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pencilSo there's a fic feedback meme. Here's my thread if you feel like finally telling me how much I need improvement. I can take it!

computerAlso "Megaupl-gate". All the files, all gone. Also ACTA, they say it should make providers (much more) liable for the content uploaded by all their user, which would be pretty crazy. Here's the draft. I haven't seen that specifically, but I can see how countries could implement measures leading to it? I just skimmed, mind you. HAHAHA injunction in roman law legal systems. Yeah, will stop blabbing now.

paperclipBehind the cut, there are the answers to yet unanswered questions from the meme/poll post I did some time ago. I still have to do the "sharing portion" of it. And I will, but I thought there was enough for one post with just answering questions <3

here be all the answers )
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This is becoming a tradition, one that I like. For those new to my friend's list this year, we really do split an apple during dinner on Christmas Eve, exactly for this reason, so . . .

Please have an apple with me on this Christmas Eve. If you get lost, sick or feel down, if you don't know where to go when on a crossroad, when things are tough and rough during the year, remember who you have shared the Christmas apple with. That person is always there for you.

You all know where to find me, right ♥

Merry Christmas everyone!!!

And because I just finished putting together the Christmas cookies tray, have one more picture :

apple is there for you to imagine the size of the tray ;D

The lights

Nov. 18th, 2011 09:45 pm
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There's been waffles on sticks, fog, bridges, fog, Jewish cemeteries, fog . . . all you can eat sushi bar and green tea ice-cream floats. Tomorrow is in the stars. But we are spending a quality Friday evening with our legs up. There are no sappy romantic movies, so it could be worse ;D
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I got invited for ice cream they sell by out court building during my lunch break. Then there was a ride down the memory line.

There is so much to be said >.>

Anyway, dear Pix, once again happy birthday!

Dear Amy, Pix and Vix, I can't believe it's been a year since we had some ice cream like this together. I really enjoyed the time I have spent with you back then. ♥ I am happy to be able to continue being friends with all of you. I hope we'll get to share some awesome ice cream together again some day.

Dear friends list, please excuse my mushy. If you want to see a pic of something from my surroundings, I am still taking requests over here ;D.
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LOL so talking about the castle from two weeks ago is so last week, literally that is seems i never will. Oh well I’ll tell you about naked medieval bottoms and clever Czechs some other time.

Anyway I am posting to say some things. First, I saw a picture of onigiri this week, felt like eating some and randomly typed into my sister’s IM box “Come make me onigiri,” and she seriously did. From another city, this weekend. heart1heart1heart1She came bearing miso and wakame and we got tofu and found umeboshi paste and suddenly there was also a bit of sushi and what ended up being food orgy. I finished the miso soup today, and I’m having onogiri for lunch tomorrow :DDD

We ended up just bumping around and skyping with Rin and it was fun <3 They might have plotted out my FQF for me too, those two. ROFL.

In fandom news, [livejournal.com profile] fic_the_faith is done posting! Reading people’s reactions to fics, it seems that it’s been a great year. I am sending you to read what you haven’t. I myself am stuck on day three I think ;__; but I will get there, damn it!

Anyway, thank you to anyone who had to deal with my modly crankiness and insecurity. Guys, I had 3 fics in on March 15th (which was the second deadline already), so how the hell it happened that we did not need a pinch hit is beyond me, but I call that DAISEEEEKOOOO (yes that is stupid fangirl Japanese , sue me).

Because we barely just finished one exchange and tons of others are running, it is time for

Devil or Angel.

The JE collaboration fic challenge.

GO SIGN UP ... on April 1st when the sign ups open. Really, there is no pairing, rating, group or universe limitation, it’s just you, your partner and vast possibilities AND the twist that is incorporating a color into the fic. We dropped the themes, but we wanted to give you at least something extra to make it interesting. Details are in the intro post, so grab someone and write something you would never write alone.

I kind of wanted this photo to end this post, so. My sister painted her nails while she was here, with the same nail polish as me. We were originally going to document that fact, but because I am cheesy and she was spamming me Kpop, this is how it ended up. At least you can see our thumbs?

