; I hardly ever have time to catch up on scans and translations and this way my gateway. I miss it so much ;__;

One more fandom related thing, me and Rin are conducting an experiment of some sort (or just looking for a reason to write together again), so there is a poll on my writing community. If you wanted to fill it out and for whatever reason did not do so just yet. Here is your chance ->->-> paperclip <-<-<-! Yes we call stuff we write epic.

In real life news, I moved, gained a flatmate and this Monday I started working. The normal at least 8 hours (plus 30 min. lunch break) a day, grown up, regular job. more on job and the thing called RL )

Before I wish you good rest of the weekend, I have one more thing. I realize this journal, while it is still fandom based, is more and more my personal, real life related place. I have no clue how many of you are interested in that, and I know my fandom related posts are sucky and scarce lately. I’m always behind, I leave most of my flailing unsaid because I get to catch up on singles, videos and funny stuff happening way too late when all of you have moved on. I might sound annoying and boring for all I know.

So this is me telling you that if you just skip over my post whenever they appear on your f-list, or if they are more annoying or vexing even than anything, you have every right to defriend me.

I am sure you don’t have to be told, but some people still kind of try to be considerate or need that little push. So this is me giving you a reason.
Defriending amnesty they call it?

Here it is. No hurt feelings, no bitterness. I prefer honesty.

For those who are staying . . . I hope I can still be a good friend some way or another. If you want to know what I am up to everyday, go check out my photo journal over at [livejournal.com profile] sanslunettes. ♥
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I was not going to post since I spent every free minute I have sleeping, but then I stumbled on "the Swiss joy," so here I am. I have so many memories of Switzerland, trains, tunnels and lol tunnelling the tunnel constructions that I´m all there with Swiss miners. I remember the terribly long train ride to Ticcino quite well, and knowing that is (or will be in 5 to 7 years lol) in the past is kind of huge.

So the story goes, Swiss miners have been trying to dig the longest tunnel in the world for over a decade and today they finally made it through the whole mountain. Or the huge drill did.
Friday's breakthrough was many years in the making. Swiss voters approved the project in a series of referendums fully 20 years ago with digging on the Gotthard Base Tunnel beginning a decade ago. It has also been expensive. The Gotthard tunnel will ultimately cost €9.1 billion euros with the entire NEAT network gobbling up €17.9 billion, double original forecasts. Despite the importance of the project for the European transportation network, Swiss taxpayers are footing the vast majority of the bill.
One short article here and tons of even technical info here. THE HUGE DRILL IS HUGE! just saying.

Today I called my mom and said something about it being JUST 5 days since we left the cabin. IT´S BEEN ONLY FIVE DAYS! It feels like ages ago. This was the most eventful and the craziest week in . . . a very very long time.

I´m currently babysitting, not only my brother but his friend too, and they keep on arguing over Monopoly. It´s driving me crazy, and I don´t want to play policeman anymore. I was totally conned by my parents. I can´t even be surprised. LOL.

Today I also acquired a paper with my criminal records. Which means there is a header and then a huge empty space. It costed me 3EUR, and it was a little ridiculous since she just printed out an electronic record that says nothing, but okay . . .

I finally got a chance to look through NEWS concert pics, and ehm, I think they beat every single bad Arashi costume. KoyaShige are JUST. DISTURBING. But this is kind of hilariously wrong. Also Shige should have kept his long hair, but at least I got pictures like this or this while it lasted. Maybe I could catch up on the rest of my fandom now?

Oh YAY! KAT-TUN new single. Jin too (sometimes soon-ish anyway). And it seems [livejournal.com profile] fic_the_faith should have round two too. So YAY! overall? AND OMG KANJANI8 ON HIMITSU NO ARASHI-CHAN! ARE THEY SERIOUS? *Dies*
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Happy birthday to Crys! Imagine the sentence sparkles and radiates all the good energy I wish you in the years to come.

