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I´ve just spent too much time cutting two songs short. Gha. I also went for a massage today. My back is very happy with me. And I ironed, made name tags for 61 people (my sis has great skills with scissors) and . . . yeah those two songs were pain.

I might have an interview in over a week. Ironically enough, it´s a Slovak Law firm. Ehm Slovak law? really. I mean REALLY! (yes, it was me who applied and said something about being able to perform equally well in Slovak legal system in my motivation letter.)

I applied for a job in Brno that would be kind of interesting and almost entirely in French. Please, please, interview. After I applied, I found out (kind of by chance) the selection process is run by a person who I met when translating for "my Americans" a year ago. He gave me his business card, in case "he can be of some help" back then. He saw me perform (translating a lecture and following discussion between my Americans and a Supreme court judge from English to Czech and vice versa for almost 3 hours.) The thing is, someone would probably write to him now, reminding oneself in some way but I can´t do these things. Be like, hey I´m applying for this job, do you remember me? I cringe when thinking about it and don´t know how to do it. It sucks. If they call me for an interview, that would be good, I could (in a way) work it there.

My friend also send me a job opening add with ICC. It´s kind of something I REALLY REALLY want to do. IN PARIS! FOR ARBITRATION COURT! UGH! If someone has tips for writing awesome covering letters that will blow people´s minds, let me know. Also a serious question. When you apply by an email and you are asked for covering letter, do you attach it in a separate attachment or do you write it into the body of an email?

That got long.

I was lazy to post pictures yesterday, but here be a process of prettying up and finishing our sweets and cakes. loads of pictures because I went overboard )
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I felt like I should post.

Life is crazy.

I came back from Brno where I baked on the hot sun (34 – 37 °C in the shade, but ehm what shade?) for two days, fearing the poor Americans (having to wear suits, long shirts and ties @_@) would collapse and hoping my feet will manage in that battlefield in those heels (I could not possibly wear casual when their Professor-aka the crazy man-was making them wear suits!). I also cooked, baked a cake (someone called it too gooey to believe it tasted good, lol, it was delicious), ate that cake and what I cooked basically for three days straight, bought curtains and stuff (felt like such a domesticated lady) and just revelled in my friend’s awesome company. There was also some book hunting and graduation ceremony and other things that I do not feel like typing out.

Today should have been the first day of my studying for finals. Yes, almost 8 weeks to go is about the time. Can’t put it off any longer.

Which is why I had to do tons of stuff, none of which I particularly enjoyed, and now it is almost 7 pm and I do not think I am capable of starting on general theories of private and civil law this late.

I think I still have a FG pinch hit to write. Damn.

I have not been to any communities (and I do not watch any of them but something-something a day) for almost a month now. LOL I sure hope I am not gonna die of being behind in fandom ;D.

But Ueda a day posted this pic. Me and Pix both agree it calls for Maruda blindfold fic. Le sigh. I don´t even remember when was the last time I read Maru and Ueda fic. Do want.

(the whole picture - these were just small ones on the side - and credits to be found here)
Don´t ask me when I´d read that fic. IDK. Actually I do know. I like reading them before going to sleep. In he hope of shutting my brain down.

Other fandom flail I caught going around is Arashi dancing with Perfume. This is a cut where they just perform. The one where they also teach them is off yt already ;__; It is SO PRECIOUS! Well, at least, watch Aiba shake it a little too much since I was stupid and did not download the thing yesterday. ;D

Life is crazy. I know I repeat myself. I was going to blog about my underwear (as requested by [livejournal.com profile] goldfreckled), but maybe another day . . .
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I´ve not posted for ages . . . but I got a new layout . . .

ATM I should be either writing yet another motivation letter (in Czech, FML, and about how discrimination is what I want to be fixing with passion of 1000 of burning suns, FML x2, and I said I did not want to work for my current employer permanently to begin with, wha am I applying? ... you get the pattern by now) or fixing my thesis (which is taking too long because I do not agree with fixing what I am asked to fix)

I think I need to adopt "A je to" attitude. A je to means "And it´s done". or Maybe "And good job us!" if I go for more context and less of word to word translation. I also think that now we have 26 °C instead of 13 °C we had about 4 days ago, strawberries in store should get cheaper and better tasting. Something to look forward. I would not mind having as much as they do.

link for those who have problems with embed: A je to

This is a fairytale series my brother was willing to watch despite apparently knowing it by heart. There is no talking, so enjoy and hold on there until the end. BTW he ad-libs it, and it is the funniest thing ever. Even if it is 6 am and you´d much rather sleep because your father had decided that 1 am was a good time to show you the caravan he wants you to drive in the summer with him and the proceed to look at other possible summer holidays (he clearly just misses me and wanted to spend time in my room instead of going to his own). In short: My parents came to visit this Friday/Sunday to watch this (among other things, and you really want to click that link, then click on the first pic to enlarge it and for more click the arrow, sorry it´s in Czech so you get instructions :p )

I am sick (it´so much fun to have a headache, sore throat and a terrible cold when it is finally hot outside), which is why I am allowing myself be online in the first place. I promise my appearances will stop being this random and less sporadic once June is over. And I wanted to say I currently hate our DOA because I totally thought of accompanying story, or more exactly, a story we don´t tell but we could, that I now have an urge to write, but I have no time, no energy and I´m still not sure if I want to write something like that anyway (and if it would make sense). I maintain it is Rin´s fault. She is also amazing and deserves a medal for reading that monster (and especially my parts of it) as many times as she did.

I hope everyone is holding on!

