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thumbsupSo, almost everything on my to-do-list is done and I think I can start stressing over the apartment issues tomorrow. I hope so.

OKFTF posted reveals. No one attempted to guess what I wrote ;__; It's a shame that it's such a "no once cares" thing because I would have liked to know how ninja or not I was this year. (Since normally I am very transparent). My recipient didn't guess me though, so yay :D

arrowroundAnyway since FTF ended, DOA is of course starting. Pimping goes here.

Devil or Angel.

The JE collaboration fic challenge.

._.;;I have a favor to ask regarding the Lyrics theme explained in the intro post. ATM I have around 30 lines from different JE lyrics, but I definitely need more.

pencilWhat I need is concrete parts of songs, that are either funny, substantial, famous for one thing or another. Like the Giri Giri part from Real Face or Omoide zutto zutto part of Love So Sweet, of course with English translation.

This is how it will look like on the actual list from which people will choose:
Kanjani8 - Misetekure: Sono karada mo Sono kokoro mo Subete boku ni misete kure (That body, that heart, show it all to me)
KAT-TUN - Love Yourself: Kimi ga kirai na kimi ga suki (I like the you that you hate)

paperclipIt can be just few words, or a longer sentence or two, but I obviously miss stuff from groups I don't really know, Kisumai, HSJ, SMAP, Tokio . . . but in general, anything that comes to your mind is fine, even famous misheard lyrics, I can always weed out the ones that I want, right?

rainHelp! I want as many choices as possible. *puppy eyes*

shockuLastly, does anyone want to write with me? I'll be a bit harder to write with this year, we'd have to start only after May 10th when I come back from Japan, and most of my writing happens on weekends these days, but I do want to participate . . .

I think this is all I have for tonight, I'm now off to fulfill the "relax" part of my to do list

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crown[livejournal.com profile] fic_the_faithcrown
NOW posting!!!

cake Happy birthday KAT-TUN!

heart1Please help me spread the news, go read some good fic and comment because fandom tends to fail lately and authors need all the love they can get.

!?I'm not sure if there's someone out there who doesn't know what I've written and who would be interested in guessing . . . but I think I'm not TOO transparent this year. LOL I do hope it's less obvious than last year's "from the header".

penAnyway there's 3 more days of posting to go through, but once it's done . . . if you guess the fic I wrote, I'll write you something short (and sweet? or dirty?).

NGIn other news, IDEK how I will ever manage to pull my head above all the work I have lately. It's not good. Like really not good because of many things at work that are cumulating, and not all of them are just work load related. But I will try to hang on. I didn't want to whine. Sorry ;__;
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Today would be actually a good day to post about how things have been since I've moved whole 8 days ago, or just today because today felt like kind of an okay day but mha, I just don't feel like it. So instead ima pimp!

Double the trouble!

Devil or Angel.

Now posting!

So yeah. I hope people will find something they'll like over there. If you would help me spread the word, that would be great too. here is the handy box for the sparkly text only, not for the banner:

My own DOA experience this year has taken a few interesting turns and twists, and I am honestly really anxious about the result, but I regret nothing. There are some great moments in the fic (I think) and I learned a lot and tried a lot of stuff that I usually do not do at all when writing, so it has definitely been challenge in the right sense of the word. Now only to manage the rest of the mod duties that [livejournal.com profile] parasol_odori carries with me (awesomely) and life will be peachy.

Also no more exchanges for me until Hols, so I should FINALLY get on with my Help Japan fics. I am pretty sure it will still take a lots of time because work is really intense, but I will get there!

Have a nice weekend people!
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There is 15!!!! teams signed-up for [livejournal.com profile] je_devilorangel. This is not why I am posting, but I figured I'd share some joy. Now only if I could start writing for it. It is planned for the weekend.

I hope I will manage to actually do some writing instead of rewatching Beach Boys, all because Rin posted the opening (that you need to watch!!!) and made me want to. Really. I so do not need to stare at pretty 90's styled boys in tinted sunglasses searching for oceans right now ;__; By which I mean to say, someone else needs to get hooked!

!!Now the real reason I am posting. I finished my RyoDa Fic List of Doom. If you are craving a RyoDa fic, it is probably waiting for you to find it on that list. Head this way because it is posted out of order, but I though some of you on my flist might silently appreciate its existence <3

Tomorrow is FRIDAY! All of you, I hope you have a good one!
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I . . . wanted to post properly, but I am so scattered that I don't think I can.

I mean, work continues to kick my ass, and I have no clue why I thought this week would be better, the article grew into humongous size which is why it is not ready, I am probably battling a pretty heavy case of spring tiredness, but I will prevail and my winter/spring/what kind of season is this shoes broke down. It´s time for spring to come, now really.


