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I’ve been piling up fandom stuff I wanted to flail or just talk about, and now it is all old news and there might be too much.

lovely I really like Kinki Kid’s Time. I am not sure why because it sounds a bit "electro" to me, but I guess it has something with all the instrumental in the background.

moviecamera KAT-TUN's 156th CM song is making me cringe because there’s tons of auto-tune, but I love the running in the CM itself. Like any other fangirl I supposed. There have been .gifs of Nakamaru and Ueda that made me go *___*, but now they are gone ;__; If you have them, please please link me?

shirtWhite shirt is what makes man look great. AnAn knows this. That I like this picture of Ryo is not that surprising. That I like Kame in this one is more of a shock. Turtle-chan also scared me to death recently because I was subjected to a .gif of him rolling up his sleeves (wearing trousers and tucked in WHITE shirt) and I found him HOT. I should probably be thankful for the loss of that .gif.

pencilI love this interview. Ueda is on a fan service strike clearly. The mentions of Nakamaru and Kanjani8 are great. Not to mention him saying K8 was fun made me think he had loads of fun ogling Ryo’s ass during Marching J. I have linked that picture before, but I can do it again ;D.

penI was going to pimp the possibility of mini-reel that is now a reality. Claim post is this way. I fail, lol.

cakeOh and then there is loads of Junba. There is this amazing bar shoot and then there are VS Arashi "kissing" caps and WHOA Jun looks great, Aiba is as gorgeous as ever and they are the biggest teases ever.

watchI had more, but the second post it got lost. But I went on tumblr again, so this is the newest addition to my Subaru/Ryo obsession, here goes KAT-TUN garden party I want to join for the pretty and there is Nakamaru working his lips?

shocku I am sorry, I am not crediting, but I mostly have no idea who. People link pictures, I try to track them down when I can save them, it's all a huge mess >.>

japaneseteaI am out. I leave you with an office rule number one:
To make your instant coffee, you deserve a fresh dose of water that has not boiled three times already in the old water kettle.

eyesIn real life, I had pictures to share but then I realized that would require somehow addressing this weekend and I just want to forget it. So I’ll just say there was cake.

this one I just found so credit to onigishi@tumblr
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I watched The guests of room #O and loved it. Most likely because it was fun and light and short but also had a purpose, and well I am a softie, so Shige´s story made me cry. And I cracked every time I caught a sight of Ryo, MatsuJun and later Shige hanging on the wall of the room.

I kind of want a Yoko/Shige fic because of it. Where we learn Yoko´s story and possibly his score, and where hot, perfect doctor appears to lecture him again ;D. Or something.


the middle one )


Right that is how I feel about the fact I´ll have no internet starting tonight at midnight until . . . I have no clue when because my landlord is just a piece of work. I don´t even want to go into detail, but [livejournal.com profile] jrockurisumasu deadline is approaching, so I need to be a freaking mod, and [livejournal.com profile] je_holiday will eventually start posting, and if I still have no internet then, I´ll cry. And those three caps are possibly the most awesome moment of Room Zero. Forgive me the not so gentle cut.

Tl;dr: Sorry for not being around in the next idk how many days! Mail me! I´ll cheat and answer from work ;D
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This made me smile today. Ryo and Massu being totally cute. And Massu is hot. Just saying.

ryo massu

And Ryo never stop being dork. How is this sexy again? LOL.

In other fandom news, I have read an awesome Arsenal/Ace fic yesterday (*__* I mean that was the whole point of 8uppers, right?) and the got a lesson on how to write kissing scenes, courtesy of Ryo/Ohkura. I can´t wait to see the new KAT-TUN PV, omg why is there still so much time left and Eighto concert pictures are so hilarious even by their very high standards!

I also miss “my fandom.” I lived a lot on short subbed clips of whichever of the groups I follow, but lately no one (to my knowledge) subs KAT-TUN related stuff at all, NEWS are scarce and none of the Arashi subbing groups I follow sub their variety really (and I gave up trying to get into the million new ones). This was how I enjoyed my fandom the most; I hardly ever have time to catch up on scans and translations and this way my gateway. I miss it so much ;__;

One more fandom related thing, me and Rin are conducting an experiment of some sort (or just looking for a reason to write together again), so there is a poll on my writing community. If you wanted to fill it out and for whatever reason did not do so just yet. Here is your chance ->->-> paperclip <-<-<-! Yes we call stuff we write epic.

In real life news, I moved, gained a flatmate and this Monday I started working. The normal at least 8 hours (plus 30 min. lunch break) a day, grown up, regular job. more on job and the thing called RL )

Before I wish you good rest of the weekend, I have one more thing. I realize this journal, while it is still fandom based, is more and more my personal, real life related place. I have no clue how many of you are interested in that, and I know my fandom related posts are sucky and scarce lately. I’m always behind, I leave most of my flailing unsaid because I get to catch up on singles, videos and funny stuff happening way too late when all of you have moved on. I might sound annoying and boring for all I know.

