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eyesI think I actually had a post planned for tonight, but now I don't remember what it was about.

!!Sign ups for [livejournal.com profile] je_devilorangel close tonight if you are still wavering ;D The turn out so far is great.

kiddingI remembered one thing! I have new friends *____* welcome! There's an intro post though you probably already knew that if you wanted to know. To the future wine!

NGIn flash news, the company I interviewed with this week didn't let me know yet, and it may mean they have chosen someone else and won't even let me know. All in all, given how big of a rush they've been in, it is very likely that I am out, so that is what I am expecting if they DO let me know.

moneybagI spent most of today shopping or more like getting myself to the mall and back from it. The ride was actually beautiful and the bus took a road I've never took before. I didn't even mind it was a 40 minutes long ride with a stop on every corner. At the mall, I gave myself a headache in the second clothes store and I have not found shoes yet again. But I have one new shirt and new jeans since the old ones fell apart. I don't wear jeans that often anymore, given I don't wear casual stuff like that to work, but yeah they were needed. The tax refund came at the right time.

cakeI've been mostly bumming around since I came home, and I don't plan on doing much else than finishing Arashi Scene concert today. (I know I am an awful fan for taking this long to watch, but it is long and shiny and distracting so I can't watch it and do something else at the same time. BUT what I saw yesterday is AWESOME, and I do not get why I was on such an arashi diet up till now.) And so I am snatching a meme from [livejournal.com profile] ryogrande that looks fun and less lethal than asking for quick drabble prompts, an idea that crossed my mind briefly. (I have fics to write, you guys, I know, I am so glad this came around)

Give me a character from any fandom I know at least fairly well, and I will tell you:

B) The runner up
C) The anti-ship
D) My unpopular/fannish opinion on said character
E) One person he/she never fell in love with, and why.

heart1Let's have some fun!

riceOh, I'm making curry rice tomorrow, but I don't have the instant curry cubes, so technically I am making t from the scratch. I have a curry paste and I have the curry spice (and have yet to decide how exactly I am doing this), so if you have an advice for me, I will gladly read some ;D
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I am back from Italy, which was the typical ski trip. The weather was funky, and there wasn’t almost any snow off the slopes, the hotel had no internet connection and dinners had three courses plus desert. They were also really late, and I kept on being really hungry then unreasonably full after that food assault. They had awesome tiramisu though.

I am glad to be back though. My pipe bones, is it how they are called? Anyway those bones in the front of your legs below knees are hurting like crazy from ski boots, and Italian beds are always too soft.

Pictures are here, if you want to see, though there are faces, so they are friends’ locked. My favorite line of the whole week was the one my dad shouted after my brother while they went down the ski slope on the first day: “Avoid the snow!” I swear I laughed so hard that was the closest I came to falling the whole week.

Right in the meantime, fandom exploded and I’m sorry to say I haven’t seen The Lotus PV yet (anyone got a link?). But I hear Arashi finally did a step for the better, so yay! Also, let me express my sheer amusement over the fact that Ryo’s first lead role is him being a 30 year old daddy of two kids that gets his life altered by a dog (while his buddies Jin and Pi get sexed up in different parts of the world respectively).

Let me finish by saying that I have seen Ueda’s, Nakamaru’s and group shop pictures for Ultimate Wheels and I pretty much rolled in glee. They are amazing. Ueda’s are easy to find at sleepyueda. I have the rest from [livejournal.com profile] js_shop, which is awesome for me because I can’t keep up with ever changing sources and scanners and this girl keeps lots of stuff in one place. I seriously had problems choosing, but I love all of those where they play cards, so let me flail over one of those


Also since when is Nakamaru so squishable? I mean I always had this pointy association with his appearances (and for once this is not about his nose), but he is amazingly squishy in this photo shoot. Also Koki should keep his hair like this forever.(credit Naver and kamegoing223, each word is a separate link ;D)

Right I am off to sleep. I will continue to catch up with what I missed, but if you feel like I need to know something, please point it out, I’m seriously lost at times.