Guess which hand is mine;D You can also try and guess which fic I wrote for [livejournal.com profile] fic_the_faith. Rin would probably say it is obvious just from the header itself >.>

And now I am really going to go be productive.
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I should say that Valentine’s Day isn’t a holiday typical for my region. AT ALL. It got big here mostly because businesses grabbed it and made it an opportunity to sell cute items, more presents, more flowers, more fancy meals at restaurants. As it is I don’t particularly like the holiday because it puts people who are alone on display. I don’t hate it, but when I got a promotional MMS from my operator with a wish of happy Valentine, telling me how I can send this and other cute MMS to people, I got a little grumpy. This is also partially because as an imported holiday, it really is one for the lovers and, one could say, lovers only. Friends don’t wish each other happy, nice, pleasurable Valentine’s Day, nor do they get particularly affectionate or say how much they love each other on this day. I would be considered a fool f I brought it up at work for instance. So it just gives teenagers a headache, as it was proven by the two poor girls whining about being alone today on my bus this morning.

Why am I saying this. I don’t really know the procedure here. I don’t know how to say it today especially that I like you. I mean I like you, love you even, on most of the days of the year. And I sure hope I can let you know that I do through the entire year, not really needing that special day. I hope I do tell you more often than once a year.

That said, lots of you celebrate this day, and I myself have succumbed a little (a lot) by running a Valentine´s exchange for the second year in a row. heart1So I am wishing you a day filled with extra special love and its displays. heart1

I also want to thank those five awesome people that left me a message over at Valentinr. You made my morning (IHU for being anonymous, just kidding okay, I just am racking my brain who you are, that’s all <3)

And since I mentioned the exchange, here be the recs from it. Because OMG I can has RyoDa recs on this day of the year.
1) The Prince and The Prince, fairytale take with some hilarious cross-dressing that you would probably not expect reading the title. Just believe me on this one okay?
2) The Stray , read the warning, there are some description of wounds, but it has a really really pretty imaginary and the best deception of a happy drunk EVER! An interesting read
3) For a SPIN , ehm there is Ryo and Ueda holding hands and spinning like little kids on an empty bar dance floor. Among other things. Future fic, Jin has completely new troops, and Ueda is still somehow a mystery, also I love this a lot
4) The Ambiguity Of Indifference, mpreg, the most rational I have ever seen, funny, brutally honest and gentle all in one *_____*
5) 21st century escapism, I’m not going to say I want to sit in that car because I would break the charm, but again this fic has amazing description and makes you feel how relaxed and good Ryo feels.
!!And lastly the fic for me that you should all go read because it is full of touches, something I really really love and I can like almost feel why Ryo asks form them, and anon san probably has no idea how many things she hit, also someone sent this to me and I might have a guess but I don´t know yet and seriously I am so loved!
6) All There Is To Tell, toucheeeeeeeeeeeeees *_______________*

I’ still not sure I can take so much awesome. Seriously . . . I am kind of all shaky here. Go give those authors some love!


Oh, I was said that I am totally easy to read, and idk who wants to go through all that Ryoda to find out, and maybe I made it easy by reccing, but the first person that guesses right WHO I wrote for can have a drabble. Probably not any time soon, but I will write it. PM me or idek let me know somehow if you decide to play ;D
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Today I'm a living, walking zombie . . . that hates scholars. I mean who on Earth thinks it's a good idea to hold a conference on Friday? Especially one that starts at 9:30 am and finishes at 5:30 pm. Clearly these people don't know that the weekend starts on Friday late afternoon. I had to get up at 5 am, get to work where a car picked us up. The conference kept lagging behind the schedule, so we finished only after 6 pm. The last panel took place in front of a half empty audience because everyone who could have left, did. I can't say I blame them.