[livejournal.com profile] fic_the_faith starts posting tomorrow!

And since there were still no icons from the new KAT-TUN calender available yesterday when I wanted to update the [livejournal.com profile] hyphen_chan's fond, I ended up making some. Yesterday, they looked ugly to me, today it is a little better. LOL

I've decided to post them so you people can gear up and be ready to flail on awesome fics we're going to post ;D. Right.

Here be my feeble efforts )

All but the last two were made with the Fic the faith needs in my mind. Basically this is me telling you that if you look at [livejournal.com profile] hyphen_chan's icons right now, you'll have an idea about what is waiting for you. Let it be said I kept all Jin related icons from last year, because well there wasn't much to work with since last March ;__;.

Now who is exited?

Your side

Mar. 14th, 2011 06:56 pm
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So as promissed, I recklesly jumped on the bandwagon that is [livejournal.com profile] help_japan. I am offering my poor but valiant efforts on fic.

I am offering: Fic of at least 3000 words. I will write one fic for each of the two highest bidders (if there are 2 bidders, that is...)

Fandoms (if appropriate): JE, more precisely I will write 6nin NEWS (but no Tegoshi in a romantic relationship or Tegoshi-centric gen) and KAT-TUN (Jin included, but again no Taguchi in a romantic relationship or gen-centric Taguchi fic), I can try to throw Ohkura in there.

Additional Info: I write mostly romance and canon, but I can do AU for you (especially if you have something specific in mind). Just don't expect too much psycho, violent and dark stuff, I function more on the humorous side. For those who know me, this is also your chance to request for me to write a fic related to things I have written before with the exception of collaborations and a very few other fics, but I think I would leave this for further discussion once the bidding is over?

My thread for those who want to bid is here

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I should say that Valentine’s Day isn’t a holiday typical for my region. AT ALL. It got big here mostly because businesses grabbed it and made it an opportunity to sell cute items, more presents, more flowers, more fancy meals at restaurants. As it is I don’t particularly like the holiday because it puts people who are alone on display. I don’t hate it, but when I got a promotional MMS from my operator with a wish of happy Valentine, telling me how I can send this and other cute MMS to people, I got a little grumpy. This is also partially because as an imported holiday, it really is one for the lovers and, one could say, lovers only. Friends don’t wish each other happy, nice, pleasurable Valentine’s Day, nor do they get particularly affectionate or say how much they love each other on this day. I would be considered a fool f I brought it up at work for instance. So it just gives teenagers a headache, as it was proven by the two poor girls whining about being alone today on my bus this morning.

Why am I saying this. I don’t really know the procedure here. I don’t know how to say it today especially that I like you. I mean I like you, love you even, on most of the days of the year. And I sure hope I can let you know that I do through the entire year, not really needing that special day. I hope I do tell you more often than once a year.

That said, lots of you celebrate this day, and I myself have succumbed a little (a lot) by running a Valentine´s exchange for the second year in a row. heart1So I am wishing you a day filled with extra special love and its displays. heart1

I also want to thank those five awesome people that left me a message over at Valentinr. You made my morning (IHU for being anonymous, just kidding okay, I just am racking my brain who you are, that’s all <3)

And since I mentioned the exchange, here be the recs from it. Because OMG I can has RyoDa recs on this day of the year.
1) The Prince and The Prince, fairytale take with some hilarious cross-dressing that you would probably not expect reading the title. Just believe me on this one okay?
2) The Stray , read the warning, there are some description of wounds, but it has a really really pretty imaginary and the best deception of a happy drunk EVER! An interesting read
3) For a SPIN , ehm there is Ryo and Ueda holding hands and spinning like little kids on an empty bar dance floor. Among other things. Future fic, Jin has completely new troops, and Ueda is still somehow a mystery, also I love this a lot
4) The Ambiguity Of Indifference, mpreg, the most rational I have ever seen, funny, brutally honest and gentle all in one *_____*
5) 21st century escapism, I’m not going to say I want to sit in that car because I would break the charm, but again this fic has amazing description and makes you feel how relaxed and good Ryo feels.
!!And lastly the fic for me that you should all go read because it is full of touches, something I really really love and I can like almost feel why Ryo asks form them, and anon san probably has no idea how many things she hit, also someone sent this to me and I might have a guess but I don´t know yet and seriously I am so loved!
6) All There Is To Tell, toucheeeeeeeeeeeeees *_______________*

I’ still not sure I can take so much awesome. Seriously . . . I am kind of all shaky here. Go give those authors some love!