P.S.: While my pictures were uploading, I read this NEWS interview. There is probably a little mess up in Ryo's translation, which makes his part even more hilarious. Now I want a fic where he makes out with his friends instead of making up with them after they fight. Anyone up to writing it? ;D
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Our carps. I believe they are all dead by now. In memoriam? It is a tradition to eat carp on Christmas Eve, for diner around here.

Our Christmas tree. Before . . . and after, times two. We went back to red after several years of copper hues. I must admit it does look tiny better on the yellow wall background of our living room. I do hate that wall.

The mistletoe that was in front of our house door when I came home on Monday. It is now used elsewhere which is a sham.e I liked it there. I had a good laugh when I found out my dad shot it off a tree. SHOT IT! I am also surprised it felt down all the way to the ground without getting entangled in the branches and thus getting stuck.

My hair has finally been cut. The same style as last time. My mother and apparently my brother too don´t like it. I am glad it is short again.

I need to watch Natsu no Koi wa Nijiiro ni Kagayaku. I mean I. love. these. post. cards!

These scans, all of them, are amazing. All of KAT-TUN are so pretty in the snowy shoot, and I like the serious second one too.

I am (again) linking [livejournal.com profile] fic_the_faith.

And The New Year´s Eve Fic-a-thon! It has awesome awesome banner, and I am going to go and try doing it sometimes after I get up from bed on the January 1st. YAY! Lazying around with fic! You should do it too!

And right now I am going to sit on my butt and finally finish Trains and Trails because this is getting ridiculous!

Oh yeah, my sister is right, [livejournal.com profile] jrockurisumasu is a pretty community.
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This made me smile today. Ryo and Massu being totally cute. And Massu is hot. Just saying.

ryo massu

And Ryo never stop being dork. How is this sexy again? LOL.

In other fandom news, I have read an awesome Arsenal/Ace fic yesterday (*__* I mean that was the whole point of 8uppers, right?) and the got a lesson on how to write kissing scenes, courtesy of Ryo/Ohkura. I can´t wait to see the new KAT-TUN PV, omg why is there still so much time left and Eighto concert pictures are so hilarious even by their very high standards!

I also miss “my fandom.” I lived a lot on short subbed clips of whichever of the groups I follow, but lately no one (to my knowledge) subs KAT-TUN related stuff at all, NEWS are scarce and none of the Arashi subbing groups I follow sub their variety really (and I gave up trying to get into the million new ones). This was how I enjoyed my fandom the most; I hardly ever have time to catch up on scans and translations and this way my gateway. I miss it so much ;__;

One more fandom related thing, me and Rin are conducting an experiment of some sort (or just looking for a reason to write together again), so there is a poll on my writing community. If you wanted to fill it out and for whatever reason did not do so just yet. Here is your chance ->->-> paperclip <-<-<-! Yes we call stuff we write epic.

In real life news, I moved, gained a flatmate and this Monday I started working. The normal at least 8 hours (plus 30 min. lunch break) a day, grown up, regular job. more on job and the thing called RL )

Before I wish you good rest of the weekend, I have one more thing. I realize this journal, while it is still fandom based, is more and more my personal, real life related place. I have no clue how many of you are interested in that, and I know my fandom related posts are sucky and scarce lately. I’m always behind, I leave most of my flailing unsaid because I get to catch up on singles, videos and funny stuff happening way too late when all of you have moved on. I might sound annoying and boring for all I know.

So this is me telling you that if you just skip over my post whenever they appear on your f-list, or if they are more annoying or vexing even than anything, you have every right to defriend me.

I am sure you don’t have to be told, but some people still kind of try to be considerate or need that little push. So this is me giving you a reason.
Defriending amnesty they call it?

Here it is. No hurt feelings, no bitterness. I prefer honesty.