The conference itself . . . Let's just say that out of 8 hours, about 90 minutes had something to do with application of EU law by the Czech courts which was, mind you, the official topic of the conference. There is more I could say but lol I don't think it would be very positive or interesting so . . . Our driver probably broke like every speed limit on the way back to Brno, and we didn't eat dinner anywhere so thankfully I was home at like 9 pm. Still that is 16 hours after I woke up, about 15, 5 after I left home . . .

I cooked food because I was starving, broke every rule of healthy eating and beta read last ficolate fic. I woke up today to my landlord drilling something at around 8 am, and I was up a few times before that during the night (the heating starting up around 4:30 am never fails to wake me up), but I managed to go back to sleep, still . . . *zombies some more* Not even walking the distance of tree bus stops to my "changing point" instead of taking the said bus on my way to shop for food helped.

Anyway the conference was organized by the ministry of international affairs, and they sure have some representative premises at their disposal. The place was AWESOME. I unfortunately couldn´t well take out my camera and documented, but I snuck two bad pictures out of the bathroom windows (see here). Check out this virtual tour of the outside if you want to see; it was built to outdo (I think successfully) the Prague castle in its time, and it is called Černínský palace. It´s dead centre of Prague too; I wish I could have just walked down the castle stairs from there . . . This room is where the conference took place, though there are more modern microphones on tables now and the TV too is replaced by something better. I was like whoa *__* Nah it was pretty.

Okay now I have that off my chest, I have all ficolate fics (that I will get) in my mail box. I only have one drop-out and as faith would have it, I didn’t really need a pinch-hit for that one fic, so overall quite a success. I need to do something with like every fic but four, people not capable of following simple instructions, but oh well, I am almost done. Phew. I think it’s been even more intense than last year. Maybe I could now get back to my own fic responsibilities. If anyone is curious drop by [livejournal.com profile] ryoda_love on February 14th! And thanks to everyone who has helped me deal. You guys were a great help!

My Valentinr - sashjun
Lastly, I set thisarrowup up. I’ve seen it around, now I only have to remember who everyone posted it so I can go show some love. If you leave me some, well . . . you know how it is, love makes people happy (most of the time)
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So. Yesterday I came home and my mother went: "Your dad is bowling, let's go and see him." It was some get together of business partners where they had like a bowling competition, then had the entire bowling place reserved for the night. There were also live singers and stuff.

To make long story short, we ended up occupying two bowling lanes simultaneously, in one we bowled in 6 people, in the other it was just me, my dad and my brother. I basically kept bowling almost constantly for about 4 hours and today, I can barely move. Laugh all you want, bowling is some serious exertion. I am nearly convinced one might die of excessive bowling.

In the positive news since I don´t want to go over the latest development of the serious business, I finally got my hands on the present from Amandine. Got a kat-tun key chain among other things :DDD Thank you <3 And this is what I call a complete nut job. My "old" and "new" BlackBerry. They are the same series, only one has a different, newer, number, I guess. The old one is black, the new one is shiny grey around the edges, just yeah . . . I function on two phones, so I am just switching an old Sony Ericson for a new BlackBerry, but it feels a bit over the top. Still welcome to the family. :D

Okay this entry has no real purpose other than me being incredibly lazy today and wasting a great opportunity to be a bit productive. But I am snatching a meme.

Step 1: Post this into your LJ publicly.
Step 2: Others will reply anonymously about what they really think of you.
Step 3: Cry, because this meme is so brutal, and it hurts you will never know who it is.

Just give me three seconds to enable anonymous commenting.

Have a nice weekend!

P.S.: The rumour has it Kame, Nakamaru and Ueda (with bunch of other people) went to Jin's concert last night. If this is true, KAT-TUN has made me a very proud fan (I mean more than usual). Now only if Jin stopped being so negative about where he came from and my fandom world would be a perfect place ;D.
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Sooo . . . it feels like Christmas has been ages ago. But it was okay and, as always, exhausting in that masochistic family gatherings way. I got red kitchen appliances (for the kitchen of my new flat that I don’t have yet, nor have I really found anything suitable yet. Lol, but I do have a kettle and a toaster for it now ;D). I´ve worked Tuesday through Friday, and I must say if nothing else, commuting to work was wonderful. I had a hard time choosing on which of practically all free seats of a bus to sit on.

