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I should be sleeping, but today we went for a bit of bowling right after work (all paid for :D) which turned into darts match which resulted in me coming home few minutes ago. I just washed my hair because I smelled like ashtray and there was no way for me to fall asleep like that.

Now I need to sit down for a second before I can attempt to dry my hair >.> So I really really really want to pimp this out. Help me out!

There's been a smaller experimental challenge running through, well basically, most of this year, when people remixed a fic "telephone game" style. One after another. The result of it (8 fics in total) were just posted.

I'm really looking forward to see how it turned out, especially knowing how I coped. But I also want more people to go and have a try . . .

so here:

Hello? Who's there?

Lame ad is lame. Go read, I'll join you on Friday evening. Talk to you later <3
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I last posted 20 days ago. Scary! Anyway there has been very little people reacting to my posts lately. While I try to not let it get to me, especially when I rumble about my private life, when I flail about fandom and nothing happens, it kind of saddens me. I need people to flail with. Anyway, the point is. If you do not read my entries and skip over them, do us both a favour and defriend me. Thank you very much.

Now that the bitching part is over, I have been all over the place in those 20 days. There has been plenty I wanted to post about, but then some things happened that made me draw back a little. I apologize for not commenting on your posts guys, I have seen several picture posts and such *____* so just know that I'll try to get back on track again.

Anyway, bullet points :
* I've gone to see fireworks; and have been on a boat trip and to a castle; basically I'm saying good bye to Brno, and it is sinking in that I am leaving. I admit, it is scary, but such is life.

* There has been my PC giving me blue screen and all kinds of messed up messages so I have it reinstalled and lost all my bookmarks ;____; I also lost that set of cute Japanese emot-icons. If someone still remembers how to install them, I'll be the happiest kid on the block.

* Most importantly, I have packed my stuff here and moved most of it to Prague this weekend (forgot the camera at home, which is why pictures to follow are kind of sucky):

<3 My parents picked me and my stuff up in Brno on Saturday, and on our way to Prague we stopped to eat in some village off highway. They had a tree that is 500 - 600 years old.
See under the cut! )

O.O We arrived to Prague and proceeded to get stuck in a NEW elevator in my apartment building with the mother of the owner of that apartment who panicked, turned red and started to talk about forgetting her medication for high blood pressure. It took 45 minutes to get us out of there. Click the cut for picture of "my" calming medication:
baileyyyys )

D: I found my new room not ready and the apartment in a mess (my new roommates did not leave me any space in the fridge or the bathroom and did not bother even washing the dishes before they left for the weekend). So no pictures yet and our first talk will be an interesting one.

Then we proceeded to wander around Prague and eat and have coffee and all around good time. My parents snuck me into their hotel room so I stayed there for the night, which was a great thing given the state of my room.
Pics taken on Charles bridge under the cut )

:D today we dropped the rest of the bags off - thankfully the elevator worked already - and left Prague because it was raining there.
Under the cut are two more random pictures )

Anyway in the very little fandom news:
!!! DOA deadline is approaching and I am trying not to panic over not hearing anything from most of the teams.
I had a historic ryoda fic written for me
??? today I came back to concrit meme, so here's my thread, please don't be gentle.

That is all. I am off to find a place where they'll fix my bike in Brno and then collapse because I am soooo tired. I am leaving Brno for good this Thursday and I hope the rest of the move will go smoothly. Talk to you from Prague <3
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So, my [livejournal.com profile] fic_the_faith fic is AMAZING! It's Maruda, an established one at that. Has some aweosme stuff, some really hilarious stuff, some breath taking stuff and some really really hot stuff. I like together fics but I love established equally as much, damn it, because that dynamic different and leaves me feeling really comfortable. So this was a very nice bonus. LOL this might be as long as my comment on it, and I fully intent to redeem that this weekend, but I needed to get it out again. I flailed just thinking about the fic today in the bus on my way to work. I was going to say I must have gotten really lucky with who wrote for me this year then I remembered I was there when matching people up. LOL. Good job me. (okay this might have sounded weird.)

