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I should be doing (and posting) other things, but well . . . it's always the random stuff.

I REALLY REALLY WANT THE REMIX OF MY Tangles of what is left behind. I want the ryoda side of the story. SO BAD!!!

lol okay, thought process:

This rumor surfaced and made me laugh a lot:
Akanishi Jin plans to have an open bar, live in Okinawa and quit the entertainment industry [source]

All I can think of is how I've written that. Only not because it's not Hawaii and not a hotel and Jin has a wife in RL. STILL! I see parallels. But what I really want is the Ryoda in that story anyway. Now I just keep thinking about it (again).

Let's not talk about all the other things my brain came up with when reading that rumor (Mesia earning all the money - because taiga dorama next year, Jin on paternity leave, not wearing underwear ever again (effective birth control I hear) . . . )

Also I love Junno a lot (re his 10 000 words interview) and I handed in my FQF today with the lamest name ever.

Off to do the important stuff. ♥



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I don't have time for this. There's 100 and 5 things on my to do list plus I'm home which means PC is thought of as evil. Slovakia also won semifinals, so tonight I'm watching as we get trashed by the Russian Super Mario team (I mean Malkin or Ovechking, or whatever).

But this seems fun. It might take me a few days but

Give me a pairing and I will tell you:

what was their first kiss like?
where were they their first time having sex?
who’s louder?
who wakes up first?
favorite form of foreplay?
who performs/receives oral more often?
what kink they most often use?
who more often tries new things?
if they had to choose a third (or more) person to include who would it be?
favorite toy?
is there a certain thing one of them can’t have sex without?
their general feelings on sex in the relationship?
how careful are they about using protection?
a fantasy of one that the other will never be able/willing to fulfill?
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pencilSo there's a fic feedback meme. Here's my thread if you feel like finally telling me how much I need improvement. I can take it!

computerAlso "Megaupl-gate". All the files, all gone. Also ACTA, they say it should make providers (much more) liable for the content uploaded by all their user, which would be pretty crazy. Here's the draft. I haven't seen that specifically, but I can see how countries could implement measures leading to it? I just skimmed, mind you. HAHAHA injunction in roman law legal systems. Yeah, will stop blabbing now.

paperclipBehind the cut, there are the answers to yet unanswered questions from the meme/poll post I did some time ago. I still have to do the "sharing portion" of it. And I will, but I thought there was enough for one post with just answering questions <3

here be all the answers )
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cakeI keep forgetting to ask, does any of you have a good pancakes recipe? Probably the typical milk and butter pancakes.

!?I know I can google it and I will find bazillion of them. Which is WHY I'm asking in the first place. I'd prefer to try something that someone I know has a good experience with . . .

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Happy New Year!!!

Year 2011 was a pretty crazy one. But you know, I'm 25, so this is okay. I wouldn't have it any other way :D Now, I just have to remind this to myself when 2012 continues the trend. Bring it on! I mean. It's shaping to be pretty awesome already, what with flight tickets to Japan already booked.

Anyway, everyone, really have a good one!
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shocku Christmas it is over . . . so much hassle for . . . oh well. The hilarious moment came when me and my mother forgot to add in the presents for me (I - the shoes and she - the bag she promised to get me to go with the shoes) underneath the Christmas tree and had to go put them in while my brother was already distributing them. /fail.

christmastreeThis year, our Christmas tree was a gift from one of my father's business partners (owner of a gardening place), so it was kind of small by our standard. Different type of tree too. BUT it was super symmetrical and thick branched. Just different . . .

heartbreakWe also survived, with only little of tears on my mother's part (when crackers for dinner on December 25th were mentioned) being apart from my sister ♥ There's the next year to be all together again :D

pencilHols finished posting, and I have mixed feelings this year. Le sigh, not much of my cup of coffee. Though I think not many people could guess what I wrote (unless I told them) in this exchange, if only because not that many of you on my f-list would actively pick that fic to read. Does any of you want to try? I might drabble for you if you guess right? I just . . . *grumbles grumbles* LOL, sorry, I'm just all fidgety still.

eyesAnyway, got woken up by my work colleague today. To be fair it was 10 am, so no harm done, but he was mildly confused by my just-woken-up/sex-line-operator voice. It was funny. The aim for the rest of the vacation - do only the work I actually planned to do during my vacation, not the stuff constantly landing in my mail box.

mistNo snow this year, it feels so strange . . .