For those who are staying . . . I hope I can still be a good friend some way or another. If you want to know what I am up to everyday, go check out my photo journal over at [livejournal.com profile] sanslunettes. ♥
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I was not going to post since I spent every free minute I have sleeping, but then I stumbled on "the Swiss joy," so here I am. I have so many memories of Switzerland, trains, tunnels and lol tunnelling the tunnel constructions that I´m all there with Swiss miners. I remember the terribly long train ride to Ticcino quite well, and knowing that is (or will be in 5 to 7 years lol) in the past is kind of huge.

So the story goes, Swiss miners have been trying to dig the longest tunnel in the world for over a decade and today they finally made it through the whole mountain. Or the huge drill did.
Friday's breakthrough was many years in the making. Swiss voters approved the project in a series of referendums fully 20 years ago with digging on the Gotthard Base Tunnel beginning a decade ago. It has also been expensive. The Gotthard tunnel will ultimately cost €9.1 billion euros with the entire NEAT network gobbling up €17.9 billion, double original forecasts. Despite the importance of the project for the European transportation network, Swiss taxpayers are footing the vast majority of the bill.
One short article here and tons of even technical info here. THE HUGE DRILL IS HUGE! just saying.

Today I called my mom and said something about it being JUST 5 days since we left the cabin. IT´S BEEN ONLY FIVE DAYS! It feels like ages ago. This was the most eventful and the craziest week in . . . a very very long time.

I´m currently babysitting, not only my brother but his friend too, and they keep on arguing over Monopoly. It´s driving me crazy, and I don´t want to play policeman anymore. I was totally conned by my parents. I can´t even be surprised. LOL.

Today I also acquired a paper with my criminal records. Which means there is a header and then a huge empty space. It costed me 3EUR, and it was a little ridiculous since she just printed out an electronic record that says nothing, but okay . . .

I finally got a chance to look through NEWS concert pics, and ehm, I think they beat every single bad Arashi costume. KoyaShige are JUST. DISTURBING. But this is kind of hilariously wrong. Also Shige should have kept his long hair, but at least I got pictures like this or this while it lasted. Maybe I could catch up on the rest of my fandom now?

Oh YAY! KAT-TUN new single. Jin too (sometimes soon-ish anyway). And it seems [livejournal.com profile] fic_the_faith should have round two too. So YAY! overall? AND OMG KANJANI8 ON HIMITSU NO ARASHI-CHAN! ARE THEY SERIOUS? *Dies*


Aug. 18th, 2010 05:04 pm
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boltThe weather in my country is causing some major damage and I hope it is soon over because I might get into an argument with my favorite element – water (You do not take people’s property and lives)

eyesMy department still hasn’t published the schedule for thesis defenses

planeMy sister is in Romania being shy

4leafcloverOur garden went crazy, and I spent all morning collecting things and finding overgrown zucchini

>_<[livejournal.com profile] je_ficgames still haven’t posted reveals, so I guess I am not reposting that fic either

car2I’m leaving for the woods in about two hours. I’m taking a couple of friends for the first three days (who will chill and theoretically even let me study), and we’ll try Cap à l´Est again and then it’s studying only

footprintI’ll be back . . . see point two of this post. I have no clue. Not until the next weekend, hopefully. I’ll stay as long as it will be possible.


See you then!
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It’s been raining here most of the time for the past week so I did not go into our garden too much, but I plunged into the mud today. Result? I have
apple cute, new, fresh carrots
cherry kohlrabi
bananas zucchini
cake Those big salad cucumbers
bread Lots of tomatoes
all ready to be used. I also have plums and peaches but that is more of a cake material.
I saw some smoked salmon in the fridge and some minced meat in the freezer, and I know there are potatoes and some pasta at home, so I feel like coking something up tomorrow, but I have no clue what. And if I start going through online recipes, I´ll never stop.
Any ideas? Tips? With what I have as basis, since I don´t think I´ll go to the store tomorrow just to cook. The basics like eggs and milk should still be in our fridge.