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Instead of telling you about how it feels on days when I am on such an emotional swing as I am today, I am going to tell you that I am

Right . . . detailed explanation, that makes more sense under the cut )

I went and had a lunch menu (at 3 pm) at the Japanese restaurant to get over my low low low and down position on a swing. Miso soup and all the plates (no matter the colour) for the price of the 3rd out of 5, if you know what I mean. They were eaten out, the chef started making them, but there was a table of four sitting "before me" around the "belt" and they grabbed everything new that came their way, so I mostly had maki with cucumber. It was worth it, the same chef was getting ready for the night and was cutting fresh fish and all kinds of other stuff was going on, so I just watched him. And talked to my sister. She got my "this week at work really sucked and since when do I sob at my workplace?" speech. Sorry sis!

I´m off to take a walk and try and write something. Have a nice Friday!!!
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Today has been kind of an OK day, but somehow it all turned a bit of a qualm.

Before that, I just wanted to note, that yesterday was V-E Day and a national holiday here and in Slovakia as well. Officially the fire ceased in Europe on May 8th and the Prague uprising came to an end. The red army came the next date and "freed us all." Anyway the day is called Day of the Victory over Fascism here, officially and I think people should not forget.

And so today, first of all, The Public Defender of Rights aka Ombudsman died.
The man was old but really perky actually and he was an amazing person. He spoke French and had tons of contacts and was pretty damn sharp and just overall a great persona. I won´t go into how difficult it will be to elect someone new into his office because that is just a specific of the politic situation in Czech Republic now. But I seriously respected him and found him terribly endearing (once you finally managed to get past the smoke veil that was constantly around him).
So yeah, anyway, basically my employer died so tomorrow, work will be awkward at least. And I so do not envy the head of the legal department at our office. I kind of hope they have thought of the scenario before (he was 77 and I don´t see it improbable he himself devised like a emergency plan in the case it should happen). If nothing else, all the filing from Friday will be screwed, you can´t really send off documents and decisions and statements issued by a man (or with an authorization of a man) post mortem. Le sigh. I hope he rests in peace.

Also the ASH STRIKES AGAIN! And if my flight gets cancelled I will seriously cry (a river).

I have edited an essay on Banana Yoshimoto works earlier (and learned that death is not the end) and now I have about an hour before I need to go to sleep. I will go back to my limbo and think of something to do. Have a nice rest of the weekend!
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I´ve been staring at one particular wip of mine for two weeks now not being able to write a word. I DO NOT want to move on. I want this one done. Le sigh, will try tomorrow again. I kind of want to discuss it with someone but the one person I want to discuss it with, I can´t. How pathetic.

I´ve been also trying to come up with ideas for DOA so that when me and my partner “talk” about it next time, I´m of some use. I´m blank though. Lol maybe that actually is a way to approach our story.

My mother strikes again this week (before I even got home). Sometimes I wonder why I do it to myself. Like why do I teach her how to use gtalk when that´s the only thing I have on almost all the time, sometimes even when I´m not really online.
I´m so tired of seeing a scheme behind every single word and action. I´m even more tired of then finding out that there really is one (scheme) behind it. It´s pathetic. I´m pathetic. I usually manage to guess what scheme is being cooked as well, though I have to give my mom credit for still being able to plot things far beyond my imagination, for still being able to surprise me. Well at least I know where my own comes from. And I have always thought it was my father´s genes where the (little) creativity I have came from.

I got rid (sorry for my choice of verb) of all terminally sick and psychically unstable people related cases at work and have been told not to come this week anymore (lol again). I´m glad I didn´t read any new unsettling story before leaving. I´m not sure if I can handle those stories hunting me for more than a weekend.

Ok, something positive, I was on a sugar date with my friend today. Tons of sugar and gossip. <3 Only it´s not even gossip anymore, it´s just "listen to this craziness and be happy you are still sane, single (not divorced with 2 small kids), not in prison for tax fraud and have enough brain not to walk home at 4 am at night alone and taking the most dangerous route." LOL we clearly needed to assure ourselves of our own normalcy.

Normalcy, right, K8 at their best. I suck at fast screen-capping.

Also what I love about this:

1. Maru will never be bad ass
2. There is Ryo (and omg Yassu totally beams at him, as does Ohkura btw, all of them are beaming actually)
3. Ohkura wears pink furry hoodie
4. Well hmmm … Yassu, I don´t know how to call that overall/night/dwarf gown he is wearing, but it is red and white. He also has purple shoes on.
(I really do suck at screen-capping)I want a rip of the Yassu/Subaru duet and Yoko´s solo (because everyone´s in it ;D)Does anyone have a set list? There are few things I can´t identify and really want to!
See I totally ended on a positive note!
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I am still obsessed with Alibi. I have no clue how much longer this will last, but right now it is the best 6 minutes of music for me. It just might be the text again, though. Well ok, I just love the song!

If my glorious plan for retirement, the one of writing memoires while sitting in a rocking chair on the shores of Lac Léman, won´t fall through, I have found an alternative.

I will write nonsensical, though constitution based, analysis of current politic system of my country, point out even more nonsensical faults in it and then send my analysis to all kinds of public offices around the country in order to whip young legal practitioners into the awareness about the constitutional basis of their legal system. I will thus make sure they finally learn the Theory of State and Constitutional law properly and realize that it is something they never want to practice once done with their internship in one or another public office (if they hadn´t known that already). I bet they will love me!

I am posting to say two things.

[livejournal.com profile] je_devilorangel sign ups close today! Hurry up and do it if you still want to! There is one more person free in the hook-up post. If you did sign up and do not watch the community yet, please do so! The list of the themes will be posted tomorrow, and SM-kun will the post for biding will be up on Friday, so you do not want to miss that!

The May issue is AMAZING!

KAT-TUN - Koki´s hair is funny, so is Junno´s but I am for once ok with it. Maru looks great! And it is the only magazine where Ueda doesn´t look like he has been having a bit too much fun sexing it up with Ryoko (as in pale and hollow looking).