So this is me telling you that if you just skip over my post whenever they appear on your f-list, or if they are more annoying or vexing even than anything, you have every right to defriend me.

I am sure you don’t have to be told, but some people still kind of try to be considerate or need that little push. So this is me giving you a reason.
Defriending amnesty they call it?

Here it is. No hurt feelings, no bitterness. I prefer honesty.

For those who are staying . . . I hope I can still be a good friend some way or another. If you want to know what I am up to everyday, go check out my photo journal over at [livejournal.com profile] sanslunettes. ♥
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I was not going to post since I spent every free minute I have sleeping, but then I stumbled on "the Swiss joy," so here I am. I have so many memories of Switzerland, trains, tunnels and lol tunnelling the tunnel constructions that I´m all there with Swiss miners. I remember the terribly long train ride to Ticcino quite well, and knowing that is (or will be in 5 to 7 years lol) in the past is kind of huge.

So the story goes, Swiss miners have been trying to dig the longest tunnel in the world for over a decade and today they finally made it through the whole mountain. Or the huge drill did.
Friday's breakthrough was many years in the making. Swiss voters approved the project in a series of referendums fully 20 years ago with digging on the Gotthard Base Tunnel beginning a decade ago. It has also been expensive. The Gotthard tunnel will ultimately cost €9.1 billion euros with the entire NEAT network gobbling up €17.9 billion, double original forecasts. Despite the importance of the project for the European transportation network, Swiss taxpayers are footing the vast majority of the bill.
One short article here and tons of even technical info here. THE HUGE DRILL IS HUGE! just saying.

Today I called my mom and said something about it being JUST 5 days since we left the cabin. IT´S BEEN ONLY FIVE DAYS! It feels like ages ago. This was the most eventful and the craziest week in . . . a very very long time.

I´m currently babysitting, not only my brother but his friend too, and they keep on arguing over Monopoly. It´s driving me crazy, and I don´t want to play policeman anymore. I was totally conned by my parents. I can´t even be surprised. LOL.

Today I also acquired a paper with my criminal records. Which means there is a header and then a huge empty space. It costed me 3EUR, and it was a little ridiculous since she just printed out an electronic record that says nothing, but okay . . .

I finally got a chance to look through NEWS concert pics, and ehm, I think they beat every single bad Arashi costume. KoyaShige are JUST. DISTURBING. But this is kind of hilariously wrong. Also Shige should have kept his long hair, but at least I got pictures like this or this while it lasted. Maybe I could catch up on the rest of my fandom now?

Oh YAY! KAT-TUN new single. Jin too (sometimes soon-ish anyway). And it seems [livejournal.com profile] fic_the_faith should have round two too. So YAY! overall? AND OMG KANJANI8 ON HIMITSU NO ARASHI-CHAN! ARE THEY SERIOUS? *Dies*
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shockuI was going to wait until the rest of the thesis stuff is decided but I don’t know when that is going to be since it is still not up. So here I go.

christmastreeI came back from the mountains yesterday, have a pic or three. bb can take very sucky pics and my camera was in Romania.
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NGIt´s cold even at home though I blame my body for this, I think I´m just really really nervous by now. 17 days until finals.

!!So basically I will not be around much from now on (lol not much of a new thing, right?). I might wander around, comment to your personal entries maybe, but more likely I’ll disappear. I have downloaded Ryo singing with Saito since I came back, and I’m glad Tat-chan has no concerts for some time now because I know myself and know I would want to know how he is coping but that’s it. Agh his injury is already messing with my fic exchanges plans. Not that that is the important thing to concentrate here on.

paperclipI might do something on my fic journal today or tomorrow because I feel like it; the result of it will probably come only after hiatus is over, but never say never, I’ve been known to write instead of sleeping during exams.

heartbreakoh yeah, fic, [livejournal.com profile] tatoeba wrote me a ryoda drabble here ♥ and I found something amazing in my inbox this morning ♥ ♥ ♥ if it ever goes online, I´ll be linking it for sure.

wrenchLol for a hiatus announcement, or whatever this is, it’s damn messy. Basically. I will not be around much (at all) until September 17th. If you want to get in touch with me, e-mail me or pm me (for my email address), I do check the emails twice a day, kind of with my meals, so it will not be a bother or anything, more like a nice distraction.

Off I go. tegoshidesu
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Someone commented on [livejournal.com profile] ryoda_continuum the other day, and it made my heart hurt a bit. DAMN the unfinished thing bugs me. I was thinking of taking it up myself, but yeah the number of exchanges together with real life stuff is just not making it any better.