Well after the kitchen corner, here comes fandom.
I wrote a pinch hit for fic games a couple of days ago, and really I should not put more on my plate than I am able to chew on. I don´t mean deadlines or too much fic, more a theme, a message I want to tell. I am pretty sure I failed spectacularly at what I intended to. Also thanks to all I bugged with it. I guess I let the fact it is for a team (that I did not want to sink, whether they care or not) get too much to me. The responses to my fics lately were not that stellar so I am in my insecure corner right now. Le sigh. Not a good place to be with two more exchange fics to write.

FQF starts posting tomorrow. YES! I know what I’m NOT getting since there is no KAT-TUN only pairing. It makes me wonder what exactly I’ll get. I will miss reveals *pouts* as well as a big part of NEWS fic on! posting (or so it seems). This is my sad face. But well I am going to the mountains exactly because there is no internet (or more like there is really nothing) there.

I woke up today to some really nice stuff. So here goes linking.
thumbsup[livejournal.com profile] tatoeba’s fanvid. SO SO nice. People dancing to save their lives :D
heartyeyesSpeaking of [livejournal.com profile] tatoeba, she wrote Ryo/Ueda in the 10 genres meme for me. YAY! ♥
heart1AND I got PIRATES! Nakanishi drabble from [livejournal.com profile] snoozing_kitten. Ain´t I lucky? Hot and funny in one!
I always forget I ask people for things and since I suck at prompting I don’t really have any expectations so when then I get stuff, I am twice as happy.
kiddingI read a ryoda fic from a “new” author, and I finished it. It is not stellar but it deserves linking because well I finished it, the last part is cute, and the girl used a beta that while not native speaker is better in English than the author and it shows. SO MUCH. Is it Christmas?
eyesAnd to finish it off, Ohoku trailer. Damn. Am I going to start watching historic movies now?

Right that is all from Alex land. Parents coming home tomorrow ;__; Let us hope we will survive the week that we will share this rooftop until they go wandering around South France next Saturday. I’m so proud of my scheduling skillZ. The next 5 days or so will be the longest time we will have been home at the same time this summer. So far. It gets worse as the school year approaches. Not that I do much other than studying.

Oh right, I believe I have sworn to never write this fic. So here is a drabble in that verse once more.
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I felt like I should post.

Life is crazy.

I came back from Brno where I baked on the hot sun (34 – 37 °C in the shade, but ehm what shade?) for two days, fearing the poor Americans (having to wear suits, long shirts and ties @_@) would collapse and hoping my feet will manage in that battlefield in those heels (I could not possibly wear casual when their Professor-aka the crazy man-was making them wear suits!). I also cooked, baked a cake (someone called it too gooey to believe it tasted good, lol, it was delicious), ate that cake and what I cooked basically for three days straight, bought curtains and stuff (felt like such a domesticated lady) and just revelled in my friend’s awesome company. There was also some book hunting and graduation ceremony and other things that I do not feel like typing out.

Today should have been the first day of my studying for finals. Yes, almost 8 weeks to go is about the time. Can’t put it off any longer.

Which is why I had to do tons of stuff, none of which I particularly enjoyed, and now it is almost 7 pm and I do not think I am capable of starting on general theories of private and civil law this late.

I think I still have a FG pinch hit to write. Damn.

I have not been to any communities (and I do not watch any of them but something-something a day) for almost a month now. LOL I sure hope I am not gonna die of being behind in fandom ;D.

But Ueda a day posted this pic. Me and Pix both agree it calls for Maruda blindfold fic. Le sigh. I don´t even remember when was the last time I read Maru and Ueda fic. Do want.

(the whole picture - these were just small ones on the side - and credits to be found here)
Don´t ask me when I´d read that fic. IDK. Actually I do know. I like reading them before going to sleep. In he hope of shutting my brain down.