DD:I swear this post had a purpose, but I think I forgot all about it when I saw Rupert Grint in a music video. For a moment it looked like he was the one singing it (because I am only watching from the corner of my eye) and my mind was sufficiently . . . fucked. Anyway, the song's here, I like Rupert and the song is one of those I don't mind having on in the background when I just exist, so sharing :D

phone1How's everyone? I feel weirdly detached from you.

!!Also sign up for [livejournal.com profile] fic_the_faith ;D

I am weak

Dec. 11th, 2011 09:48 pm
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heart1 new hair; it looks cute, what the . . .
rice 9 working days left till Christmas vacation
plane flight ticket to Japan booked!!!! April 27 2012 - May 8 2012

heart love meme, my thread. I really, really promise to come out of this constant string of chores and work and doctors and flat hunting (OMG!) and comment on your threads on this and the time capsule meme sometimes right before Christmas. It'll be like really late, pleasant surprise?

moneybagOnly 9 days of crazy. I am already planning tasks for January and planning what I will do work wise during the vacation, BUT! *just keep swimming*fish


Dec. 8th, 2011 10:35 pm
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!!Breaking ou of the hiatus or something because of this meme. Chances are if I don't do this now, I will have forgotten by the time I'll be back on LJ fully. Anyway, I've never done something like this before, and it sounds really nice, so:


teardropI have no words for this week. When I texted my mom, she had neither, lol. Anyway maybe I will come back to some events of it before holidays, at least briefly, but for now, packing and then sleep.

shockuOH WAIT!

shinkansenI'm going home by train tomorrow. Aside from 4 hours on one train and 30 minutes on another, I also have an hour to spend on the train station in between. I should be working, but I know I'll probably be too dead to do so after a whole day of catching up. I could write. This is not a request post, but if you have an idea, a prompt, something, leave it here. Inspire me. I have four hours; maybe I'll pick something up. (Whether you leave me the preferred characters is up to you ;D)

Is it true Ueda's character in Runaway speaks in Kansai dialect? /relevant to my nonexistent ship
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hourglassI wanted to post today, then I looked at the clock and it's past 9 pm and ugh.

bellLife's been pretty intense on many fronts lately. I can't even go into details, really, it just makes my head spin. I'm told that the work front is like this every end of the year (because of everyone tying the knots they ignored all year), but the rest of it is just all badly timed, lol.

^_^;;My hols is still not finished, and the intense life seems to have scheduled itself for at least another two weeks (and I dread that more scheduling is ahead of me).

rainSo I give up (just a little). I do loom around, but I can't keep up most of the time and there's no meaning in frantically scrambling to.

movieA little hiatus is in order. I should be back before Christmas. (I want to post pics from when Kari was here, damn it D:) I'm missing loads of fandom flail and there will be no point in talking about random life joys (very, very shady pubs and cards) when they are one month old, and I'm sorry about this, but I think there's no other way.

Advent's here. This is the part I like about it.

not red this year, LE GASP

heart1LOL Count on me to make a Hiatus post way too long to read. I might pop up on your journals to comment if my evening state of total blank exhaustion permits. See you around!!!
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I just felt like coming out of my hole for this.

Now excuse me while I go back to my corner thinking very, very dirty and inappropriate and cheesy thoughts.
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So I'm just going to beg here, since I failed at this project being a secret a long time ago.

The fic I mentioned yesterday is done. It's over 20 000 words, so it is a complete monster. I can't ever publish this without a proper beta, but yeah, I have no clue where to find one for such a long thing. Help? I'd offer a newborn, but I believe it's already taken by someone who beta read for me before. Just like most of my internal organs.

Help? If you know of anyone I could beg, that would help too.
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shockuIf you are wondering where I am these days, I'm still hiding in my corner where things are shiny, sparkly and magical and how they were a month ago (also where the NEWS - KAT-TUN rumor did not happen)

pencilI might also be struggling with my second help_japan fic that is currently around 16 000 words and still not done. This frustrates me because I didn't want to write such a monster. I feel a little bad for making anyone read that, especially the "recipient". Even more so because it touches so many things I usually avoid. Hello drama, where did you come from? Oh wait arrowup eyes

heart1Anyway what got me out of the whole is this meme.