Everyone gets a picture of awesome cake uncut now (definitely not the age Crys is celebrating, lol). My dad got this cake from someone yesterday. It’s what my dictionary calls raised hide. Basically it’s a tree house that hunters use; you can see them on planes or on the edges of forests around here.

The awesome thing is that the cake consisted of three different cakes. The tree chunk, the house and the bottom part were each different, but they all taste so good.
Under the cut, there are a few more pictures that mostly suck because my camera decided to, of me and my dad, and a cute little girl and my sis and well stuff. Also have a video of typical Slovak folk band playing Metalica´s Nothing else matters using cymbalo (cymbal in Slovak, I also found dulcimer?).

this should be the last time I try to kill your internet with my pics for some time )
LOL we are all pretty much walking skeletons today, so my dad did not even open his presents yet.

Rin is on the plane. And I should go and try to sleep soon if I can in this excited, yet zombie state because in twelve hours I need to go and pick her up. YEY! *collapses*
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I´ve just spent too much time cutting two songs short. Gha. I also went for a massage today. My back is very happy with me. And I ironed, made name tags for 61 people (my sis has great skills with scissors) and . . . yeah those two songs were pain.

I might have an interview in over a week. Ironically enough, it´s a Slovak Law firm. Ehm Slovak law? really. I mean REALLY! (yes, it was me who applied and said something about being able to perform equally well in Slovak legal system in my motivation letter.)

I applied for a job in Brno that would be kind of interesting and almost entirely in French. Please, please, interview. After I applied, I found out (kind of by chance) the selection process is run by a person who I met when translating for "my Americans" a year ago. He gave me his business card, in case "he can be of some help" back then. He saw me perform (translating a lecture and following discussion between my Americans and a Supreme court judge from English to Czech and vice versa for almost 3 hours.) The thing is, someone would probably write to him now, reminding oneself in some way but I can´t do these things. Be like, hey I´m applying for this job, do you remember me? I cringe when thinking about it and don´t know how to do it. It sucks. If they call me for an interview, that would be good, I could (in a way) work it there.

My friend also send me a job opening add with ICC. It´s kind of something I REALLY REALLY want to do. IN PARIS! FOR ARBITRATION COURT! UGH! If someone has tips for writing awesome covering letters that will blow people´s minds, let me know. Also a serious question. When you apply by an email and you are asked for covering letter, do you attach it in a separate attachment or do you write it into the body of an email?

That got long.

I was lazy to post pictures yesterday, but here be a process of prettying up and finishing our sweets and cakes. loads of pictures because I went overboard )


Aug. 18th, 2010 05:04 pm
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boltThe weather in my country is causing some major damage and I hope it is soon over because I might get into an argument with my favorite element – water (You do not take people’s property and lives)

eyesMy department still hasn’t published the schedule for thesis defenses

planeMy sister is in Romania being shy

4leafcloverOur garden went crazy, and I spent all morning collecting things and finding overgrown zucchini

>_<[livejournal.com profile] je_ficgames still haven’t posted reveals, so I guess I am not reposting that fic either

car2I’m leaving for the woods in about two hours. I’m taking a couple of friends for the first three days (who will chill and theoretically even let me study), and we’ll try Cap à l´Est again and then it’s studying only

footprintI’ll be back . . . see point two of this post. I have no clue. Not until the next weekend, hopefully. I’ll stay as long as it will be possible.


See you then!
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It’s been raining here most of the time for the past week so I did not go into our garden too much, but I plunged into the mud today. Result? I have
apple cute, new, fresh carrots
cherry kohlrabi
bananas zucchini
cake Those big salad cucumbers
bread Lots of tomatoes
all ready to be used. I also have plums and peaches but that is more of a cake material.
I saw some smoked salmon in the fridge and some minced meat in the freezer, and I know there are potatoes and some pasta at home, so I feel like coking something up tomorrow, but I have no clue what. And if I start going through online recipes, I´ll never stop.
Any ideas? Tips? With what I have as basis, since I don´t think I´ll go to the store tomorrow just to cook. The basics like eggs and milk should still be in our fridge.