I almost forgot to link the fic, so it is here

Anyway I've read a couple of fics posted so far just now and they are all amazing, so I am really happy. BUT it got me thinking. I want your opinion. Do you think 4 fics a day, 5 days of posting is a good solution? As in do you think maybe the posting should go slower?

I'm asking because this being a one group exchange, maybe I should reconsider the system for the future. I know people all like different stuff, so they may pick and chose, but I usually make exceptions for exchanges and venture even into pairings I would not read otherwise. Also people in this exchange have been amazing in mostly including the rest of the group so that is A LOT of KAT-TUN in quite intense doses. Not to mention there is several fics going well over 10k.

I know people get anxious about their fic, want the fics for them and things may feel like dragging if posting goes for too long, but maybe idek 6 or 7 days for 20 fics would be better. 3 fics a day? Would it make a difference? Would you read more, feel less overwhelmed if that happened. Tell me in comments. I would really appreciate it.

For the lazy people I have a poll.

[Poll #1722110]
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I´m leaving for my ski trip tomorrow! Will be cruising Italian slopes of Dolomites for six days and will return on Saturday, 26th. There is a small pool in the hotel we´re staying in. I am excite! And I hope I won´t have too many urges to kill my family. I am taking some stuff for the article I need to write until March 15th, but I don´t have any illusions.

I have no clue if there is any internet where I´m going, so I posted the [livejournal.com profile] ryoda_love summary today and pre-coded reveals for Ficolate, which I´ll be sending to my sis tonight. So since I might not be able to say this on Monday when the exchange ends officially, I wanted to thank all of you who helped me beta, let me whine, hold my hand virtually while I read a character death, waded through no capital letters and such. You kept me sane, you are my heroes!

On that note, I already hinted this, but the writer that was supposed to write for me disappeared. I was just glad I didn´t need a pinch hit, though she didn´t comment on the fic for her either which makes me sad. Anyway, it meant I was not supposed to get a fic. But someone wrote it for me anyway and sent it to the exchange email, as Secret Admirer. Clearly I still don´t know who this is, but really all the help that I received this round of exchange plus this fic that just kind of appeared (and is perfect) made me feel incredibly loved. So again thank you. Also dear Secret Admirer, feel free tom come clean any time, so I can give you credit for the beautiful fic!

So off I go to enjoy the snoooooow

I hear it won´t be this pretty because there isn´t much snow off slopes in places lower than 2000 m above the sea, but there is plenty on the slopes so really I can’t contain my glee and excitement.
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I should say that Valentine’s Day isn’t a holiday typical for my region. AT ALL. It got big here mostly because businesses grabbed it and made it an opportunity to sell cute items, more presents, more flowers, more fancy meals at restaurants. As it is I don’t particularly like the holiday because it puts people who are alone on display. I don’t hate it, but when I got a promotional MMS from my operator with a wish of happy Valentine, telling me how I can send this and other cute MMS to people, I got a little grumpy. This is also partially because as an imported holiday, it really is one for the lovers and, one could say, lovers only. Friends don’t wish each other happy, nice, pleasurable Valentine’s Day, nor do they get particularly affectionate or say how much they love each other on this day. I would be considered a fool f I brought it up at work for instance. So it just gives teenagers a headache, as it was proven by the two poor girls whining about being alone today on my bus this morning.

Why am I saying this. I don’t really know the procedure here. I don’t know how to say it today especially that I like you. I mean I like you, love you even, on most of the days of the year. And I sure hope I can let you know that I do through the entire year, not really needing that special day. I hope I do tell you more often than once a year.