Speaking of, there is a [livejournal.com profile] jent_bigbang community now, and I’m tempted to sign up only to finish the Ryoda rock band AU that I started to write a year ago! Sobs. It would mean an incentive to finish and possibly a fanart to go with it, but I’m thinking I should finish it sooner than next January.

Once I finish NEWSFicOn! I will have only rainbowbridge fic to write and I guess holls if I sign up, but that seems ages from now. Still it feels like this year I will write only for exchanges and challenges. Something went terribly wrong. I also have a feeling that once I actually manage to graduate (if I manage to-that is) and find a job, I will not have half as much time as I have now or had in the past.

So here is my pledge, though I have no clue how and when I will achieve this.
pencil I will finish my ryoda rock band AU this year.
wrench I will write the last “promised” instalment of “trains and trails” before . . . hmm end of October just to be realistic and given everything that is to happen until then.
magnify I will pick up ryoda_continuum (unless someone wants to do that for me) and write an ending. Which might feel rushed given where the fic is, but I think it is safe to say that this project turned very unsuccessful and I hate unfinished multichapter fics, so it needs to be done.

I know I will have an urge to write for memes and my friends and just because fandom is one huge fiction all the time but I will try to concentrate on these projects before I write anything else. I will not say I won’t post anything else in the meantime because well I apparently write best in the middle of the night and unplanned, but these things need to somehow get done. Well I can only hope I will have Sundays free once I start working.

To balance out all these weird fic talks, there was the 5 questions meme going around ages ago and I have asked [livejournal.com profile] imifumei for some questions back then and never posted answers. So I guess I am finally answering them, to keep the tradition of really really long posts going.

to the questions )

Oh right, I forgot. There is this Ryoda . . . hmm. The kind of pointless killing in the background makes my like for it a bit dubious, but the rest of it is awesome, so I am linking it after all.

Im now off to bottle some peaches. Again.
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So the meme that no one really wanted to play with me. I am going to at least answer the question that are given in one of the versions of this craziness.

First, write down the names of 12 characters (it's best when they're all from the same fandom). Then read and answer the questions.

here is my list:
1. Ryo
2. Shige
3. Subaru
4. Yamapi
5. Nakamaru
6. Ueda
7. Jin
8. Kame
9. Nino
10. Yoko
11. Jun
12. Ohkura

It is quite conventional (boring) list, and some of the combinations the meme came up with are totally normal but I had fun for most part.

Answers are all under the cut )

If you got to the end, you are my hero. Beth also asked me to blog about Favourite type of underwear, so you can look forward to that one of these days.

I have finished Trains and Trails part 3 in the break today, and so my beta will indeed have two parts to go through next Monday. I kind of want to talk about part 3 with someone but idk what I would ask to begin with anyway.

Back to thesis rewriting.
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cakeHappy birthday to [livejournal.com profile] goldfreckledcake

I´m late for which I am sorry, but yeah the drabbles waiting for you on [livejournal.com profile] pillow_verse were only 3 minutes late. I swear it has become my trait lately, be about 3 minutes late . . .

Here´s a random super hot Ohkura for you

I´m actually totally planing a picspam with this man because I´ve been stumbling upon his hotness in all kinds of form lately and lol I have tons of Ryo/Ohkura pics, I feel like smirking at how gay Ryo is for the man. LOL who isn´t?

In other news:
I have nothing much to say actually )
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I´ve been staring at one particular wip of mine for two weeks now not being able to write a word. I DO NOT want to move on. I want this one done. Le sigh, will try tomorrow again. I kind of want to discuss it with someone but the one person I want to discuss it with, I can´t. How pathetic.

I´ve been also trying to come up with ideas for DOA so that when me and my partner “talk” about it next time, I´m of some use. I´m blank though. Lol maybe that actually is a way to approach our story.

My mother strikes again this week (before I even got home). Sometimes I wonder why I do it to myself. Like why do I teach her how to use gtalk when that´s the only thing I have on almost all the time, sometimes even when I´m not really online.
I´m so tired of seeing a scheme behind every single word and action. I´m even more tired of then finding out that there really is one (scheme) behind it. It´s pathetic. I´m pathetic. I usually manage to guess what scheme is being cooked as well, though I have to give my mom credit for still being able to plot things far beyond my imagination, for still being able to surprise me. Well at least I know where my own comes from. And I have always thought it was my father´s genes where the (little) creativity I have came from.

I got rid (sorry for my choice of verb) of all terminally sick and psychically unstable people related cases at work and have been told not to come this week anymore (lol again). I´m glad I didn´t read any new unsettling story before leaving. I´m not sure if I can handle those stories hunting me for more than a weekend.