The NEWS all look just really very nice! I like the kind of intro they did for them. Also I somehow missed that Koyama was born in May. The man suddenly makes so much more sense.
Kanjani8 shoot. I have a question. How do they make Ryo focus on a camera right after sex? I could get pass the fact that he is dressed and all. But do they like have a girl ready on a standby who just ducks out of view when the camera is ready? Ok sorry, I will stop my Ryo post-coital gaze theories now.

Arashi shoot: even Ohno looks sexy which is surprising since he usually leans onto the adorkable side (with his cheeks and all) in my books. Nino rocks his 16year old look (and has me gaping even if I normally prefer my men looking like well men, not boys) and overall *__*. I mean have you seen AIBA in that shoot? (or Sho or Jun) Right, Nino should be tested in some laboratory; it is not possible for him to look like that at his age!
Anyway sorry, I haven´t flailed over the scans like this in a long while. AND IT IS THE MAY ISSUE!

Here, have a picture (or two instead).

My friend says that Stockholm has a beautiful garden with the view of the shores in front of the City Hall. We are to spend the summer camping there. Sounds like a plan to me. It´s a shame he is lying to me. (Not about the garden, about us spending the summer there).

This post deserves my random tag.
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>> My eyes have been kind of annoyingly dry these past few days so I am actually stirring clear of PC at times . . . Sorry if I am slow on IM, or irresponsive or annoyed *le sigh

>> I´ve started watching Tokyo DOGS ( I know, I know they´re passé) and I do not get the hype. AT ALL. Will give them another try later.

>> I still haven´t seen K8 Countdown concert or Arashi Anniversary one (haven´t even downloaded it). I actually really want to but that is a long time in front of PC screen, they will have to wait.

>> I wanted to link these JWebs, though I have no clue why, probably because of Ueda´s randomness.

>> I changed the background for my layout, do not feel like sugary stripes atm, but I do not like this one either. Any suggestions?

>> In the mean time I have returned to old fashioned books. Hercule Poirot ♥ And I have Time Traveler´s Guide with me in Brno, but that is not happiest book, from what I hear, so I will need a bit more courage for that.

>> Went to work today. I remembered why I don´t want to do this for real. LOL But my boss is as great as ever, the good coffee in cafeteria as cheap as it has always been and I can has my good friend for company gossip and useless chatter over the said coffee every day *__*
The President was there today to pick up the Annual Report. It was funny, all those people with earphones. And I got stared at, I am pretty sure I wasn´t supposed to be wandering the stairs at one point, but no one has really told us. I had to get to my office somehow. LOL @ the glares and all. :DDD I also think it is amusing that the President comes to get the report to the seat of Ombudsman (across the country from his own seat) rather than Ombudsman taking the report there (since it is officially handed over personally and all that). Do you know that saying about a mountain and Mohamed?

>> I am struggling with motivation letters. Want to write no more!

I´ve just uploaded some Slovak music for Crys, so if anyone wants to try, they may:

all of it is under the cut because this entry got ridiculously long once again! )

>> When I was linking Crys to Slovak music, I realized how much of it is about texts for me. I have remembered why Slovak language is so amazing and I actually like it (or Czech really). It´s so free and we play with words and expressions so much, we can do so much more compared to English!

>> When we are at it, I have finally listened to the One OK Rock single and as expected it is just great!

>> Right – writing! I am friends with [livejournal.com profile] indian_monsoon! It all happened in the comment of my useless porn (or the Untitled 3k one as I affectionately call it). The impromptu Shige diary (that he would write after attending the You&Jin concert, fan-boying over Ryo and Jin and sleeping with Jin, while Ryo watches after the concert) that happened in comments there still has me laughing ♥ We were psychic, cause Shige´s diary is back for his Sabu Drama too *__*

>> Also do not forget Devil and Angel sign ups are closing this WEDNESDAY! So far there is 8 teams signed up, and SM-kun is loving it! Including the team names!
Rin and I have come up with one too, eventually, and I am laughing so hard because I was going to suggest using Madly and to play around with the comedic duo´s name Falling in Love. While I was typing it to my IM, she had done the same <33333 Can you tell I am excited?

Hook-ups here – there are people still looking for someone to team up with
Sign-ups are here!

>> And finishing up by coming back to my Untitled 3k porn (which actually has title and seemed to made someone content so I guess it wasn´t that useless after all). Here is a chart that while I think wasn´t originally meant for fanfiction writing, it applies wonderfully! I do not want to put down mine or anyone else’s writing. I do like vague and fuzzy details, I tend to leave things open (not necessarily ending - reasons is more like it) open, leaving it up to readers to create it in their minds. But sometimes there is just nothing to get. Especially if I am just fighting bad mood by writing silly porn ;D


Courtesy of wonderful [livejournal.com profile] cateris who actually knew exactly what I want from her <333

PS: If you are confused about my icon, you should quickly go and find out (hint-click the previous entry button) I want to exchange all of my icons actually, but I am too lazy to get it done properly
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First random pics:
I have bought 1 kg of strawberries today because they were 50% off and costed me EUR 1 and 80 cents instead of EUR 3, 60 that they were sold at yesterday. I checked, none of them is even starting to go bad and while they are still a bit solemn tasting, they already do taste like strawberries <333

Speaking of food, my favorite bakery (conveniently located on the change over station on my way to work) has reopened *__* All new and shiny! It sucked when it was closed and I couldn´t tell if it was for good or only temporarily, so I am glad the second was the truth. They now also have a coffee to go. I might be tempted to sometimes walk the rest of the way to work so that I can actually buy the said coffee!