That said, lots of you celebrate this day, and I myself have succumbed a little (a lot) by running a Valentine´s exchange for the second year in a row. heart1So I am wishing you a day filled with extra special love and its displays. heart1

I also want to thank those five awesome people that left me a message over at Valentinr. You made my morning (IHU for being anonymous, just kidding okay, I just am racking my brain who you are, that’s all <3)

And since I mentioned the exchange, here be the recs from it. Because OMG I can has RyoDa recs on this day of the year.
1) The Prince and The Prince, fairytale take with some hilarious cross-dressing that you would probably not expect reading the title. Just believe me on this one okay?
2) The Stray , read the warning, there are some description of wounds, but it has a really really pretty imaginary and the best deception of a happy drunk EVER! An interesting read
3) For a SPIN , ehm there is Ryo and Ueda holding hands and spinning like little kids on an empty bar dance floor. Among other things. Future fic, Jin has completely new troops, and Ueda is still somehow a mystery, also I love this a lot
4) The Ambiguity Of Indifference, mpreg, the most rational I have ever seen, funny, brutally honest and gentle all in one *_____*
5) 21st century escapism, I’m not going to say I want to sit in that car because I would break the charm, but again this fic has amazing description and makes you feel how relaxed and good Ryo feels.
!!And lastly the fic for me that you should all go read because it is full of touches, something I really really love and I can like almost feel why Ryo asks form them, and anon san probably has no idea how many things she hit, also someone sent this to me and I might have a guess but I don´t know yet and seriously I am so loved!
6) All There Is To Tell, toucheeeeeeeeeeeeees *_______________*

I’ still not sure I can take so much awesome. Seriously . . . I am kind of all shaky here. Go give those authors some love!


Oh, I was said that I am totally easy to read, and idk who wants to go through all that Ryoda to find out, and maybe I made it easy by reccing, but the first person that guesses right WHO I wrote for can have a drabble. Probably not any time soon, but I will write it. PM me or idek let me know somehow if you decide to play ;D
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the Hols for me is really really great. HERE IT IS. Thank you very much ♥

KAT-TUN fic exchange

rules and intro // Sign-ups

Sign ups are open from today till December 31.
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This made me smile today. Ryo and Massu being totally cute. And Massu is hot. Just saying.

ryo massu

And Ryo never stop being dork. How is this sexy again? LOL.

In other fandom news, I have read an awesome Arsenal/Ace fic yesterday (*__* I mean that was the whole point of 8uppers, right?) and the got a lesson on how to write kissing scenes, courtesy of Ryo/Ohkura. I can´t wait to see the new KAT-TUN PV, omg why is there still so much time left and Eighto concert pictures are so hilarious even by their very high standards!

I also miss “my fandom.” I lived a lot on short subbed clips of whichever of the groups I follow, but lately no one (to my knowledge) subs KAT-TUN related stuff at all, NEWS are scarce and none of the Arashi subbing groups I follow sub their variety really (and I gave up trying to get into the million new ones). This was how I enjoyed my fandom the most; I hardly ever have time to catch up on scans and translations and this way my gateway. I miss it so much ;__;

One more fandom related thing, me and Rin are conducting an experiment of some sort (or just looking for a reason to write together again), so there is a poll on my writing community. If you wanted to fill it out and for whatever reason did not do so just yet. Here is your chance ->->-> paperclip <-<-<-! Yes we call stuff we write epic.

In real life news, I moved, gained a flatmate and this Monday I started working. The normal at least 8 hours (plus 30 min. lunch break) a day, grown up, regular job. more on job and the thing called RL )

Before I wish you good rest of the weekend, I have one more thing. I realize this journal, while it is still fandom based, is more and more my personal, real life related place. I have no clue how many of you are interested in that, and I know my fandom related posts are sucky and scarce lately. I’m always behind, I leave most of my flailing unsaid because I get to catch up on singles, videos and funny stuff happening way too late when all of you have moved on. I might sound annoying and boring for all I know.

So this is me telling you that if you just skip over my post whenever they appear on your f-list, or if they are more annoying or vexing even than anything, you have every right to defriend me.