In short , my life could be characterized as very busy and very cold right now. I will spare you the reasons (it´s all my fault) for the first or bitter but sometime funny stories of the second. But I will say that the entire town of Brno has decided to shove it in my face that no one works on new Year’s Eve but me. I mean, the four lane road near my house that is usually always stuck was completely empty this morning (like seriously NO CARS!) and public transport runs on Sunday schedule. And the store into which I was planning on going after work was long closed. There you have it, Alex, everyone else have saved up vacation days for this but you.

Anyway . . . New Year’s resolutions. I has no segue today. To be more optimistic and zen about things next year. I am feeling tired and down way too often lately and really I can do better than that.

In the spirit of doing better, I am so freaking happy about how the [livejournal.com profile] fic_the_faith sign ups are going! All things considered, I should call the participants a crowd. LOL. That said, If you want to sign up but haven’t done so just yet because you like to toy with my emotions you were busy or were stalling, now is the time to do it since the sign-up close soooooooooooon! Do it!

And when one door closes, another opens (what was I spouting about lack of segues?!) I am running another round of RyoDa Valentine’s Ficcolate exchange over at [livejournal.com profile] ryoda_love! It seems to be a success to advertise this as an occasion to bargain for a bad fic (shoot me, but I do know my fandom), so how about that? The timeline is damn fast, and the word count minimum is easy breezy 500 words, and I can already see the panic attack of the week of February 14th.

Enough of spouting. I am falling off my feet, which is why I am off to my friends’ place. Thank god we are laid back (boring) people, so we’ll just chill, talk, maybe play games and go to sleep before the dawn (an easy task these days).

All that is left for me to say is that I wish you a good rest of the old year and happy New Year! As my mother says, you should not eat “birds” on New Year because your luck will fly away, and I wish you that you step into the New Year well and in good mood so as to set the tone of a great rest of 2011!

See you next year! melody
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So some of you mentioned hand writing something in those wish lists of yours.

I was in a hurry, the letters needed to be big and there were no lines, so the true nature of my cat writing came out. Thus, if the message does not get across. MERRY CHRISTMAS!

The apple sharing is possibly explained a bit better --> at the end of this post.

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This will bug me forever. Why randomly ask and then have no reaction to the answer?

[livejournal.com profile] jrockurisumasu started posting. I´m, I mean Naughty reindeer is about to code the day two

My oven won´t start up for the reasons unknown to me, and I might have to cancel my baking (and most importantly chilling) Sunday because of it because I do not want to talk to my Landlord and I doubt he would just rush over and fix it anyway. And I can´t have the thing I bought for tonight´s dinner.

My mother´s plans for the days until Christmas made me think I actually don´t want to go home for Christmas

I might have found a way to solve the incredible cold that I experience every day in my office

Oh yeah, I have internet again, it is incredibly crappy and keeps disappearing, but most of the time I am online

Catching up on my flist was overwhelming (the 10 days meme contained sooo much info on you guys)

I saw my thread on the love meme. Thank you ♥

Budapest was . . . idk something undefined

I almost fell asleep on the bus from work today and that is scary

I am FINALLY doing laundry

I am not in a good place, I guess

So I am off to wallow in some more idk what and I´ll talk to you all when I get over myself again
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SO . . . still no Internet.

I am currently in Prague where I went due to a work meeting and figured since I am here I could visit a friend and stay overnight and chat and catch up. Which is why I am online checking train rides to . . . Budapest. Where I am going all by myself (or so it was finally decided) this Sunday. Staying until Tuesday. On Wednesday we are hosting judges from some pretty interesting countries at the court. Thursday is crazy according to the plans . . . I mean. Up till Christmas there are only 4 days left I will be working (as in sitting on my chair in the court building as opposed to being in Hungary or whatever) And I GOT MY FIRST PAY-CHECK TODAY! OMG finally after 6 weeks of workings, it was getting pretty bad.