Speaking of work I went to day only to learn that there is no work for me ;__; I am coming back on Monday. Free Friday for the win! I have also got my hands on my pay-check from this January (I knew I got the money on my account but I really did not check for more given the situation) and found out they raised my pay by 10 CZK which is hmmm EUR 40 cents I guess. NICE! Well my boss also wants me to stretch my hours into 3 months instead of two but I will see about that. I fail though at signing the contract and not even looking at the remuneration, lol

Right, back to pictures. My dorm room, I think 9 days ago. I seriously hope I won´t go back to that anymore.

I have also done the writing meme about at the same time the pic of my room was taken, but never posted it, or preserved instruction for that matter. I DID go a bit mental at the time . . . here goes my bad handwriting.

You should know they teach kids here only how to use the classical "handwriting" (and they use classical ink pens) as opposed to like block letter I saw small kids using in states (writing in pencil too). They totally grade you on "caligraphy" in first two grades of elementary school. So for the meme I switched between the two for the fun of it. I also should note that the camera on blackberry sucks! Big time, I should not need a camera tripod to make good (or at least not totally blurry) pics on a cellphone camera!!! I can be so still when pushing the take a picture button!

The real reason I am posting today is because I have been participating in the fandom appreciation week (which is funny, since people reacting on that LJ are totally different fandom and I seem to really stick out), and today I am supposed to love on my fandom or something of that sort.

Love my fandom because idols get asked about which member they would want to own them if they were pets. Then they are asked to draw that pet. Some of them (cough Ryo) chose Shige and then they draw themselves on a leash . . . making fandom crave Pet Fic (obviously, I mean, that or slight SM with collars and leashes and stuff). Ok that is random, but true.

Fandom keeps me in balance, sanity and insanity of my every day weird happenings and sanity and insanity of the fandom are nice opposites (attracting each other). I have also found some great friends (♥ ♥ ♥)and written some weird stuff and overall killed some sleepless nights I would otherwise spend brooding over the misfortunes of my life. That are not that great. ILU FANDOM. I hope I will be able to ignore your drama for a long time, so I can enjoy the sparkly and happy and totally unrealistic aspect of YOU!

Sorry for the latest spaming, I will try to go and finish that useless pron of mine in the name of my fandom today! <333
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I am back in Brno for two weeks or so *__* I also have some new LJ friends! Hi there!

I was gonna somehow retell the whole “cottage of doom” episode in regards to my thesis, but got over that ambition by now. Let it be said that it was not pleasant (but that was expected). I have since then rephrased my ideal job requirements to (1) as soon as possible, (2) as far away from home as possible, and (3) pays for some rent and at least one meal a day (unfortunately I am still too spoiled to live under a bridge). Also, I have shown my thesis to my mother yesterday and tried to give her some overview of what goes on in every chapter. She has amended her stance of me being totally unreliable and faulty and idk what else to “maybe your consultant would have communicate with you better if it had been written in Slovak instead of English, and then you might have finished it”(which may or may not be true), but it only translates to “if this had been written in Slovak (and I could have read it and surely save you by my awesome ever knowing demeanour), you would not have failed to hand it in on time (and put the entire family on shame).” Well . . . she hadn´t liked me writing it in English from the start because it stripped her off control and I had known that. End of story, and I promise to whine about this a little less from now on. I know the thesis has taken over my journal in the past few weeks.

Now fandom, [livejournal.com profile] naoryuu got me awesome Potato and Wink up, and Arashi nakasha? (unofficial photobook) when in Japan <3. I have them only for few days now, but they were bought last year. So GREAT *__* I have the Potato with Arashi-sleeping shoot *__*, and the way Shige´s PhotoShigenic looks like in that sea of color and gay makes me want to learn Japanese only so I can read it. Also I felt as a total pedophile because both those magazines are full of Juniors mainly. It was disturbing, all those young boys trying to act all – sexy is it?

I know these were scanned, but I wanted to flail over my own scans, though I remembered too late and managed to scan only very little. )
It´s good I don´t want to make living by scanning, I suck at it. It was the first time using that scanner, but I am just too weak to squish those pages down enough for the scans to be really good . . .

Which brings me to the fact that Arashi 10 year anniversary concert is out but it is split in like 30 parts in total for all the DVD (of 99 MB on MU each), and I need to find my inner zen to start downloading that. Until then I will watch the Kanjani8 concert! Can has time to do so?

I start working tomorrow again, but that is more than okay. Yay for paced return!!! Two days only this week . . .

Right, now, I had not been able to resist and asked [livejournal.com profile] myxstorie for a colour. I should have known better. She gave me purple!!! I . . . I have issues with purple. IDK how many of you have ever been in a catholic church during the Lent, but during that time the cross is covered in the very exact purple that has become so fashionable in the past few years. No matter where I see it, that is my first thought: God dying for me and that I should repent for my sins. I can´t fight the 8 years of catholic school in my system. Anyway, I have gotten over the trauma to some extent in a past year or so, so there are some things, but TEN???

here is what I managed to come up with )
If someone still didn´t get any color to list 10 things in it which she/he loves, comment and ask me for one, I will happily oblige!

Also if you are still looking for a partner in crime for [livejournal.com profile] je_devilorangel, hook-ups are here. Some clarifications about themes from SM-kun himself are here!. Don´t let their existence discourage you! And this was wayyyyyy too long, sorry <3

EDIT, I am a fail! HAPPY BIRTHDAY [livejournal.com profile] einji!!!
lol in sync with "my color", I hope you had a good day <3
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The point being, I have posted my first fanfiction exactly one year ago. It seems like yesterday, yet sometimes, it feels years ago. Today´s post will probably be full of cliché lines.