I am sure you don’t have to be told, but some people still kind of try to be considerate or need that little push. So this is me giving you a reason.
Defriending amnesty they call it?

Here it is. No hurt feelings, no bitterness. I prefer honesty.

For those who are staying . . . I hope I can still be a good friend some way or another. If you want to know what I am up to everyday, go check out my photo journal over at [livejournal.com profile] sanslunettes. ♥
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Spam mode on.

heartbreak I had a little freak out yesterday night. I´m still freaked out, intimidated and overwhelmed, but at least it is bringing fic ideas with it. Only I have no time to write it.

heartbreak I won´t go back to my work adventures anymore because it just freaks me out more. I just hope that everything will settle down once I actually start going to work on regular basis and I will manage to get acquainted with all my responsibilities and contacts that they require

heartbreak for tooth ache and dentist related details, you´ve been warned )

heartbreak In better news, the weather was gorgeous today and it should be gorgeous tomorrow

heartbreak My aunt came by yesterday to deliver my graduation gift (actually sooner than is normal, since normal would be giving it to me after my graduation ceremony that will be on 8th of November). She actually asked what I wanted, and when I said "coffee machine," she went overboard. She got me this Krups. It´s fully automatic (seriously! it grinds the coffee and has a steam nozzle). I´m head over heals in love with it. And only sorry it´s first residence will be the old, now very filthy kitchen. But omg she had made me so happy. It was really unnecessary for her to buy the one this advanced, I asked for a semi-automated one or simple drip coffee machine even, so yeah. ♥

heartbreak About the beginning of the week, my mom had gone to Brno to pick me up, again with the sole purpose of shopping (she is searching for a coat, we are all big people so this is kind of problematic). She didn´t get one, but I got the most awesome super short leather jacket made probably for thin rockstars rather than office working lawyers with huge ass but omg my mom said she´ll buy it for me and I had no strength to say no because I hadn´t wanted a piece of clothing this bad for ages. There you have it. I am a spoilt brat sometimes. As proven by the two last heartbreak

heartbreak In fandom news. Riha wrote me a fic. Fighting for air, for your linking pleasure. It´s Ryoda, and the recent fics for me should hopefully shut my constant whining about lack of good fic for this pairing for a while. ILU good people <3

heartbreak And while I waited at the dentist office today, I wrote the beginning of my holls fic that I have been plotting for ages but I never managed to put anything together. I hope it goes well from now on. Once I decipher my hand writing from today, 3 fucking pages of hieroglyphs, that is.

heartbreak more doctors and getting ready to move in next few days. I keep adding stuff to my "to buy" list. It is kind of scary. And as faith would have it, all strong men I know in Brno are going away for the weekend because there is a national holiday on Thursday in Czech Republic so everyone is taking Friday off and getting away. I was totally planning on being spoilt (again) and call someone to help me drag the bags and stuff to the new place, but I guess I am on my own. I will hope my muscles still remember me working out sometimes this year before I started studying for finals. Alex the muscle man in action!
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I´m currently in Brno, staying in my friends´ apartment on what I call the most awesome air-bed ever. I am . . . recuperating since at home life was and will be crazy and no one understands I need like a brain reset. I have also woke up today with my entire body aching and realized that I have finally turned off. Whatever.

There is a huge penis on the main square in Brno (hello change of topic). Not a penis, a vibrator, as my friends pointed out, since it does not have balls. It is shiny and black. It is a clock supposedly, but I can´t see how it works and how it tells the time. I swear it really is an oversized vibrator. See I´m not lying.. It´s hideous to tell the truth.

Now I have that off my chest, some linking.

I have not linked my News Fic On fic and I know I am very late, but I love it very berry much, so When there´s smoke, Ryo/Massu made of awesome. ♥

And then there are Rin´s Ryoda drabbles that she sent me in emails while I was studying and then she posted them. I may have had a period when I knew one of them more or less by heart because I´ve read it like five times in a day and I was in my "remember-those-regulations-or-you-will-suffer-mode." Rin was so awesome past few weeks by the way. As well as so many other friends of mine. So I am saying thank you again.