What else. Oh I know, the main reason I am online.

KAT-TUN fic exchange

rules and intro
Sign-ups start on December 18

We are gearing for the next year. KAT-TUN DVD should come out soon, Jin has tons of activities, iggy thing should be up sometimes, right? So I think it is a perfect time to start thinking how you want your KAT-TUN. Any soul that sign ups can have a piece of mine ;D.

I am off to cook and be sociable. Some of these days I will have time to catch up on what you are up to. Some day . . . Until then ♥
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I have somehow survived the week of doom. And Saturday would have been a really lovely day, had I not have to interact with my mother via emails. But I woke up today, and one of the first things I saw was THE lollipop, and I decided I will try to selectively forget the end of my yesterday.

I have my advent wreath! I want one more thing which is what is here called a Christmas rose, for both my flat and my work actually, but I’ll see if I actually manage to shed the money for that. ;__; OMG money. Right.

I managed to talk to my ♥ co-mod today, and it’s not like I had any doubt, but we are now gearing up for another round of [livejournal.com profile] fic_the_faith! YAY! Sign-ups will start somewhere mid December and whoever participates will get their assignment only sometimes in January, so I think that is enough of time to kind of take a breather from exchanges . . .

Now, I was NOT going to do a wish-list for many reasons one of them being the fact I honestly don’t think I’ll get around to fulfilling much (or more like any) from others this December. You may call me a little selfish, but it might also have something to do with all the exchanges this year and that I plan to write more or less for myself only if I write in December. Which means, fluff, probably RyoDa, not much plot, easy, things none of you ladies craving plots are into. If I write . . . because I should be writing about Protocol 14 of ECHR and let me tell you that will take some time.

But then I keep thinking I want lots of things. I mean the material ones. Which none of you can fulfil obviously. Right now, I can only think of about half of the stuff I came up in the past two weeks. It has a lot to do with the fact I moved and lack things I had at home. Even if my family asked, I would probably go, “I don’t know what I want . . . anything is fine.” So this first wish list is in reality a list of things I’ll be saving up for from now on. If I manage to save up ever . . . And I figured it might cheer me up somehow making this list (don´t ask about the logic behind that), so I went for it.

very materialistic list of things that will keep making me broke in the next few months )

Now on the fandom/fic front, it is much easier. And so I am listing those ones as well )

!!Well that was easy. Now, to be serious. You people make me happy all year long. I suck most of it, and I am happy you tolerate me, so the biggest Christmas present for me will be if you keep being awesome pie as you are. And I demand that any of you that will get anywhere in 200 km radius of Brno will let me know, because chances are I will attempt to meet you.

Now, a little announcement. Since my landlord is kind of a douche at times, I might not have internet for a while starting December 1st. The old contract for this flat is ending, and he said he´d take care of it, but I haven’t heard anything about it ever since, and I got tired of writing him emails he won’t answer. I will still tweet random things like I am cold/pissed/hungry from work on occasions and I will abuse the internet there to at least check my email so if there is anything you want me to know, mail me! Or maybe he will surprise us. Have a good week!
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I´m currently in Brno, staying in my friends´ apartment on what I call the most awesome air-bed ever. I am . . . recuperating since at home life was and will be crazy and no one understands I need like a brain reset. I have also woke up today with my entire body aching and realized that I have finally turned off. Whatever.

There is a huge penis on the main square in Brno (hello change of topic). Not a penis, a vibrator, as my friends pointed out, since it does not have balls. It is shiny and black. It is a clock supposedly, but I can´t see how it works and how it tells the time. I swear it really is an oversized vibrator. See I´m not lying.. It´s hideous to tell the truth.

Now I have that off my chest, some linking.