Ok, something positive, I was on a sugar date with my friend today. Tons of sugar and gossip. <3 Only it´s not even gossip anymore, it´s just "listen to this craziness and be happy you are still sane, single (not divorced with 2 small kids), not in prison for tax fraud and have enough brain not to walk home at 4 am at night alone and taking the most dangerous route." LOL we clearly needed to assure ourselves of our own normalcy.

Normalcy, right, K8 at their best. I suck at fast screen-capping.

Also what I love about this:

1. Maru will never be bad ass
2. There is Ryo (and omg Yassu totally beams at him, as does Ohkura btw, all of them are beaming actually)
3. Ohkura wears pink furry hoodie
4. Well hmmm … Yassu, I don´t know how to call that overall/night/dwarf gown he is wearing, but it is red and white. He also has purple shoes on.
(I really do suck at screen-capping)I want a rip of the Yassu/Subaru duet and Yoko´s solo (because everyone´s in it ;D)Does anyone have a set list? There are few things I can´t identify and really want to!
See I totally ended on a positive note!
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>> My eyes have been kind of annoyingly dry these past few days so I am actually stirring clear of PC at times . . . Sorry if I am slow on IM, or irresponsive or annoyed *le sigh

>> I´ve started watching Tokyo DOGS ( I know, I know they´re passé) and I do not get the hype. AT ALL. Will give them another try later.

>> I still haven´t seen K8 Countdown concert or Arashi Anniversary one (haven´t even downloaded it). I actually really want to but that is a long time in front of PC screen, they will have to wait.

>> I wanted to link these JWebs, though I have no clue why, probably because of Ueda´s randomness.

>> I changed the background for my layout, do not feel like sugary stripes atm, but I do not like this one either. Any suggestions?

>> In the mean time I have returned to old fashioned books. Hercule Poirot ♥ And I have Time Traveler´s Guide with me in Brno, but that is not happiest book, from what I hear, so I will need a bit more courage for that.

>> Went to work today. I remembered why I don´t want to do this for real. LOL But my boss is as great as ever, the good coffee in cafeteria as cheap as it has always been and I can has my good friend for company gossip and useless chatter over the said coffee every day *__*
The President was there today to pick up the Annual Report. It was funny, all those people with earphones. And I got stared at, I am pretty sure I wasn´t supposed to be wandering the stairs at one point, but no one has really told us. I had to get to my office somehow. LOL @ the glares and all. :DDD I also think it is amusing that the President comes to get the report to the seat of Ombudsman (across the country from his own seat) rather than Ombudsman taking the report there (since it is officially handed over personally and all that). Do you know that saying about a mountain and Mohamed?

>> I am struggling with motivation letters. Want to write no more!

I´ve just uploaded some Slovak music for Crys, so if anyone wants to try, they may:

all of it is under the cut because this entry got ridiculously long once again! )

>> When I was linking Crys to Slovak music, I realized how much of it is about texts for me. I have remembered why Slovak language is so amazing and I actually like it (or Czech really). It´s so free and we play with words and expressions so much, we can do so much more compared to English!

>> When we are at it, I have finally listened to the One OK Rock single and as expected it is just great!

>> Right – writing! I am friends with [livejournal.com profile] indian_monsoon! It all happened in the comment of my useless porn (or the Untitled 3k one as I affectionately call it). The impromptu Shige diary (that he would write after attending the You&Jin concert, fan-boying over Ryo and Jin and sleeping with Jin, while Ryo watches after the concert) that happened in comments there still has me laughing ♥ We were psychic, cause Shige´s diary is back for his Sabu Drama too *__*

>> Also do not forget Devil and Angel sign ups are closing this WEDNESDAY! So far there is 8 teams signed up, and SM-kun is loving it! Including the team names!
Rin and I have come up with one too, eventually, and I am laughing so hard because I was going to suggest using Madly and to play around with the comedic duo´s name Falling in Love. While I was typing it to my IM, she had done the same <33333 Can you tell I am excited?

Hook-ups here – there are people still looking for someone to team up with
Sign-ups are here!

>> And finishing up by coming back to my Untitled 3k porn (which actually has title and seemed to made someone content so I guess it wasn´t that useless after all). Here is a chart that while I think wasn´t originally meant for fanfiction writing, it applies wonderfully! I do not want to put down mine or anyone else’s writing. I do like vague and fuzzy details, I tend to leave things open (not necessarily ending - reasons is more like it) open, leaving it up to readers to create it in their minds. But sometimes there is just nothing to get. Especially if I am just fighting bad mood by writing silly porn ;D


Courtesy of wonderful [livejournal.com profile] cateris who actually knew exactly what I want from her <333

PS: If you are confused about my icon, you should quickly go and find out (hint-click the previous entry button) I want to exchange all of my icons actually, but I am too lazy to get it done properly


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