So heart1Super Motion aka are you sure, it´s what you think it is? And heartbreak Slanting Rain" (the water slew made of awesome)

Right, speaking of Rin. At this time, two weeks from now, we´ll be somewhere in my house making stupid jokes about Ryo being an M (and hopefully not being awkward around each other). Or YAY SHE IS COMING OVER!

That is all, I´m leaving you with two pals too cool for us all. I´m going back home and back to crazy tomorrow. I have sent 3 CVs and 2 motivation letters today. It would be nice if at least one of those companies got back to me.

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shockuI was going to wait until the rest of the thesis stuff is decided but I don’t know when that is going to be since it is still not up. So here I go.

christmastreeI came back from the mountains yesterday, have a pic or three. bb can take very sucky pics and my camera was in Romania.
six is more like it )
NGIt´s cold even at home though I blame my body for this, I think I´m just really really nervous by now. 17 days until finals.

!!So basically I will not be around much from now on (lol not much of a new thing, right?). I might wander around, comment to your personal entries maybe, but more likely I’ll disappear. I have downloaded Ryo singing with Saito since I came back, and I’m glad Tat-chan has no concerts for some time now because I know myself and know I would want to know how he is coping but that’s it. Agh his injury is already messing with my fic exchanges plans. Not that that is the important thing to concentrate here on.

paperclipI might do something on my fic journal today or tomorrow because I feel like it; the result of it will probably come only after hiatus is over, but never say never, I’ve been known to write instead of sleeping during exams.

heartbreakoh yeah, fic, [livejournal.com profile] tatoeba wrote me a ryoda drabble here ♥ and I found something amazing in my inbox this morning ♥ ♥ ♥ if it ever goes online, I´ll be linking it for sure.

wrenchLol for a hiatus announcement, or whatever this is, it’s damn messy. Basically. I will not be around much (at all) until September 17th. If you want to get in touch with me, e-mail me or pm me (for my email address), I do check the emails twice a day, kind of with my meals, so it will not be a bother or anything, more like a nice distraction.

Off I go. tegoshidesu
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Someone commented on [livejournal.com profile] ryoda_continuum the other day, and it made my heart hurt a bit. DAMN the unfinished thing bugs me. I was thinking of taking it up myself, but yeah the number of exchanges together with real life stuff is just not making it any better.

Speaking of, there is a [livejournal.com profile] jent_bigbang community now, and I’m tempted to sign up only to finish the Ryoda rock band AU that I started to write a year ago! Sobs. It would mean an incentive to finish and possibly a fanart to go with it, but I’m thinking I should finish it sooner than next January.

Once I finish NEWSFicOn! I will have only rainbowbridge fic to write and I guess holls if I sign up, but that seems ages from now. Still it feels like this year I will write only for exchanges and challenges. Something went terribly wrong. I also have a feeling that once I actually manage to graduate (if I manage to-that is) and find a job, I will not have half as much time as I have now or had in the past.

So here is my pledge, though I have no clue how and when I will achieve this.
pencil I will finish my ryoda rock band AU this year.
wrench I will write the last “promised” instalment of “trains and trails” before . . . hmm end of October just to be realistic and given everything that is to happen until then.
magnify I will pick up ryoda_continuum (unless someone wants to do that for me) and write an ending. Which might feel rushed given where the fic is, but I think it is safe to say that this project turned very unsuccessful and I hate unfinished multichapter fics, so it needs to be done.

I know I will have an urge to write for memes and my friends and just because fandom is one huge fiction all the time but I will try to concentrate on these projects before I write anything else. I will not say I won’t post anything else in the meantime because well I apparently write best in the middle of the night and unplanned, but these things need to somehow get done. Well I can only hope I will have Sundays free once I start working.

