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Since morning:

- one of the drawers of the new drawer set fell appart, it basically broke and the chances are I will not be able to get a replacement from the manufacturer. Plus this means, I cant use it. Which means I have nowhere to put my clothes.

- kitchen is all fucked up.
>> My father´s electrician put the electric outlet in the wrong place
>> One of the pieces of kitchen furniture is wrong
>> the kitchen was drawn badly from the start, so there will be holes in wrong places and stuff like that
>> the people assembling the kitchen just chipped off a piece of the wall and dirtied another part of it.

I am so tired at the moment. And the day is not over, so more things can go wrong in the process.
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I came back to my apartment, completely tired because of the journey to Prague and barely standing up.

The apartment is filthy. There is tons of unwashed dishes, my flatmate told me not to stress it and most of all, the kitchen is flooded from my owners attempt to install hot water in the kitchen sink.

He just wiped the floor under the stove with the cloth I wash the bathroom with. The bathroom I need to clean because I would not even step into such a filthy shower. It's 7 pm and I am so mad and so tired and so hungry, guys you have no idea.

So I just needed to rant otherwise I might verbally attack the flat owner again. Because he did construction work in my bathroom and did not clean it and flooded my kitchen. Then I would strangle my flatmates because they let my basil die, did not move a finger in the flat in a week and the trash can is gloriously smelly.

/grits teeth.
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I´m craving fic. No one is writing any. my hols is in beta [square] and every one of the projects I should be working on is too complex to start at 8:30 when I am falling off my feet.

SO what the heck, PROMPT ME! KAT-TUN minus Junno in anything romantic, NEWS minus Tego in anything romantic. You all know what I like to write, right? I work best with word/sentence/plot bunnies prompts. Anything I feel like writing tonight will get written. I will pick and choose and I won´t guarantee anything past this evening. I´ll try to keep it drabble-length. LOL I´ll go to sleep in about two hours? Let´s try this.
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So, while the fandom is learning about the BIG NEWS cooked in the KAT-TUN kitchen, [livejournal.com profile] fic_the_faith continues to post. Let me just say that the community is so so so pretty. Also people have been totally sweet about commenting <3

I don´t have an emo icon.

i should probably say THIS IS NOT BETAed

Right I am reading mostly the shorter fics, kind of, in between writing my thesis and dying. I am so totally tired and whiped that I have become an emotional wreck. I am letting my phone die so my mother doesn´t call me to ask how many pages and consultations I have gone through, anymore. My only civilization is lunch time with my friend who too spends her time doing nothing but writing. We rant for 20 minutes eating school canteen food and go back. My freaking roommate turns off the light at 10 pm so I am squinting over a small lamp, she grunts and tosses like crazy until I go to sleep, making me feel like a guilty bitch. My eyes are hurting from staring at my pc and books for about 20 hours a day and they revert to the unseeing ones from about three weeks back time to time. The deadline is next Wednesday, which means Thursday as it has to be printed out and put into a hard binnd. I don´t think it is happening, but it seems I will be trying until the very end. Sorry if I am random, or do not pay attention or anything. I seriously kind of am on the edge. Don´t know what kind of edge. I need this month to just end. Someone hacked/stole my mac address and have been downloading idk what (but probably porn, knowing idiots living in this dorm) usng my account. They turned my internet off on Friday. I had a major freak out, since there is about zillion ECJ or CJEU or whatever decisions online, that I just have on tabs all day long. I hacked myself back through university cache. The moment they officially turned me back on, the same person (or I think so) did it again, but managed to stop just short of 3GB and then today again. I now have a brand new fake mac address, and am waiting how long it will take them to get it. The administrators told me to get a bandwith tracker and stop downloading movies when I see I am close to 3GB. I do not swear. Fuck!

To make this post a bit idk with a point. ftf Fic for me, Maruda, kind of ...
Fix for Vix, it feels weird linking it before she even got to read it, but I love it too much. The way it is written is about how I feel right now. Right did I mention my emotions are out of control? Right, I cried over that story like a stupid girl.

I hate how one thesis on something I have read tons of articles on, something that I enjoy and am good at is turning me into a feeble creature trembling in a corner of her own insecurities. Guys I have never ever not managed my school. I can´t even look at it anymore. And I feel like a complete failure because until one point I was on top of this piece of complete ...

right. 6 more days to go
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IDK why I am posting, I wanted to do some emotion genki-emo spouting but I thought better of it. Though I think I hurt a little. So I wasn´t going to post. I also forgot the camera so I have not one picture from the night ;__; i guess some thing are to stay undocumented. Also things are driving me crazy. I don´t want to elaborate I guess, but I feel the need to say that.

I never get any comments in these and this one looks particularly hard to participate in, but let´s try for the sake of posting


and I think I was "accused" of betaing (or at least offering to beta) for this cycle of remix and was thanked for it. I either have memory fall outs or I have alter ego, I don´t know which is worse or better but if one of the possibilities would give me 48 hours instead of 24 in a day, then I am all for it. I´ll teach my alter ego to work for a common goal.

Also Vix, ILU for your remix reaction, I wanted to say so for a long time now, so ... Also thanks for the ninja!support you seem to have a good habit of showing. Rin! ♥ thanks for all the help. I kind of have no other way to show my love right now. I won´t post for sure tomorrow, so happy early birthday to Amy! Pix - I want mid April to be soon ;D

I might be scarce for next two-three weeks. Or not, idk, right now I am barely able to read my flist. Just saying, bare with me my nice moodmakers <3


Oct. 30th, 2009 01:53 am
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I am not online the whole day, I freaking stumble upon a statue of Edvard Beneš being risen in front of my faculty (of law – very fittingly) which makes me laugh, makes my mood skyrocket for a second time in a day (thanks to [livejournal.com profile] imifumei for the morning boost ♥), it totally makes up fo the article I have read the day before.

And then, then, right before I go to sleep … this!!! What kind of signal is this? And it doesn´t cover Slovakia? I mean, don´t take me wrong if the guy (who probably just wants his own statue) finally signs the damn thing I can finally start writing my thesis properly.

And the paradox is that Czech Supreme Court adjourned the first session it held to decide if the Lisbon Treaty is compatible with Czech legal order. SERIOUSLY!!! They needed (more) time to consult! I am so looking forward to Tuesday because they are really capable of putting a stop to everything again.

I am not going to present my opinion on this whole masquerade in open, I am too tired for that, just know that I am in principle “pro” EU despite believing in a sovereign state but sometimes they screw with my mind and right now I am very much flustered. Sorry for being mildly cryptic. I´ll go write a letter to my government or something now.

Dear friend list, I am reading your entries I continue to laugh, smile, cry and sob and pout with you, just until I get this stupid translation off of my shoulders that is all I do, check my F-page and … read news. I feel heartless for not talking to you :(


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