Other fandom flail I caught going around is Arashi dancing with Perfume. This is a cut where they just perform. The one where they also teach them is off yt already ;__; It is SO PRECIOUS! Well, at least, watch Aiba shake it a little too much since I was stupid and did not download the thing yesterday. ;D

Life is crazy. I know I repeat myself. I was going to blog about my underwear (as requested by [livejournal.com profile] goldfreckled), but maybe another day . . .
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I have new friends! Hello!!! I suck at this welcoming thing. I also do not have any intro post. Some info is on my profile if you are dying to know. If not, here is all you need to know. I think.

Alex, 24, talks a lot, Slovak, studies law (Czech one on a Czech school in Czech republic where I spent the most of past few years) – more like pretends to since my last class has ended last December, should finally graduate this September (and has no clue what will happen then), whines about her family a lot, especially now I live with them full time again. I have two siblings, my sister makes occasional appearances on this journal because she is awesome, my brother is mentioned mostly because he is eight and thus does foolish stuff (and is awesome). If you see me mention Brno, it means I am in heaven. It´s where my uni and my social life is (was?). Too far away. I´m totally easy so talk to me about anything, really. I´m also a living and walking repellent but this comes handy only if you meet me in the summer. Oh, I cam-whore time to time, and there is a tag called "very bad photos" if you have a desire to see me or my surroundings. I´m also hungry which considering it’s past midnight sucks. I will do what I do a lot these days. Go to sleep on empty stomach.

The reason I post. I´m hooked. Jun’s drama MC, it is adorable and touchy-feely and cute and I am very happy Jun is Jun and this will get subbed. Will be watching this one *__* This summer seems to be nice to me drama wise.

I have some holiday developments and such, but maybe I will manage some more organized post before this Friday. My closet is sorted!!! It´s an accomplishment worth mentioning, believe me.
I’m leaving you with a part of my IM with Rin. I was looking for something in the history and it cracked me up. Clearly she keeps me around for the comedy.

Me: you know it would be funny if I found out right now my parents are not coming back tonight . . . I´d probably dance ritual dances . . .
Rin: I will send positive vibes in the direction of your parents if you promise to record those ritual dances and post them.

The positive vibes came too late . . .
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So the meme that no one really wanted to play with me. I am going to at least answer the question that are given in one of the versions of this craziness.

First, write down the names of 12 characters (it's best when they're all from the same fandom). Then read and answer the questions.

here is my list:
1. Ryo
2. Shige
3. Subaru
4. Yamapi
5. Nakamaru
6. Ueda
7. Jin
8. Kame
9. Nino
10. Yoko
11. Jun
12. Ohkura

It is quite conventional (boring) list, and some of the combinations the meme came up with are totally normal but I had fun for most part.

Answers are all under the cut )

If you got to the end, you are my hero. Beth also asked me to blog about Favourite type of underwear, so you can look forward to that one of these days.

I have finished Trains and Trails part 3 in the break today, and so my beta will indeed have two parts to go through next Monday. I kind of want to talk about part 3 with someone but idk what I would ask to begin with anyway.

Back to thesis rewriting.
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I´m so tired!

I´m still home (as in Trnava) and today had some nice nice moments, but being here for what feels like eternity now is draining me. And I can´t sleep. I think I´m having nightmares but this time (for a change) I don´t remember even those. I wake up scared and confused and have to calm down before going back into some kind of restless deep slumber only to wake up soon enough. It´s so strange. What is going on?

I leave tomorrow during the afternoon . . . just a bit longer. I´m a bit suicidal and took up an article translation, which will need to be done overnight from Thursday to Friday. I´ve just realized that unless I´ll miraculously sleep well next two nights I will seriously hurt that article by attempting the translation.

I´m not sure what was this suppose to be about, other than me needing to say I´m tired.