To balance out all these weird fic talks, there was the 5 questions meme going around ages ago and I have asked [livejournal.com profile] imifumei for some questions back then and never posted answers. So I guess I am finally answering them, to keep the tradition of really really long posts going.

to the questions )

Oh right, I forgot. There is this Ryoda . . . hmm. The kind of pointless killing in the background makes my like for it a bit dubious, but the rest of it is awesome, so I am linking it after all.

Im now off to bottle some peaches. Again.
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so the good weather returns. before it did, some pink sky. I forgot to post these from my drive the other day.

one more under the cut, though they are almost the same )

also my cooking from today. since I talked about wanting to cook something. it looks kind of weird on that picture. oh really this blackberry camera is driving me crazy. why so bad? It was delicious though. the salad is kind of almost tzatziki. or it´s Slovak version or something.

oh yeah. A fic for me was posted at fqf. HA! managed to read it before my parents come home. Come to think of it, they still aren´t at home. Feels nice to be able to read your porn in peace. Oh yeah I meant to say.


It´s nice and cute and hot and just basically full of Ryo´s "molten" voice and dark eyes. I´m certainly not complaining!

oh yeah, I have seen some pictures of Ryo´s cooking book: :DDDDD and NEWS having a concert? and an album? lol no wonder Ryo is one huge grinning idiot lately. ROFL at his latest jweb. he seems to love it where he has too much work ;D.

end of this post all over.
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It’s been raining here most of the time for the past week so I did not go into our garden too much, but I plunged into the mud today. Result? I have
apple cute, new, fresh carrots
cherry kohlrabi
bananas zucchini
cake Those big salad cucumbers
bread Lots of tomatoes
all ready to be used. I also have plums and peaches but that is more of a cake material.
I saw some smoked salmon in the fridge and some minced meat in the freezer, and I know there are potatoes and some pasta at home, so I feel like coking something up tomorrow, but I have no clue what. And if I start going through online recipes, I´ll never stop.
Any ideas? Tips? With what I have as basis, since I don´t think I´ll go to the store tomorrow just to cook. The basics like eggs and milk should still be in our fridge.

Well after the kitchen corner, here comes fandom.
I wrote a pinch hit for fic games a couple of days ago, and really I should not put more on my plate than I am able to chew on. I don´t mean deadlines or too much fic, more a theme, a message I want to tell. I am pretty sure I failed spectacularly at what I intended to. Also thanks to all I bugged with it. I guess I let the fact it is for a team (that I did not want to sink, whether they care or not) get too much to me. The responses to my fics lately were not that stellar so I am in my insecure corner right now. Le sigh. Not a good place to be with two more exchange fics to write.

FQF starts posting tomorrow. YES! I know what I’m NOT getting since there is no KAT-TUN only pairing. It makes me wonder what exactly I’ll get. I will miss reveals *pouts* as well as a big part of NEWS fic on! posting (or so it seems). This is my sad face. But well I am going to the mountains exactly because there is no internet (or more like there is really nothing) there.

I woke up today to some really nice stuff. So here goes linking.
thumbsup[livejournal.com profile] tatoeba’s fanvid. SO SO nice. People dancing to save their lives :D
heartyeyesSpeaking of [livejournal.com profile] tatoeba, she wrote Ryo/Ueda in the 10 genres meme for me. YAY! ♥
heart1AND I got PIRATES! Nakanishi drabble from [livejournal.com profile] snoozing_kitten. Ain´t I lucky? Hot and funny in one!
I always forget I ask people for things and since I suck at prompting I don’t really have any expectations so when then I get stuff, I am twice as happy.
kiddingI read a ryoda fic from a “new” author, and I finished it. It is not stellar but it deserves linking because well I finished it, the last part is cute, and the girl used a beta that while not native speaker is better in English than the author and it shows. SO MUCH. Is it Christmas?
eyesAnd to finish it off, Ohoku trailer. Damn. Am I going to start watching historic movies now?