PROJECT FULL INBOX: People love getting lots of emails, so let's use this week to fill up the inboxes of friends with random things to brighten their days! Comment here saying you want a FULL INBOX so I can begin plotting my attack, then put this in your journal so your friends can let you know that they want a full inbox from you. Whether it is a ton of random comments on entries, pointless PMs, or emails with questionable gifs attached, let's have a week of full inbox fun!

!!I will however move the week when the spamming from me happens to next week because this one is quite busy and it would be pointless to even try.

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I last posted 20 days ago. Scary! Anyway there has been very little people reacting to my posts lately. While I try to not let it get to me, especially when I rumble about my private life, when I flail about fandom and nothing happens, it kind of saddens me. I need people to flail with. Anyway, the point is. If you do not read my entries and skip over them, do us both a favour and defriend me. Thank you very much.

Now that the bitching part is over, I have been all over the place in those 20 days. There has been plenty I wanted to post about, but then some things happened that made me draw back a little. I apologize for not commenting on your posts guys, I have seen several picture posts and such *____* so just know that I'll try to get back on track again.

Anyway, bullet points :
* I've gone to see fireworks; and have been on a boat trip and to a castle; basically I'm saying good bye to Brno, and it is sinking in that I am leaving. I admit, it is scary, but such is life.

* There has been my PC giving me blue screen and all kinds of messed up messages so I have it reinstalled and lost all my bookmarks ;____; I also lost that set of cute Japanese emot-icons. If someone still remembers how to install them, I'll be the happiest kid on the block.

* Most importantly, I have packed my stuff here and moved most of it to Prague this weekend (forgot the camera at home, which is why pictures to follow are kind of sucky):

<3 My parents picked me and my stuff up in Brno on Saturday, and on our way to Prague we stopped to eat in some village off highway. They had a tree that is 500 - 600 years old.
See under the cut! )

O.O We arrived to Prague and proceeded to get stuck in a NEW elevator in my apartment building with the mother of the owner of that apartment who panicked, turned red and started to talk about forgetting her medication for high blood pressure. It took 45 minutes to get us out of there. Click the cut for picture of "my" calming medication:
baileyyyys )

D: I found my new room not ready and the apartment in a mess (my new roommates did not leave me any space in the fridge or the bathroom and did not bother even washing the dishes before they left for the weekend). So no pictures yet and our first talk will be an interesting one.

Then we proceeded to wander around Prague and eat and have coffee and all around good time. My parents snuck me into their hotel room so I stayed there for the night, which was a great thing given the state of my room.
Pics taken on Charles bridge under the cut )

:D today we dropped the rest of the bags off - thankfully the elevator worked already - and left Prague because it was raining there.
Under the cut are two more random pictures )

Anyway in the very little fandom news:
!!! DOA deadline is approaching and I am trying not to panic over not hearing anything from most of the teams.
I had a historic ryoda fic written for me
??? today I came back to concrit meme, so here's my thread, please don't be gentle.

That is all. I am off to find a place where they'll fix my bike in Brno and then collapse because I am soooo tired. I am leaving Brno for good this Thursday and I hope the rest of the move will go smoothly. Talk to you from Prague <3
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I think the point of that picture was the sickeningly blaring pink (not going well with the serious image my work place is trying to go for). Clearly I need to get my camera functioning again because the phone pictures suck.

I think I also got a ride home for this Friday. It's good my friends are not as forgetful as I am.

And I just realized how wrong the title can be read. It has nothing with DV though. Not at all.
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eyesI think I actually had a post planned for tonight, but now I don't remember what it was about.

!!Sign ups for [livejournal.com profile] je_devilorangel close tonight if you are still wavering ;D The turn out so far is great.

kiddingI remembered one thing! I have new friends *____* welcome! There's an intro post though you probably already knew that if you wanted to know. To the future wine!