Since I am celebrating my ficcing, allow me to say that ftf is starting to kick my ass even more than remix did. Now this sentence would have been cryptic for me on so many levels just a year ago. Now, it just means I have discarded yet another plotline and about a page of a story today. I will have to sincerely apologize to hyphen-chan. I will also miss the entire remix posting for reason stated below, and I am kind of sorry because challenge/exchange posting period is fun fun fun *pouts*

I have no own writing to celebrate today with (am I lame or what?), but I want to link this hilarious and fluffy j-rock drabble (yes, apparently such a thing exists!) that my sister has written for me two days ago. It is full of dry, not so secretly sexually charged humor of one glowing j-rocker, and I had laughed so hard reading it *___*

And I am not sure if I have ever linked this one, a “Maru-centric” (only not really) drabble by [livejournal.com profile] beltenebra, prompted by a song from Paradise Kiss soundtrack. Another very funny and cute treat for me.

Since I am talking fandom, Ryo´s latest Jweb made me go @__@ (oh, oh). It touched some of my latest sensitive spots, and somehow I would like him to go back to “Let´s do our best, I´ll work hard from now on!” entries because … actually, I just wanted to link it (community locked!).

Since I am having this “celebration”, it seems only fitting to say that the 12 months have been one hell of a ride. I am glad I have tried out all the things I did, including a challenge, an exchange, a round of remix and *le gasp* modding a community. The last event, me being one of the moderators/maintainers of [livejournal.com profile] ryoda_love, has come to its end at the beginning of this week. I am still feeling kind of sad about it, but I will get over it eventually.

It was loads of fun. I liked the good and the bad about it, really. It has also become a good opportunity for some character study and has been overall a great experience. When it comes to the issues that I feel are important, I tend to be rather blunt. On my journal, or when talking to my friends in RL or IM I can afford that luxury because we know each other, respect each other and tolerate each other, and it won´t be taken as an offense. Or I hope so. But when expressing my views in the community, when enforcing a rule, addressing some tricky issue, you have to measure twice before you put anything out there.

I have struggled and tried my best to come across as not condescending, but understanding. But at the same time, a mod should have (in my opinion) a certain level of (friendly) authority. It was certainly a challenge to word explanations when turning down a submission from moderation queue, when expressing my love for certain fics in Highlights or when addressing a hot issue as a moderator. I still wanted people to rate their fics properly and warn for rape or death, damn it!, but I guess being gentle yet to the point is the key. I might have learned a lesson in diplomacy and public performance. Or not. It is upon others to judge.

The challenge and the exchange were fun too. Advertising is yet another thing that a person should be able to do properly (while not coming across as too desperate). All in all, there was a lot I learned and there were loads of new people I met, randomly chatted with, made maybe mad or maybe a bit happy. I do not regret the time I spend doing it. I am sure the community will do just fine without me, even forget me in the spam of a week or so (internet life is way too short), but I would like to think I have left some kind of trail behind. I will be conceited and say that maybe my work as well contributed to the fact that [livejournal.com profile] ryoda_love has become livelier (in my eyes). I like the community a bit more for cooperating with me so well for the past few months. Sorry I wasn´t able to last longer …

In RL I have had a funky job interview this Wednesday. I will found out whether I have passed the first round sometimes next week. On my way to that company´s office, I had passed three cranes and several excavators, and suddenly I felt at home. I really want that job!

I also spend about 6 hours on the train going to Prague where the interview has taken place and back. I thought I´d write something, but I only scrolled down some legal text on the way there and slept on the way back. I did start this sequel to And there were spies, but it turned out having a completely different atmosphere than the original story, so IDK.

Today, after I got soaked during about 150 m of walk to the tram station because it was pouring so much, I took a train back home yet again. I, again, planned to write, but ended up finally reading The Race is On (and here comes Pride in the backstretch). I think that reading pron on a train is much more dangerous than writing some. Thank god my phone is small and no one would probably be able to read across my shoulder. But I had a few giggle fits and the road flew by, so I am content.

I am leaving for a ski trip tomorrow, so I´ll most likely be “off” for the entire week. DX Just when I thought I´d be able to catch up at least with KAT-TUN! But I can´t wait for the sunny ski slopes of Italy. Which is why the weather forecast says that it will snow for the most of the week. Italy has been getting on my nerves lately, and this is its last chance to make up with me. I hope it doesn´t let it slip.

I am off to bed, I am getting up at 3:30 am to watch Slovak hockey team (get beaten) play Canada in the semifinals of the Olympics. Not many people would have guess us being in semis before the tournament, but these guys have finally pulled through. I hope they can get a medal because this was an awesome generation that is slowly getting old, and they would deserve some luck. I seriously hope we won´t end up like Russians of Finns today. Good night and have a good week, I will try to not break my leg ;D

Long post is long, sorry!!!

PS: See the icon? That is me flailing over Arashi´s Troublemaker! ♥
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Since I have actually made some progress with my remix yesterday, though I still have doubts about the fic actually being a remix (I will apologize to the original writer once everything´s over), I am allowing myself to post.

If I haven´t whined to you yet, you might not know that this week I am home and acting as a mother, a father and everything in between to my brother. He is 8. I drive him to school and from school and to all of his activities and we do homework and extra work and play board games and other games and I make breakfast and snacks and we battle it all out because he is in constant opposition on principle. There are issues with his school and of course he had to have a test in school yesterday and I don´t even know anymore.

On top of everything, he is forcing me to sleep with him. Yes, I know how that looks like. I just laughed my head off at it. Basically he insists on sleeping in our parent´s bedroom. They have given their consent without a problem before they left (while I had no say in the matter since I was not home), and now I have no chance of making him sleep in his own bed. I, for some reason, never sleep well down there. He is also a terrible sleeper. He basically travels around the entire huge bed. Like his head will be where his legs are supposed to be and everywhere in between. He rotates and covers the entire surface several times in one night. I am fairly used to him sleeping on my lower back, but he spins and then kicks me into stomach, or shin or whatever, or because of his movement I end up on the edge of the bed. I am woken up several times per night and have to move him around. In the morning, because of huge French windows right next to the bed, there is too much sun for my eyes in the room. I want my sleep back.