Right that is all from Alex land. Parents coming home tomorrow ;__; Let us hope we will survive the week that we will share this rooftop until they go wandering around South France next Saturday. I’m so proud of my scheduling skillZ. The next 5 days or so will be the longest time we will have been home at the same time this summer. So far. It gets worse as the school year approaches. Not that I do much other than studying.

Oh right, I believe I have sworn to never write this fic. So here is a drabble in that verse once more.
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Ok, I´ve been in a foul mood, and there are things I might or might not have wanted to post about, or should post about for that matter . . . but for once, all can wait or be just ignored and you don´t need to know and probably don´t want to know anyway . . .

let´s do something else instead:




Now you are all set, don´t question the set up, or my weirdness or whatever you might question, just


I am off to roll around some surface in glee, because it was hot and on top of that it was incredibly hilarious . . .
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So, while the fandom is learning about the BIG NEWS cooked in the KAT-TUN kitchen, [livejournal.com profile] fic_the_faith continues to post. Let me just say that the community is so so so pretty. Also people have been totally sweet about commenting <3

I don´t have an emo icon.

i should probably say THIS IS NOT BETAed

Right I am reading mostly the shorter fics, kind of, in between writing my thesis and dying. I am so totally tired and whiped that I have become an emotional wreck. I am letting my phone die so my mother doesn´t call me to ask how many pages and consultations I have gone through, anymore. My only civilization is lunch time with my friend who too spends her time doing nothing but writing. We rant for 20 minutes eating school canteen food and go back. My freaking roommate turns off the light at 10 pm so I am squinting over a small lamp, she grunts and tosses like crazy until I go to sleep, making me feel like a guilty bitch. My eyes are hurting from staring at my pc and books for about 20 hours a day and they revert to the unseeing ones from about three weeks back time to time. The deadline is next Wednesday, which means Thursday as it has to be printed out and put into a hard binnd. I don´t think it is happening, but it seems I will be trying until the very end. Sorry if I am random, or do not pay attention or anything. I seriously kind of am on the edge. Don´t know what kind of edge. I need this month to just end. Someone hacked/stole my mac address and have been downloading idk what (but probably porn, knowing idiots living in this dorm) usng my account. They turned my internet off on Friday. I had a major freak out, since there is about zillion ECJ or CJEU or whatever decisions online, that I just have on tabs all day long. I hacked myself back through university cache. The moment they officially turned me back on, the same person (or I think so) did it again, but managed to stop just short of 3GB and then today again. I now have a brand new fake mac address, and am waiting how long it will take them to get it. The administrators told me to get a bandwith tracker and stop downloading movies when I see I am close to 3GB. I do not swear. Fuck!

To make this post a bit idk with a point. ftf Fic for me, Maruda, kind of ...
Fix for Vix, it feels weird linking it before she even got to read it, but I love it too much. The way it is written is about how I feel right now. Right did I mention my emotions are out of control? Right, I cried over that story like a stupid girl.

I hate how one thesis on something I have read tons of articles on, something that I enjoy and am good at is turning me into a feeble creature trembling in a corner of her own insecurities. Guys I have never ever not managed my school. I can´t even look at it anymore. And I feel like a complete failure because until one point I was on top of this piece of complete ...

right. 6 more days to go
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Ninuš ([livejournal.com profile] chivakaza, if anyone was wondering,)

Happy birthday!!!

Other than being able to drink in US, 21 seems kind of ordinary age to turn. The shock of not being a teenager should be gone by now ;D

No really, have a good one! Enjoy life in this upcoming year and for many, many to come.

And just so you know, it is kind of awesome to have you as a sister (most of the time :P)

And because I can, have a picspam of your “Johnny´s OTP”. I am evil that way. I also haven´t managed to write you anything, sorry about that. Will redeem myself (this summer or sometimes after March 31st).