Well after the kitchen corner, here comes fandom.
I wrote a pinch hit for fic games a couple of days ago, and really I should not put more on my plate than I am able to chew on. I don´t mean deadlines or too much fic, more a theme, a message I want to tell. I am pretty sure I failed spectacularly at what I intended to. Also thanks to all I bugged with it. I guess I let the fact it is for a team (that I did not want to sink, whether they care or not) get too much to me. The responses to my fics lately were not that stellar so I am in my insecure corner right now. Le sigh. Not a good place to be with two more exchange fics to write.

FQF starts posting tomorrow. YES! I know what I’m NOT getting since there is no KAT-TUN only pairing. It makes me wonder what exactly I’ll get. I will miss reveals *pouts* as well as a big part of NEWS fic on! posting (or so it seems). This is my sad face. But well I am going to the mountains exactly because there is no internet (or more like there is really nothing) there.

I woke up today to some really nice stuff. So here goes linking.
thumbsup[livejournal.com profile] tatoeba’s fanvid. SO SO nice. People dancing to save their lives :D
heartyeyesSpeaking of [livejournal.com profile] tatoeba, she wrote Ryo/Ueda in the 10 genres meme for me. YAY! ♥
heart1AND I got PIRATES! Nakanishi drabble from [livejournal.com profile] snoozing_kitten. Ain´t I lucky? Hot and funny in one!
I always forget I ask people for things and since I suck at prompting I don’t really have any expectations so when then I get stuff, I am twice as happy.
kiddingI read a ryoda fic from a “new” author, and I finished it. It is not stellar but it deserves linking because well I finished it, the last part is cute, and the girl used a beta that while not native speaker is better in English than the author and it shows. SO MUCH. Is it Christmas?
eyesAnd to finish it off, Ohoku trailer. Damn. Am I going to start watching historic movies now?

Right that is all from Alex land. Parents coming home tomorrow ;__; Let us hope we will survive the week that we will share this rooftop until they go wandering around South France next Saturday. I’m so proud of my scheduling skillZ. The next 5 days or so will be the longest time we will have been home at the same time this summer. So far. It gets worse as the school year approaches. Not that I do much other than studying.

Oh right, I believe I have sworn to never write this fic. So here is a drabble in that verse once more.
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So I guess bullet points will do.

cherry I came home from Croatia today. There was sun, sun, sun, sea (oh so good) and tiny cute kids among other things. It was a good 10 days “away.”
cherry Since it was so freaking hot by the sea (and I hear it was as bad here in the meantime), now there is very pleasant 23 °C. I am a happy kid.
cherry I am leaving for Brno tomorrow. The awesome thing is I am driving. I need to make some nice music CDs. Americans are arriving on Wednesday. YAY!
cherry I was officially asked to pay for my education (which I don´t plan to) and have the date and the commission for my state exams. September 17th is THE DAY!
cherry I have stopped by the living room today and watched the second half of The Reader my sister was watching. I guess it was to remind myself why I almost never do sad, moral dilemmas, depressing and unhappy in general. Angst in the fic-acquired terminology. Czechs do lots of 2nd world war movies though and they tend to do them well. If anyone is in the mood, We have to help each other (apparently in English it is Divided We Fall and I´ve seen it in US video rentals, it was also nominated for Oscars) is amazing. Though I have watched it with foreigners and ended up disappointed because they did not feel it as much as I would like them to.
cherry I just beat my whole family in cards (my brother’s new obsession)
cherry I think I have read all your personal entries . . . I hope I did not miss anything.
cherry I was going to ask what did I miss fandom wise, (in a funny way) but ironically enough it is not so funny anymore. Still I won’t be online much in the next few days and have no time to go see the communities. So anything (other than Jin-face) that I need or want to know? I am dying to know how Joker is, has anyone watched it? And I am starting to get lost in all those new Arashi songs. Such a mess!!!