I want to read fic, fluffy cheesy not AU fic (I want the crazy idealized JE world so much) that is not pin or akame or tegomass or junior or arashi pairing which is all I seem to stumble upon when I go and search (basically I probably crave Ryoda but that is way too much to ask, and maruda, ryoshige or koyashige would probably do the trick).

Or maybe an article about rent contracts and specific ways of drafting them when an employer wants to pay for only part of the rent of his employee and refuses to deal with the issue by an agreement with his employee would do. Rather, he is forcing two separate contracts to be drafted and concluded by the landlord . . . Well fuck (I just realized it´s still on my mind). I wish my mother had told me tomorrow morning, I´ve been apparently drafting this for the past hour while pretending to skim my flist. It´s not her fault, it´s mine, my brain can´t filter and let go. Only about 16 hours more . . .
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I´m sure I had a reason to post, but i don´t remember.

There are meme though, they´ve been circling my flist

Introducing myslef . . . kind of handy, there are few new people around )

not tired yet, here´s another one . . .

Random facts )

Stealing from my sister, this is funny because at 5:19, Slovak national anthem starts randomly playing.

Right someone did a chibi arashi picspam and some of them I´m seeing for the first time go here for some cuteness

Have a nice day guys!
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I am still obsessed with Alibi. I have no clue how much longer this will last, but right now it is the best 6 minutes of music for me. It just might be the text again, though. Well ok, I just love the song!

If my glorious plan for retirement, the one of writing memoires while sitting in a rocking chair on the shores of Lac Léman, won´t fall through, I have found an alternative.

I will write nonsensical, though constitution based, analysis of current politic system of my country, point out even more nonsensical faults in it and then send my analysis to all kinds of public offices around the country in order to whip young legal practitioners into the awareness about the constitutional basis of their legal system. I will thus make sure they finally learn the Theory of State and Constitutional law properly and realize that it is something they never want to practice once done with their internship in one or another public office (if they hadn´t known that already). I bet they will love me!

I am posting to say two things.

[livejournal.com profile] je_devilorangel sign ups close today! Hurry up and do it if you still want to! There is one more person free in the hook-up post. If you did sign up and do not watch the community yet, please do so! The list of the themes will be posted tomorrow, and SM-kun will the post for biding will be up on Friday, so you do not want to miss that!

The May issue is AMAZING!

KAT-TUN - Koki´s hair is funny, so is Junno´s but I am for once ok with it. Maru looks great! And it is the only magazine where Ueda doesn´t look like he has been having a bit too much fun sexing it up with Ryoko (as in pale and hollow looking).

The NEWS all look just really very nice! I like the kind of intro they did for them. Also I somehow missed that Koyama was born in May. The man suddenly makes so much more sense.
Kanjani8 shoot. I have a question. How do they make Ryo focus on a camera right after sex? I could get pass the fact that he is dressed and all. But do they like have a girl ready on a standby who just ducks out of view when the camera is ready? Ok sorry, I will stop my Ryo post-coital gaze theories now.

Arashi shoot: even Ohno looks sexy which is surprising since he usually leans onto the adorkable side (with his cheeks and all) in my books. Nino rocks his 16year old look (and has me gaping even if I normally prefer my men looking like well men, not boys) and overall *__*. I mean have you seen AIBA in that shoot? (or Sho or Jun) Right, Nino should be tested in some laboratory; it is not possible for him to look like that at his age!
Anyway sorry, I haven´t flailed over the scans like this in a long while. AND IT IS THE MAY ISSUE!

Here, have a picture (or two instead).

My friend says that Stockholm has a beautiful garden with the view of the shores in front of the City Hall. We are to spend the summer camping there. Sounds like a plan to me. It´s a shame he is lying to me. (Not about the garden, about us spending the summer there).