Oh, I was said that I am totally easy to read, and idk who wants to go through all that Ryoda to find out, and maybe I made it easy by reccing, but the first person that guesses right WHO I wrote for can have a drabble. Probably not any time soon, but I will write it. PM me or idek let me know somehow if you decide to play ;D
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Today I'm a living, walking zombie . . . that hates scholars. I mean who on Earth thinks it's a good idea to hold a conference on Friday? Especially one that starts at 9:30 am and finishes at 5:30 pm. Clearly these people don't know that the weekend starts on Friday late afternoon. I had to get up at 5 am, get to work where a car picked us up. The conference kept lagging behind the schedule, so we finished only after 6 pm. The last panel took place in front of a half empty audience because everyone who could have left, did. I can't say I blame them.

The conference itself . . . Let's just say that out of 8 hours, about 90 minutes had something to do with application of EU law by the Czech courts which was, mind you, the official topic of the conference. There is more I could say but lol I don't think it would be very positive or interesting so . . . Our driver probably broke like every speed limit on the way back to Brno, and we didn't eat dinner anywhere so thankfully I was home at like 9 pm. Still that is 16 hours after I woke up, about 15, 5 after I left home . . .

I cooked food because I was starving, broke every rule of healthy eating and beta read last ficolate fic. I woke up today to my landlord drilling something at around 8 am, and I was up a few times before that during the night (the heating starting up around 4:30 am never fails to wake me up), but I managed to go back to sleep, still . . . *zombies some more* Not even walking the distance of tree bus stops to my "changing point" instead of taking the said bus on my way to shop for food helped.

Anyway the conference was organized by the ministry of international affairs, and they sure have some representative premises at their disposal. The place was AWESOME. I unfortunately couldn´t well take out my camera and documented, but I snuck two bad pictures out of the bathroom windows (see here). Check out this virtual tour of the outside if you want to see; it was built to outdo (I think successfully) the Prague castle in its time, and it is called Černínský palace. It´s dead centre of Prague too; I wish I could have just walked down the castle stairs from there . . . This room is where the conference took place, though there are more modern microphones on tables now and the TV too is replaced by something better. I was like whoa *__* Nah it was pretty.

Okay now I have that off my chest, I have all ficolate fics (that I will get) in my mail box. I only have one drop-out and as faith would have it, I didn’t really need a pinch-hit for that one fic, so overall quite a success. I need to do something with like every fic but four, people not capable of following simple instructions, but oh well, I am almost done. Phew. I think it’s been even more intense than last year. Maybe I could now get back to my own fic responsibilities. If anyone is curious drop by [livejournal.com profile] ryoda_love on February 14th! And thanks to everyone who has helped me deal. You guys were a great help!

My Valentinr - sashjun
Lastly, I set thisarrowup up. I’ve seen it around, now I only have to remember who everyone posted it so I can go show some love. If you leave me some, well . . . you know how it is, love makes people happy (most of the time)
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Our carps. I believe they are all dead by now. In memoriam? It is a tradition to eat carp on Christmas Eve, for diner around here.

Our Christmas tree. Before . . . and after, times two. We went back to red after several years of copper hues. I must admit it does look tiny better on the yellow wall background of our living room. I do hate that wall.

The mistletoe that was in front of our house door when I came home on Monday. It is now used elsewhere which is a sham.e I liked it there. I had a good laugh when I found out my dad shot it off a tree. SHOT IT! I am also surprised it felt down all the way to the ground without getting entangled in the branches and thus getting stuck.

My hair has finally been cut. The same style as last time. My mother and apparently my brother too don´t like it. I am glad it is short again.

I need to watch Natsu no Koi wa Nijiiro ni Kagayaku. I mean I. love. these. post. cards!

These scans, all of them, are amazing. All of KAT-TUN are so pretty in the snowy shoot, and I like the serious second one too.

I am (again) linking [livejournal.com profile] fic_the_faith.

And The New Year´s Eve Fic-a-thon! It has awesome awesome banner, and I am going to go and try doing it sometimes after I get up from bed on the January 1st. YAY! Lazying around with fic! You should do it too!

And right now I am going to sit on my butt and finally finish Trains and Trails because this is getting ridiculous!

Oh yeah, my sister is right, [livejournal.com profile] jrockurisumasu is a pretty community.
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the Hols for me is really really great. HERE IT IS. Thank you very much ♥

KAT-TUN fic exchange

rules and intro // Sign-ups

Sign ups are open from today till December 31.
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I´m currently in Brno, staying in my friends´ apartment on what I call the most awesome air-bed ever. I am . . . recuperating since at home life was and will be crazy and no one understands I need like a brain reset. I have also woke up today with my entire body aching and realized that I have finally turned off. Whatever.

There is a huge penis on the main square in Brno (hello change of topic). Not a penis, a vibrator, as my friends pointed out, since it does not have balls. It is shiny and black. It is a clock supposedly, but I can´t see how it works and how it tells the time. I swear it really is an oversized vibrator. See I´m not lying.. It´s hideous to tell the truth.