The one thing you all are dying to know. Or you are so fed up that you will skip over it.
I’m actually confused because there are people who claim Jin leaving KAT-TUN is not set in stone yet. We will see. I laughed a little at Johnny using (allegedly) the term fair because since when that is a criterion in Johnny’s? Or entertainment? The next thought was that he plans on making huge money out of a reunion concert couple of years down the road.

Now seriously. I will miss Jin because his vocals are a great part of KAT-TUN music, and I like their songs most out of JE (in general). I’m still his fan and will probably follow his activities, though how much is a question. But I’m primarily KAT-TUN fan and am in it for the rest of them and will continue to. They worked as hard as him to create KAT-TUN and KAT-TUN is what pulls me in. I do like their shows, their relationships … Sure 6-member KAT-TUN is the classic and very great, but they keep on being great with Jin flying solo. I’m only a little amused by Kame’s A now being abused in the name. I am also sorry for him a little because I don’t need to go to communities to know he will get a great portion of wank. I believe he is much stronger than in the past though and KAT-TUN stillis a band for me.

So that is that. If someone on my f-list disagrees, I am sorry. If you think you can’t deal with me flailing over KAT-TUN from now on, I do tag my posts, so feel free to skip them when you see the KAT-TUN tag.

That got long. Sorry. Talk to you probably this Sunday.
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I have new friends! Hello!!! I suck at this welcoming thing. I also do not have any intro post. Some info is on my profile if you are dying to know. If not, here is all you need to know. I think.

Alex, 24, talks a lot, Slovak, studies law (Czech one on a Czech school in Czech republic where I spent the most of past few years) – more like pretends to since my last class has ended last December, should finally graduate this September (and has no clue what will happen then), whines about her family a lot, especially now I live with them full time again. I have two siblings, my sister makes occasional appearances on this journal because she is awesome, my brother is mentioned mostly because he is eight and thus does foolish stuff (and is awesome). If you see me mention Brno, it means I am in heaven. It´s where my uni and my social life is (was?). Too far away. I´m totally easy so talk to me about anything, really. I´m also a living and walking repellent but this comes handy only if you meet me in the summer. Oh, I cam-whore time to time, and there is a tag called "very bad photos" if you have a desire to see me or my surroundings. I´m also hungry which considering it’s past midnight sucks. I will do what I do a lot these days. Go to sleep on empty stomach.

The reason I post. I´m hooked. Jun’s drama MC, it is adorable and touchy-feely and cute and I am very happy Jun is Jun and this will get subbed. Will be watching this one *__* This summer seems to be nice to me drama wise.

I have some holiday developments and such, but maybe I will manage some more organized post before this Friday. My closet is sorted!!! It´s an accomplishment worth mentioning, believe me.
I’m leaving you with a part of my IM with Rin. I was looking for something in the history and it cracked me up. Clearly she keeps me around for the comedy.

Me: you know it would be funny if I found out right now my parents are not coming back tonight . . . I´d probably dance ritual dances . . .
Rin: I will send positive vibes in the direction of your parents if you promise to record those ritual dances and post them.

The positive vibes came too late . . .
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bla bla bla all real life because that has kind of taken over my last few days )

What else. I have some things I am to blog about. Underwear was it? And I have 5 questions so I should get on with that. I also sadly did not forget about promising people an Ohkura picspam ;__;

And I should finally talk DOA. As my partner said in the title of her post: “There is so much I could say, but . . .”

It sums it up quite well so I will bite my tongue and do not say what I could. Mostly. There are still things left I want to say.

Rin is amazing and this is where I thank her so so so much for taking me aboard, coping with me, with my fails and fuzziness, with my constant getting off track and my never ending emails. She has read every single word of what we wrote one too many times but she was awesome about it and yet again I have learned so much.