This post deserves my random tag.
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>> My eyes have been kind of annoyingly dry these past few days so I am actually stirring clear of PC at times . . . Sorry if I am slow on IM, or irresponsive or annoyed *le sigh

>> I´ve started watching Tokyo DOGS ( I know, I know they´re passé) and I do not get the hype. AT ALL. Will give them another try later.

>> I still haven´t seen K8 Countdown concert or Arashi Anniversary one (haven´t even downloaded it). I actually really want to but that is a long time in front of PC screen, they will have to wait.

>> I wanted to link these JWebs, though I have no clue why, probably because of Ueda´s randomness.

>> I changed the background for my layout, do not feel like sugary stripes atm, but I do not like this one either. Any suggestions?

>> In the mean time I have returned to old fashioned books. Hercule Poirot ♥ And I have Time Traveler´s Guide with me in Brno, but that is not happiest book, from what I hear, so I will need a bit more courage for that.

>> Went to work today. I remembered why I don´t want to do this for real. LOL But my boss is as great as ever, the good coffee in cafeteria as cheap as it has always been and I can has my good friend for company gossip and useless chatter over the said coffee every day *__*
The President was there today to pick up the Annual Report. It was funny, all those people with earphones. And I got stared at, I am pretty sure I wasn´t supposed to be wandering the stairs at one point, but no one has really told us. I had to get to my office somehow. LOL @ the glares and all. :DDD I also think it is amusing that the President comes to get the report to the seat of Ombudsman (across the country from his own seat) rather than Ombudsman taking the report there (since it is officially handed over personally and all that). Do you know that saying about a mountain and Mohamed?

>> I am struggling with motivation letters. Want to write no more!

I´ve just uploaded some Slovak music for Crys, so if anyone wants to try, they may:

all of it is under the cut because this entry got ridiculously long once again! )

>> When I was linking Crys to Slovak music, I realized how much of it is about texts for me. I have remembered why Slovak language is so amazing and I actually like it (or Czech really). It´s so free and we play with words and expressions so much, we can do so much more compared to English!

>> When we are at it, I have finally listened to the One OK Rock single and as expected it is just great!

>> Right – writing! I am friends with [livejournal.com profile] indian_monsoon! It all happened in the comment of my useless porn (or the Untitled 3k one as I affectionately call it). The impromptu Shige diary (that he would write after attending the You&Jin concert, fan-boying over Ryo and Jin and sleeping with Jin, while Ryo watches after the concert) that happened in comments there still has me laughing ♥ We were psychic, cause Shige´s diary is back for his Sabu Drama too *__*

>> Also do not forget Devil and Angel sign ups are closing this WEDNESDAY! So far there is 8 teams signed up, and SM-kun is loving it! Including the team names!
Rin and I have come up with one too, eventually, and I am laughing so hard because I was going to suggest using Madly and to play around with the comedic duo´s name Falling in Love. While I was typing it to my IM, she had done the same <33333 Can you tell I am excited?

Hook-ups here – there are people still looking for someone to team up with
Sign-ups are here!

>> And finishing up by coming back to my Untitled 3k porn (which actually has title and seemed to made someone content so I guess it wasn´t that useless after all). Here is a chart that while I think wasn´t originally meant for fanfiction writing, it applies wonderfully! I do not want to put down mine or anyone else’s writing. I do like vague and fuzzy details, I tend to leave things open (not necessarily ending - reasons is more like it) open, leaving it up to readers to create it in their minds. But sometimes there is just nothing to get. Especially if I am just fighting bad mood by writing silly porn ;D


Courtesy of wonderful [livejournal.com profile] cateris who actually knew exactly what I want from her <333

PS: If you are confused about my icon, you should quickly go and find out (hint-click the previous entry button) I want to exchange all of my icons actually, but I am too lazy to get it done properly
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I am back in Brno for two weeks or so *__* I also have some new LJ friends! Hi there!