Now I have that off my chest, some linking.

I have not linked my News Fic On fic and I know I am very late, but I love it very berry much, so When there´s smoke, Ryo/Massu made of awesome. ♥

And then there are Rin´s Ryoda drabbles that she sent me in emails while I was studying and then she posted them. I may have had a period when I knew one of them more or less by heart because I´ve read it like five times in a day and I was in my "remember-those-regulations-or-you-will-suffer-mode." Rin was so awesome past few weeks by the way. As well as so many other friends of mine. So I am saying thank you again.

So heart1Super Motion aka are you sure, it´s what you think it is? And heartbreak Slanting Rain" (the water slew made of awesome)

Right, speaking of Rin. At this time, two weeks from now, we´ll be somewhere in my house making stupid jokes about Ryo being an M (and hopefully not being awkward around each other). Or YAY SHE IS COMING OVER!

That is all, I´m leaving you with two pals too cool for us all. I´m going back home and back to crazy tomorrow. I have sent 3 CVs and 2 motivation letters today. It would be nice if at least one of those companies got back to me.

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so the good weather returns. before it did, some pink sky. I forgot to post these from my drive the other day.

one more under the cut, though they are almost the same )

also my cooking from today. since I talked about wanting to cook something. it looks kind of weird on that picture. oh really this blackberry camera is driving me crazy. why so bad? It was delicious though. the salad is kind of almost tzatziki. or it´s Slovak version or something.

oh yeah. A fic for me was posted at fqf. HA! managed to read it before my parents come home. Come to think of it, they still aren´t at home. Feels nice to be able to read your porn in peace. Oh yeah I meant to say.


It´s nice and cute and hot and just basically full of Ryo´s "molten" voice and dark eyes. I´m certainly not complaining!

oh yeah, I have seen some pictures of Ryo´s cooking book: :DDDDD and NEWS having a concert? and an album? lol no wonder Ryo is one huge grinning idiot lately. ROFL at his latest jweb. he seems to love it where he has too much work ;D.

end of this post all over.
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So here is my flail agufesdjfkgblhnjksôalsdfgbnhjmkjmnhbgfdjkllsdfgjkmnhgbdf

also you get my attempt at banner while jents gets the pretty pretty version from [livejournal.com profile] naoryuu

This was a blast and I have yet to flail about my partner and everything. I also have been kind of MIA lately, so sorry that all you get to know lately is who has birthday.

But back to DOA. The challenge will be posting for the next 6 days and lets just say the fics look all EPIC! That said, it is a small exchange and I would hate to see writers not getting any feedback when their little (or not so little) masterpiece just went out.

So please help me spread the word! I have the typical precoded box for you again, and no it does not include my fail banner, just some slighty sparkly text. It would be great if the challenge continued on with fun and good atmosphere. Now I am off to flail inwardly because OMG WE ARE FINALLY POSTING!!!!

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Ok, I´ve been in a foul mood, and there are things I might or might not have wanted to post about, or should post about for that matter . . . but for once, all can wait or be just ignored and you don´t need to know and probably don´t want to know anyway . . .

let´s do something else instead:




Now you are all set, don´t question the set up, or my weirdness or whatever you might question, just


I am off to roll around some surface in glee, because it was hot and on top of that it was incredibly hilarious . . .
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So the list is not going well . . . not that I had any illusions, instead:

Devil or Angel.

The JE collaboration fic challenge.

The short story behind the weird sparkles: One hyphen_chan met on SM-kun (which is nice and neat and totally logical nick name for [livejournal.com profile] shock_me_kun) in a bar. SM_kun needed someone to make a layout for a community. Hyphen_chan knew just the man! Or woman, or whatever. The layout is pretty, the header is funny (courtesy of wonderful and super fast [livejournal.com profile] naoryuu), more importantly the idea behind [livejournal.com profile] je_devilorangel is FUN!

The challenge was created to give people an excuse to write fic with someone else. So, now you have a legit reason to go to that person who amazes you, the one whose inner workings intrigue you and you would love to know more about writing process of that one author.

Anyway, I am doing the challenge because I swore to god not to sign-up for anything deadline demanding until fqf sign ups. That said, you should do it. Or consider it. There is a hook-up post if you are still somehow shy to ask one person to form a team with you, but you want to try and see if this works.
BTW have I mentioned the community looks awesome *__* (Alex is subtly telling you to go look and be all in awe because she feels proud.)

SM_kun is waiting!!!

Oh yeah, would you help MS_kun advertise? He is (as a mod always is) a bit hesitant to go straight to big communities, but he believes his friends have awesome friends and they have wonderful friends and so on.

This event is not an exchange, is more a happening with a little of organization, but help SM_kun spread the word, so there is more fun!!!


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