This also means I am driving again. And am dying while getting out of our drive way. Our road wasn´t cleaned once the whole winter. We live at a dead end of a little street in the middle of the town. They never clean this road. By now, there is about 5 cm or more of ice on the road in front of our gate. On top of that, there are always cars parking on each side of the gate and on the opposite side of it. They are blocking half of the already narrow road because the drivers are ass-holes, and there are huge piles of snow on the edges. I twist, back up, and move a little forward and back up, stirring the steering wheel like a mad man there at least twice a day and it takes about 10 of this small back and forward sequences in order for me to be able to drive away. If the car hadn´t had four-wheel drive I would have never been able to do it as it is also a slight downhill. Today on my way in (which is slightly easier, but still tricky) I actually slid sideways a little. I seriously thought I´d just leave the car there and wait for some of those idiots to come back and try it for themselves. The ice really needs to melt.

This week can´t end soon enough. So that the next week I can go to a job interview. Yet another one. In Prague, I hope it will be longer than 5 minutes, because I will waste one day of work and money for the bus from Brno to Prague and back on this. The least the guy can do is talk to me properly.

In fandom news:
Nino, Maki, Tamaki and Okhura in the same movie *__*

And Ryo went to Jin´s concert again. As did Jun - on that same day. No one will persuade me that Jun doesn´t have a soft spot for those two.

Also not only Ryo drama, but Ryo drama with Tanaka Koki?

And Ficolate exchange has managed to post all the fics.
The fic for me is great, and I seriously applaud and love my writer for picking up that prompt. I squealed, seriously. There isn´t many things more entertaining than Ryoda commando tying Jin to a chair and shaving his “ridiculous excuse of a moustache“.

Here is the link to the Ficolate tag, I personally think there are several fics worth reading. But it feels weird reck-ing them right now, when we play anon, but I do know who wrote them.

But I will rec this one, Ryoda one more time, and I wish I knew why I was so touched by it. And so it deserves a link. I am behind on reading fics I want to read and it keeps piling up, but let´s hope I will get to them sometimes, somehow.

Off to write remix some more, maybe I could finish it tonight? Depends on how cooperative my brother will be tonight.
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the { first impression } meme

I have head the most awesome 8 hours of sleep tonight. I fell asleep the moment I hit the sheets!!! I woke up and felt I could sleep through another 8 hours though, so I am proud of myself and the fact I actually did get up and went to work. I was told to try and spread my hours over at least 3 months and not come more than twice a week. The first part is exactly what I planned, the second however is not doable as I have tons of weeks I can´t come at all. But hopefully everyone else will do as said and I will have work for the next two days of this week.

I wasn´t really planning on posting today, but that meme looks fun, so I am doing it and will kill some time doing it for other people (hint, hint, try, try) it before going to sleep because I still feel totally tired. I haven´t realized how much the exam wore me down. I bought Elle today after the longest time ever. I feel like looking at some pics and adds and pretend to be girly. It had a very nice notebook (with dates and you know space for appointments and stuff) as a present and now I am torn because I like it much more than the one I got for Christmas. It´s more practical and smaller and has more space for writing. Oh the dilemma!

Right, some more linking:
Akame exchange! ROFL!!! They have kicked off at the same time as the small RyoDa Valentine´s ficolate exchange. Clearly some higher power in making. But the totally have better "naming skills" than I do. I wonder what the time line will be like. Ok, stop me before I consider signing up to finally write a proper Akame.

Hi JIN!!! *__* Don´t you ever let your hair down!!! And apparently he has written his solo for the single and his solo concert. I guess it is kind of expected, but still I approve of him actually doing it.

Also how did I miss Oghuri Shun dating Yamada Yu for almost two years now???
And I seriously hope someone subs the latest ANS. I suspect Jun was trying to think really hard how to kill someone (though I have no idea who and i want to find out). The smile is just too bright and on that I am evil and you should fear side!

It´s growing out but I still like his hair this way.
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I had tons of things I wanted to mention today. But then I called home to refer my exam result and suddenly I don´t feel like anything but ranting. But I am too tired for that. So … let´s see how this one will turn out.

I´ve slept from 5:15 to 6:00 last night (this morning). Or rather I wanted to, but I was awake most of the time I was lying down, trying to have some rest.

The written portion of my exams started at 9:40 am. I freaked out over VAT formula and ended up screwing most of the second half of the questions (which were completely unrelated to it, I just panicked obviously). Also the proff got stuck in a train on her way to uni, so the oral part hasn´t started until around 1:00 pm and so by the time I was up, it was 4:00 pm. When, after a bit of talking, she gave an option to either take a worse grade or continue on to another question to try to push it up (since I was in between) I almost hugged her, took the grade and left. I like that professor and I am a bit sorry about the impression I left though. Seriously the grade is far from stellar but it fits along with my plans for this semester. My goal is to simply pass.

Well of course then the whole phone call(s) happened and I should have not hung up on my sister, but if I have heard her “no” one more time … never mind. Moving on.

I PASSED!!! Now that THAT is off my chest (again)…

shopping, cleaning, working, thinking, just blabbing really )

♥ Right back to happy. I stumbled upon this over at baidu search yesterday. I want to join the club!!!

♥ I begged Crys for some Big Bang music two days ago because, as usually during an exam period, my entire music folder feels like it has played one too many times. I also can´t listen to anything Slovak, Czech, English or French when studying because I end up listening to lyrics. Korean should be ok since I won´t ever understand more than “I love you” and “I´m sorry” in that language. It´s just funny because THIS is exactly how I have come to love Arashi 3 years ago. I like Haru Haru now. No idea why. Any other tips for studying background music in any but the four languages listed above?