I was gonna somehow retell the whole “cottage of doom” episode in regards to my thesis, but got over that ambition by now. Let it be said that it was not pleasant (but that was expected). I have since then rephrased my ideal job requirements to (1) as soon as possible, (2) as far away from home as possible, and (3) pays for some rent and at least one meal a day (unfortunately I am still too spoiled to live under a bridge). Also, I have shown my thesis to my mother yesterday and tried to give her some overview of what goes on in every chapter. She has amended her stance of me being totally unreliable and faulty and idk what else to “maybe your consultant would have communicate with you better if it had been written in Slovak instead of English, and then you might have finished it”(which may or may not be true), but it only translates to “if this had been written in Slovak (and I could have read it and surely save you by my awesome ever knowing demeanour), you would not have failed to hand it in on time (and put the entire family on shame).” Well . . . she hadn´t liked me writing it in English from the start because it stripped her off control and I had known that. End of story, and I promise to whine about this a little less from now on. I know the thesis has taken over my journal in the past few weeks.

Now fandom, [livejournal.com profile] naoryuu got me awesome Potato and Wink up, and Arashi nakasha? (unofficial photobook) when in Japan <3. I have them only for few days now, but they were bought last year. So GREAT *__* I have the Potato with Arashi-sleeping shoot *__*, and the way Shige´s PhotoShigenic looks like in that sea of color and gay makes me want to learn Japanese only so I can read it. Also I felt as a total pedophile because both those magazines are full of Juniors mainly. It was disturbing, all those young boys trying to act all – sexy is it?

I know these were scanned, but I wanted to flail over my own scans, though I remembered too late and managed to scan only very little. )
It´s good I don´t want to make living by scanning, I suck at it. It was the first time using that scanner, but I am just too weak to squish those pages down enough for the scans to be really good . . .

Which brings me to the fact that Arashi 10 year anniversary concert is out but it is split in like 30 parts in total for all the DVD (of 99 MB on MU each), and I need to find my inner zen to start downloading that. Until then I will watch the Kanjani8 concert! Can has time to do so?

I start working tomorrow again, but that is more than okay. Yay for paced return!!! Two days only this week . . .

Right, now, I had not been able to resist and asked [livejournal.com profile] myxstorie for a colour. I should have known better. She gave me purple!!! I . . . I have issues with purple. IDK how many of you have ever been in a catholic church during the Lent, but during that time the cross is covered in the very exact purple that has become so fashionable in the past few years. No matter where I see it, that is my first thought: God dying for me and that I should repent for my sins. I can´t fight the 8 years of catholic school in my system. Anyway, I have gotten over the trauma to some extent in a past year or so, so there are some things, but TEN???

here is what I managed to come up with )
If someone still didn´t get any color to list 10 things in it which she/he loves, comment and ask me for one, I will happily oblige!

Also if you are still looking for a partner in crime for [livejournal.com profile] je_devilorangel, hook-ups are here. Some clarifications about themes from SM-kun himself are here!. Don´t let their existence discourage you! And this was wayyyyyy too long, sorry <3

EDIT, I am a fail! HAPPY BIRTHDAY [livejournal.com profile] einji!!!
lol in sync with "my color", I hope you had a good day <3
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I was tagged by [profile] creamy_amande  to do this ABC meme and I finally got around to do it. I am sorry it took so long.

my personal alphabet ...  )

Other thing, I want to share with you today, is a photo book scans. My sister ([livejournal.com profile] chivakaza ) was in London for about a week and to me it seems she spent most of her time searching for and then exploring Japanese shops (not that I´m complaining).
She brought an Arashi photo book for me, it has all kind of stuff in there, it ranges from year 2007 to late 2008, from what I can tell there are even pics from 2008/2009 countdown in there. It is a great one and I wanted to share. Unfortunately it didn´t work out as I thought it would.

Preview (sorry a bit baised one):

Arashi is pure love ...  )

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I was asked to write down my Arashi Top 10 songs

.... and of course I ended up with 11 of them )


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