I have also almost recorded myself purring and laughed my head off so many times in the process that I am a little surprised I still have one on my shoulders. My ass is huge enough for me to be save enough LMAO for the rest of my life (and for the first time I am thankful for that I guess). I have also gained some knowledge on Rin’s ass come to think of it . . . Ok I should stop. DOA writing process was one big adventure, and I hope you guys all can say that too, that you feel as good about doing this as I do because modding it too was yet another fun thing to do. Wondering if you won´t send me to hell with the poor attempts at buttons was an interesting feel as well.

Oh and Rin doing bad fic requests too is a very nice side effect.

This is kind of here because I could not help it, technically for Rin with loads of ♥ although probably much more for me

(I went all aaww at that part of that one email, ugh vague much?)

Now I should really repost the DOA. We almost went on and made quite an alternative version of this, having quite a few things that could have gone a bit differently. We more or less abandoned the idea, but the version I´m posting still has different subtitles and one dialogue change at the end. It’s a little creepy I want more of that verse.

Ok this still is an essay, though not as long as my thesis. I am drained and feel like I could sleep for a week. I hope no matter what I´ll get over it soon because I should be writing those exchanges I have of course signed up for.

Have a nice weekend!
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I´ve not posted for ages . . . but I got a new layout . . .

ATM I should be either writing yet another motivation letter (in Czech, FML, and about how discrimination is what I want to be fixing with passion of 1000 of burning suns, FML x2, and I said I did not want to work for my current employer permanently to begin with, wha am I applying? ... you get the pattern by now) or fixing my thesis (which is taking too long because I do not agree with fixing what I am asked to fix)

I think I need to adopt "A je to" attitude. A je to means "And it´s done". or Maybe "And good job us!" if I go for more context and less of word to word translation. I also think that now we have 26 °C instead of 13 °C we had about 4 days ago, strawberries in store should get cheaper and better tasting. Something to look forward. I would not mind having as much as they do.

link for those who have problems with embed: A je to

This is a fairytale series my brother was willing to watch despite apparently knowing it by heart. There is no talking, so enjoy and hold on there until the end. BTW he ad-libs it, and it is the funniest thing ever. Even if it is 6 am and you´d much rather sleep because your father had decided that 1 am was a good time to show you the caravan he wants you to drive in the summer with him and the proceed to look at other possible summer holidays (he clearly just misses me and wanted to spend time in my room instead of going to his own). In short: My parents came to visit this Friday/Sunday to watch this (among other things, and you really want to click that link, then click on the first pic to enlarge it and for more click the arrow, sorry it´s in Czech so you get instructions :p )

I am sick (it´so much fun to have a headache, sore throat and a terrible cold when it is finally hot outside), which is why I am allowing myself be online in the first place. I promise my appearances will stop being this random and less sporadic once June is over. And I wanted to say I currently hate our DOA because I totally thought of accompanying story, or more exactly, a story we don´t tell but we could, that I now have an urge to write, but I have no time, no energy and I´m still not sure if I want to write something like that anyway (and if it would make sense). I maintain it is Rin´s fault. She is also amazing and deserves a medal for reading that monster (and especially my parts of it) as many times as she did.

I hope everyone is holding on!

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I should be in bed. Since yeah I´m getting up in 4 hours and 30 minutes. I came home and by the time I got up to my room so I could pack, it was . . . like past 10 pm? Typical. My father has strained or even probably tear a muscle playing soccer yesterday.
Quote: "I don´t know if people go to the doctor with minor stuff like this these days. They´ll probably laugh me off."
LE SIGH! MEN . . . anyway he can barely walk, so hopefully we have made a point of making him go.

I´m leaving you with a picture taken from the train today on my way home. It looked prettier in RL but this too is kind of nice, dramatic. LOL

and Jibun rock? Is it? they do rock!
because this song does not want to stop playing )
And an interview where we "surprisingly" learn from Taka, that yeah their music changes by them missing one guitar. Le gasp! Who would have guessed! No really it is an interesting interview.

Bed and London are calling me!


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