♥ I am taking a small break from Weekly Highlights over at [livejournal.com profile] ryoda_love because it takes me hours to compose it every time I do it. Only the fic choosing takes ages, I can never decide and then putting some thoughts into some semblance of order is a challenge on its own. To keep the community alive I came up with a peace offering. Because I clearly am sane and have a clear mind.

♥ talking of exchanges, I´ve come up with a perfect title for my [livejournal.com profile] fic_the_faith fic. Only that I am not sure if title is enough to pull the fic off. I will need to elaborate on this idea of mine.

♥ Aaaaaand I need to look over [livejournal.com profile] jentfic_remix sign ups to see if I can pick some preferences. I might do that now. Make some tea and scroll down. And fall asleep soooooon.

♥ Few days back, [livejournal.com profile] tokeruyouna embedded a video of Gackt and Nishikawa Takanori singing Konayuki and I have learned that I am not the only one who thinks the original version of the song is … well less than stellar (as that seems to be my word right now). I love this version though. I cut it out, so here - have the audio rip.

Well, I´ll see how the work goes for the first time this year. I need to relocate the PC monitor there, my neck gets too stiff from its current position. My roommate is coming tomorrow and I am so not looking forward to it but at least I will spend most of the time at work. No studying tomorrow. I need a day of break before even looking at the disaster the environmental law is.

And this weekend I am heading to my friends´ apartment and I fully intend to spend entirely too good time there on a pretense of picking up my administration law books. I missed them (my friends, not the books). Guys I AM BACK IN BRNO!!! Let the joy wash over you. ROFL this still is a huge post.
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I feel like dropping dead to bed and waking up ... hmmm on Monday morning? I should probably do at least the first part, since I have been feeling like that ever since I got home from work today. But I might have possibly managed to catch up on all the comments I wanted to reply to, let´s hope I haven´t left someone hanging.

The happy meme (LAST DAY!!!)
1. Post about something that made you happy today even if it's just a small thing.
2. Do this every day for 8 days without fail.

♥ My boss asked me to stay the next year as well, for 150 hours "to begin with". It feels good, since I was planning to ask him about that possibility anyway. It would be good if I managed to fit them into 3 months. I´ll see how it´ll go with exams, me getting the sight corrected, the February being short (and I promised to be home for a week so my parents could go to spa), wait I think I am going skiing with my parents as well. Oh ... ok let´s not think about it. If I manage 35 hours in January and the rest in next two months I should be ok. Mostly I am really happy this happened, it gives me a reason to stay in Brno (write thesis, look for a permanent job). Also as I said before, it´s PAID! And you know, it was him who brought it up!
♥ I went for a walk through a Christmas market after work! I found a stall selling baked chestnuts! They were crap, but still they made me happy because the "usual" stand is not in it´s place this year and so anything will do.
♥ I was looking for Kanjani8´s Eden performance on SCP tonight and I found it, unfortunately (or luckily) I also watched it and now it is on loop! It makes me kind of "zen". That was a really great episode, btw. The guest is Okura, [livejournal.com profile] newshfan subbed it, and it aired in 2007, so check it out if you want to. One more thing: Ryo´s glasses are ♥

IDK what I´ll do this weekend, but I have a concert to attend on Sunday night ... until then I will survive! Now I am going to catch up on my sleep as well.

Oh I have a question: Do you know those "brackets" the HTML coding is done with. They are not on a standard Czech/Slovak keyboard. I "thought" Word a keyboard shortcut for them and I thought it´s possible to set it, so it works on-line as well, but I seemed to either be mistaken, or I completely forgot how to do it. Any tips?
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I got distracted too many times writing this entry!

Read this if you haven´t, but given the author you probably did. Never mind, do it again!

I went over my “fics to write” list today and realized it is NOT getting any shorter, au contraire … Why do I do this to myself again? (Ok don´t answer that question, really there´s no need to …). My time management skills suck lately! I am not impressed!

The happy meme at first
1. Post about something that made you happy today even if it's just a small thing.
2. Do this every day for 8 days without fail.

So today:
- lol the happiest moment came when I thought the coffee machine works again, unfortunately it turned out to be only an illusion
- I am pretty content right now, but nothing really made me “happy” today
- oh I know, I was supposed to turn the steam pot off at certain point, my mom woke me up just for that before they all left to go to church, she was like don´t fall asleep or it´ll get all mushy. I did fall asleep obviously and was 15 minutes late. No one found out, I did some damage control by letting part of the steam out right away. Save! (ok I know I am five)

I also do loads of meme these days …

Leave me a comment with the name of your favorite song.
• I'll respond by asking you five questions so I can get to know you better.
• Update your journal with the answers to the questions.
• Include this explanation in the post and offer to ask other people questions.

Questions by [livejournal.com profile] crystallekil :
nails, OTPs and work ...  )

I just realized I did this meme once already, [livejournal.com profile] chivakaza asked me the questions back then, I have no idea why would you want to do it, but if you want to read more me blabbing about myself, here´s the post.
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I told everyone that I am going to sleep. Then I found this, so here I am posting again.

The JE Fanfiction Feedback & Concrit Meme
Tell me what YOU think of my writing here!

I hope they pimp it somewhere so I get to actually know what people think.

Anyway, I wrote 67 emails today and I have a proof, I started counting after about first ten, writing small lines on a paper. I am getting up in about 6 hours, need to go visit two hotels, I am going to work and I think I promised to go out with my friends in the evening. I also think there will be more email writing during the day. But today we closed the registration so it should calm down by the end of the day. Don´t take me wrong I help with this conference willingly and mostly for free and I like doing it, just today I have encountered few very incompetent people. In my own team!!! HUH?

The Ryoda project started moving ... the day D is tomorrow (actually today). I have also finally installed English spell check for Mozzila ... though it doesn´t seem to work, I´ll work it out later. I didn´t get much of writing done over the weekend but the national holiday this Tuesday might just save the day!!! YAY! for the fall of communism!