I have not linked my News Fic On fic and I know I am very late, but I love it very berry much, so When there´s smoke, Ryo/Massu made of awesome. ♥

And then there are Rin´s Ryoda drabbles that she sent me in emails while I was studying and then she posted them. I may have had a period when I knew one of them more or less by heart because I´ve read it like five times in a day and I was in my "remember-those-regulations-or-you-will-suffer-mode." Rin was so awesome past few weeks by the way. As well as so many other friends of mine. So I am saying thank you again.

So heart1Super Motion aka are you sure, it´s what you think it is? And heartbreak Slanting Rain" (the water slew made of awesome)

Right, speaking of Rin. At this time, two weeks from now, we´ll be somewhere in my house making stupid jokes about Ryo being an M (and hopefully not being awkward around each other). Or YAY SHE IS COMING OVER!

That is all, I´m leaving you with two pals too cool for us all. I´m going back home and back to crazy tomorrow. I have sent 3 CVs and 2 motivation letters today. It would be nice if at least one of those companies got back to me.

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I felt like I should post.

Life is crazy.

I came back from Brno where I baked on the hot sun (34 – 37 °C in the shade, but ehm what shade?) for two days, fearing the poor Americans (having to wear suits, long shirts and ties @_@) would collapse and hoping my feet will manage in that battlefield in those heels (I could not possibly wear casual when their Professor-aka the crazy man-was making them wear suits!). I also cooked, baked a cake (someone called it too gooey to believe it tasted good, lol, it was delicious), ate that cake and what I cooked basically for three days straight, bought curtains and stuff (felt like such a domesticated lady) and just revelled in my friend’s awesome company. There was also some book hunting and graduation ceremony and other things that I do not feel like typing out.

Today should have been the first day of my studying for finals. Yes, almost 8 weeks to go is about the time. Can’t put it off any longer.

Which is why I had to do tons of stuff, none of which I particularly enjoyed, and now it is almost 7 pm and I do not think I am capable of starting on general theories of private and civil law this late.

I think I still have a FG pinch hit to write. Damn.

I have not been to any communities (and I do not watch any of them but something-something a day) for almost a month now. LOL I sure hope I am not gonna die of being behind in fandom ;D.

But Ueda a day posted this pic. Me and Pix both agree it calls for Maruda blindfold fic. Le sigh. I don´t even remember when was the last time I read Maru and Ueda fic. Do want.

(the whole picture - these were just small ones on the side - and credits to be found here)
Don´t ask me when I´d read that fic. IDK. Actually I do know. I like reading them before going to sleep. In he hope of shutting my brain down.

Other fandom flail I caught going around is Arashi dancing with Perfume. This is a cut where they just perform. The one where they also teach them is off yt already ;__; It is SO PRECIOUS! Well, at least, watch Aiba shake it a little too much since I was stupid and did not download the thing yesterday. ;D

Life is crazy. I know I repeat myself. I was going to blog about my underwear (as requested by [livejournal.com profile] goldfreckled), but maybe another day . . .
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I have new friends! Hello!!! I suck at this welcoming thing. I also do not have any intro post. Some info is on my profile if you are dying to know. If not, here is all you need to know. I think.

Alex, 24, talks a lot, Slovak, studies law (Czech one on a Czech school in Czech republic where I spent the most of past few years) – more like pretends to since my last class has ended last December, should finally graduate this September (and has no clue what will happen then), whines about her family a lot, especially now I live with them full time again. I have two siblings, my sister makes occasional appearances on this journal because she is awesome, my brother is mentioned mostly because he is eight and thus does foolish stuff (and is awesome). If you see me mention Brno, it means I am in heaven. It´s where my uni and my social life is (was?). Too far away. I´m totally easy so talk to me about anything, really. I´m also a living and walking repellent but this comes handy only if you meet me in the summer. Oh, I cam-whore time to time, and there is a tag called "very bad photos" if you have a desire to see me or my surroundings. I´m also hungry which considering it’s past midnight sucks. I will do what I do a lot these days. Go to sleep on empty stomach.

The reason I post. I´m hooked. Jun’s drama MC, it is adorable and touchy-feely and cute and I am very happy Jun is Jun and this will get subbed. Will be watching this one *__* This summer seems to be nice to me drama wise.