LOADS of pictures! )

Speaking of Kokame, [livejournal.com profile] jentfic_remix is posting reveals tomorrow. Probably my Saturday actually, but let me have a ray of hope. I haven´t linked THE ONE FOR ME yet. Someone remixed “that baseball AU”, or rather its first instalment. It´s kind of great. Apparently Kame can emo (not really, but almost there) over Koki as well. It´s better than my original, though mine has a lighter mood. I like it if you were wondering. A lot.

There is one more funny Ryoda I haven´t linked yet too, so if you are craving some, here you go.

In other news, my thesis doesn´t want to get written. Deadline is in less than 3 weeks, and I am freaking out. It doesn´t help that I am spending Saturday night at a ball (I even kind of have a garde this year – le gasp), and I am going to see 30 seconds to Mars next week too. Which means going to Prague. Kill me now. But the tickets have been bought long time ago, so I am not wasting that money. Sleepless nights, here I come. On top of that [livejournal.com profile] fic_the_faith starts posting in less than two weeks!

Oh, right, I have a NEW banner for my welcome post! Don´t laugh at my Photoshop meddling. I just wanted to add some text, and I played with contrast and red filter a bit. ARASHI ♥ on my LJ. It has been too long. I know the text is not funny. Who cares, I have procrastinated some blissful 30 minutes making that. The point was to stare at Arashi in some funky photo-shoot.

Off to fight my thesis. How does it go? “Fight all night?”
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I wasn´t going to post tonight and it feels weird rec-cing remix when the remix of my own fic wasn´t posted yet (damn you remix mods for so many reasons!!!)

But yeah, keep in mind I have not read all of the fics, I was choosing rather randomly, but I do want to mention what I have read and liked.

Handyman (Is That A Wrench In Your Pocket? Remix) – Ryo - the train groper, and this is kind of really nice, and Shige would definitely be nice to grope. I like how it is all explained here <3

A Ranger Halloween – K8 is completed with their pink ranger, Yoko is cute, Ryo is perfect, this is sweet.

CrushCrushCrush (the ambivalent paramour remix) - I would have never thought reading about lovesick Tegoshi would be so enjoyable. It is a tiny bit angsty, told by Shige´s practical voice and all kinds of interesting.

Shades of Grey – I do have a Massu bias and am not afraid to show it. Another very intriguing concept explored with a gentle voice <3 (I feel like some literal critique when I am not, just go read the fic it is great, is what I wanted to say.)

Composing the Songs of Tomorrow – RyoShige college AU, very good one, RyoShige in the same bed, on the same couch, against a kitchen counter, this is PG-13 actually (and is teasing me) and has some great lines, and you should go have fun with it!!! The original fic was Koyama/Yamapi btw.

Shake the Disease – RyoMassu, MASSU WITH SO MUCH CHARACTER!!!, epic fic with loads of imagery and beautiful emotions, and this is just great and I am repeating myself, but this has had me on pins and needles despite kind of knowing where it is going and whoa!

BREATHING ROOM - Rough Draft (A.K.A. YOU BROUGHT THIS UPON YOURSELF - A LOVE STORY) – the pairing is Shun/Sho, voice is Toma, but really no matter what you think of that combination, this is epic and hilarious and great and will have you shaking with laughter. GO READ IT NOW applies in all its glory because I can not explain this fic, you just need to experience it

Lemon Chiffon – RYODA!!! EPIC FUNNY RYODA THROUGH RYO´S EYES WITH SO MUCH GREAT THINGS IN IT I WANT TO LIKE KIDNAP THE AUTHOR AND MAKE HER WRITE RYODA FOREVER! I need to still flail properly on that entry, it will be the last thing to do today. Just perfect.

Right. Anyone can guess what I wrote? I don´t think anyone wants to even try, and few people know because I fail that way. I just needed to end this entry somehow. Still I WANT THE REMIX OF MY FIC! Goes off to brood, you go and read some good stuff.


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