Since everybody is flailing I will to. RYO!!! I do understand why everyone is fighting over you. Though I fully support this solution of the problem!!!

Now go and whine about my writing style while I sleep. Be honest.
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I was off to watch News concert. (Finally - my recent crappy download speed is responsible for it taking 3 days to download) I was all settled and happy to go when I realized I still had unnecessarily big light on. I got up, turned it off and turned on the small one – my light bull exploded!!! With a big bang! And I thought: “oh it is Friday the 13th after all”. For some reason, that made me post.

- Crys wrote me and Pix (that is how I am going to call you [livejournal.com profile] pipsqueaks !) a fic yesterday, Ryoda gen and it has an awesome atmosphere!!! I love her some more again for it!
- Arashi´s special drama has been “revealed” No link guys, I am lazy but HELL YEAH!!! It looks like there will be some action!!! In any sense of that word you might think of.
- I am also looking forward to Johnny´s baseball game, I laughed at the “bring a friend/chaperone” rule very much.
- Amy promised to beta my AU monster, so I am so writing it this weekend!!!
- Also I was quietly chosen to be [livejournal.com profile] gaillen ´s helper over at [livejournal.com profile] ryoda_love and I am planning a little not so “sekrit” project for it, I am all excited and I hope I won´t blow it!
- More importantly, I love everyone who commented on my last “bus PWP”! Not because of their first comments, although those were all kind of awesome as well, but because somehow, for some reason, most of the people then kept talking to me on that post. I haven´t had so random fandom convo´s with all kind of fans in such a long time. It felt great! I don´t know if everyone just felt chatty that day, but GUYS it was so nice to flail and talk with you.
- I am really grateful for that chatty Tuesday I had. I also made a new friend; I can officially spy on the author of the “Elephant fic of awesome” from the [livejournal.com profile] jerainbowbridge . YAY.
- I felt like doing a fic request post because of all that love I received and guys I WILL do it and I own you all one, but I have too many writing obligations in November. Once I hand in my JEholls and the part of my thesis that is due at the end of the November you are so ON!!!

- To top this all of, my sister posted this! It is an advent calendar, do you know them, they usually have a cute “Christmassy image on it, and have 24 small cases with chocolates in them, you count down until Christmas Eve with them, eating one chocolate a day. My mom got it for her and I apparently have the same one waiting for me at home. What the hell? Where is the cute and Christmassy? THIS IS PRICELESS …
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Ueda was eating lunch alone? Again? Again!!!! Ryo came in looking for Jin AGAIN!!!
I mean no harm, I just needed to get that out!

My brother, my dentist and my fears. Warning: loads of whining ahead! )

And now, the main reason I am posting today. I am writing this fic right now … It surprises me in many aspects. First of all, it is AU. I almost never read them and I have written one and only AU ever and only because I got asked for it. Secondly it is a band fic, which might be a mistake, because there are things I just have no idea about when it comes to music. Third of all, it is kind of getting long. I thought it would have around 3500 words but now …

I have no idea if I ever post this. I feel that by getting longer it is getting more boring, that it is moving slowly. I had few emotions in mind when I started but I can´t somehow find them there. Also I bet there is loads of band AU fanfics out there. It looks like I am just parroting after … I don´t know who, I don´t know why I care. I wanted to write this! I took some liberties with characters, I used some fandom canon, cliché, happening as well. When I look at it I wonder if I want to put it out there, I am afraid that it will be “hated on”. I don´t mind constructive criticism but I saw some really nasty comments on a fic few days ago. If someone did that to my fic, I would be really sad. I love my small insignificant scribbles. They all carry a part of me.

After a really long time I am writing the story in past tense. I obviously got rusty. I am jumping around in time a lot and am completely unsure when it comes to tenses. I want them right!!! So I was going to ask you, if someone would be willing to beta this fic of mine. It should be done tomorrow or on Sunday, but it will be long so … Anyone having too much of a free time? I would appreciate it. The grammar tips are useless I am helplessly drowning in my own confusion. I don´t usually ask for beta, I try to catch the mistakes by myself, that way I am learning more, but this time I think it would be really great to have one. If I do this myself, it will be one heck of an adventure to fix this! ROFL it almost makes me want to torture myself with it a little more.

Part of me still might be five years old (not that I mind). I find it very amusing that Yamapi´s concert logo reads “Short but Sweet”. And I know I completely ignored Ryo´s birthday, Arashi´s “real” anniversary and so on. I got a bit busy. I hope all of them enjoyed their “big days”.

Have a good weekend!!!
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I wasn´t going to post today, but then I saw...

There is one more! (both from [livejournal.com profile] jesychan ).

All I can think of now is A Clockwork Orange, which really is not a good association. I am not sure why I thought of that movie … it´s probably the absurdity level of this. Please go back to being … not straight weird hair-ed!

Ok go flail over Nino to get over those pics. I love these "ten videos to watch" posts [livejournal.com profile] flange5 is making recently!

Well since I am posting. I was at work today for the first time after about 3 months. I ended up spending 9 hours there! But I was told “excellent, excellent, excellent” so many times I actually blushed by the end of that session with my boss! I am not trying to be smug, it awas totally embarrassing. I think he just found it nice that I came only once with three cases solved (rather than 3 times with one) and I needed only one read through and was ready to go (he was just glad I saved his time really.) It sucks that the office for interns was moved, now every time I need to go for a consultation, for a new file, for file approval and so on I have to climb three flights of stairs. But the offices are cool, we have our own kitchenette and I was all alone in the office I was in today (there is more than one now *__*). And it is an office for only two, so that is kind of great on many levels! 51, 5 working hours to go!

Also I should say that I´ve been making new friends on LJ past few weeks and it is kind of awesome!


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