I have some holiday developments and such, but maybe I will manage some more organized post before this Friday. My closet is sorted!!! It´s an accomplishment worth mentioning, believe me.
I’m leaving you with a part of my IM with Rin. I was looking for something in the history and it cracked me up. Clearly she keeps me around for the comedy.

Me: you know it would be funny if I found out right now my parents are not coming back tonight . . . I´d probably dance ritual dances . . .
Rin: I will send positive vibes in the direction of your parents if you promise to record those ritual dances and post them.

The positive vibes came too late . . .
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bla bla bla all real life because that has kind of taken over my last few days )

What else. I have some things I am to blog about. Underwear was it? And I have 5 questions so I should get on with that. I also sadly did not forget about promising people an Ohkura picspam ;__;

And I should finally talk DOA. As my partner said in the title of her post: “There is so much I could say, but . . .”

It sums it up quite well so I will bite my tongue and do not say what I could. Mostly. There are still things left I want to say.

Rin is amazing and this is where I thank her so so so much for taking me aboard, coping with me, with my fails and fuzziness, with my constant getting off track and my never ending emails. She has read every single word of what we wrote one too many times but she was awesome about it and yet again I have learned so much.

I have also almost recorded myself purring and laughed my head off so many times in the process that I am a little surprised I still have one on my shoulders. My ass is huge enough for me to be save enough LMAO for the rest of my life (and for the first time I am thankful for that I guess). I have also gained some knowledge on Rin’s ass come to think of it . . . Ok I should stop. DOA writing process was one big adventure, and I hope you guys all can say that too, that you feel as good about doing this as I do because modding it too was yet another fun thing to do. Wondering if you won´t send me to hell with the poor attempts at buttons was an interesting feel as well.

Oh and Rin doing bad fic requests too is a very nice side effect.

This is kind of here because I could not help it, technically for Rin with loads of ♥ although probably much more for me

(I went all aaww at that part of that one email, ugh vague much?)

Now I should really repost the DOA. We almost went on and made quite an alternative version of this, having quite a few things that could have gone a bit differently. We more or less abandoned the idea, but the version I´m posting still has different subtitles and one dialogue change at the end. It’s a little creepy I want more of that verse.

Ok this still is an essay, though not as long as my thesis. I am drained and feel like I could sleep for a week. I hope no matter what I´ll get over it soon because I should be writing those exchanges I have of course signed up for.

Have a nice weekend!
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cakeHAPPY BIRTHDAY [livejournal.com profile] myxstorie!!!cake


Vix! You have been an amazing friend for the past year and I can´t be grateful enough for all the support heart1

I wish you all the best in the next year, and I hope you will always have someone as awesome an as positive as you are close by to lean on.

And it´s your time to visit ;D

I am a sucky friend and have nothing for you but I promise I will redeem myself during the summer heart1
heart1 heart1 heart1

p.s. sorry f-list for all the html fail
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So another wave of birthdays is coming. So today I am being economic and asking for your forgiveness!

Happy birthday to [livejournal.com profile] space_sick and [livejournal.com profile] changetje

Being called You is great, the picture of you and your birthday cake can be happily reused for anyone because it say "Happy birthday you"

Tally´s birthday was/is today, so I hope you had a blast. I wish you all the best next year, loads of strength in fighting your way through your new major and anything and everything that comes your way. And let´s meet again!

Cho´s birthday will start in like 5 minutes (yes I know I am that close to be late on Tally´s), so I hope I can say already that I hope you will enjoy it to the fullest! And then I wish you to be able to enjoy the life for the rest of the year. Nothing can stop you, right?

both girls get my loveheart1 and I can only hope they will forgive me this double timing!
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Dear [livejournal.com profile] pipsqueaks

Happy birthday!

I´m totally late in my timezone, but I still have some time in yours, right? Oo

Ueda is no impressed with me!

but well it wont stop me from trying . . .  )


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