NGIn flash news, the company I interviewed with this week didn't let me know yet, and it may mean they have chosen someone else and won't even let me know. All in all, given how big of a rush they've been in, it is very likely that I am out, so that is what I am expecting if they DO let me know.

moneybagI spent most of today shopping or more like getting myself to the mall and back from it. The ride was actually beautiful and the bus took a road I've never took before. I didn't even mind it was a 40 minutes long ride with a stop on every corner. At the mall, I gave myself a headache in the second clothes store and I have not found shoes yet again. But I have one new shirt and new jeans since the old ones fell apart. I don't wear jeans that often anymore, given I don't wear casual stuff like that to work, but yeah they were needed. The tax refund came at the right time.

cakeI've been mostly bumming around since I came home, and I don't plan on doing much else than finishing Arashi Scene concert today. (I know I am an awful fan for taking this long to watch, but it is long and shiny and distracting so I can't watch it and do something else at the same time. BUT what I saw yesterday is AWESOME, and I do not get why I was on such an arashi diet up till now.) And so I am snatching a meme from [livejournal.com profile] ryogrande that looks fun and less lethal than asking for quick drabble prompts, an idea that crossed my mind briefly. (I have fics to write, you guys, I know, I am so glad this came around)

Give me a character from any fandom I know at least fairly well, and I will tell you:

B) The runner up
C) The anti-ship
D) My unpopular/fannish opinion on said character
E) One person he/she never fell in love with, and why.

heart1Let's have some fun!

riceOh, I'm making curry rice tomorrow, but I don't have the instant curry cubes, so technically I am making t from the scratch. I have a curry paste and I have the curry spice (and have yet to decide how exactly I am doing this), so if you have an advice for me, I will gladly read some ;D
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So, my [livejournal.com profile] fic_the_faith fic is AMAZING! It's Maruda, an established one at that. Has some aweosme stuff, some really hilarious stuff, some breath taking stuff and some really really hot stuff. I like together fics but I love established equally as much, damn it, because that dynamic different and leaves me feeling really comfortable. So this was a very nice bonus. LOL this might be as long as my comment on it, and I fully intent to redeem that this weekend, but I needed to get it out again. I flailed just thinking about the fic today in the bus on my way to work. I was going to say I must have gotten really lucky with who wrote for me this year then I remembered I was there when matching people up. LOL. Good job me. (okay this might have sounded weird.)

I almost forgot to link the fic, so it is here

Anyway I've read a couple of fics posted so far just now and they are all amazing, so I am really happy. BUT it got me thinking. I want your opinion. Do you think 4 fics a day, 5 days of posting is a good solution? As in do you think maybe the posting should go slower?

I'm asking because this being a one group exchange, maybe I should reconsider the system for the future. I know people all like different stuff, so they may pick and chose, but I usually make exceptions for exchanges and venture even into pairings I would not read otherwise. Also people in this exchange have been amazing in mostly including the rest of the group so that is A LOT of KAT-TUN in quite intense doses. Not to mention there is several fics going well over 10k.

I know people get anxious about their fic, want the fics for them and things may feel like dragging if posting goes for too long, but maybe idek 6 or 7 days for 20 fics would be better. 3 fics a day? Would it make a difference? Would you read more, feel less overwhelmed if that happened. Tell me in comments. I would really appreciate it.

For the lazy people I have a poll.

[Poll #1722110]

a plea

Mar. 9th, 2011 10:46 pm
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I seem to fail at finding a beta for my ftf. So before I go and try to ask people who I don't know, I'm asking my friend's list openly even though I know most of you are swamped with one thing or another and am not really expecting anyone to volunteer. Still I though I should at least try.
The only thing I can say here (other than the fic being obviously KAT-TUN) is that it is not short >.< which probably means it is pretty screwed up and I'd prefer native speaker (though I probably am in no position to be picky.) I would be willing to sell my foot or a kidney for this. Please?
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This will bug me forever. Why randomly ask and then have no reaction to the answer?

[livejournal.com profile] jrockurisumasu started posting. I´m, I mean Naughty reindeer is about to code the day two

My oven won´t start up for the reasons unknown to me, and I might have to cancel my baking (and most importantly chilling) Sunday because of it because I do not want to talk to my Landlord and I doubt he would just rush over and fix it anyway. And I can´t have the thing I bought for tonight´s dinner.

My mother´s plans for the days until Christmas made me think I actually don´t want to go home for Christmas

I might have found a way to solve the incredible cold that I experience every day in my office

Oh yeah, I have internet again, it is incredibly crappy and keeps disappearing, but most of the time I am online

Catching up on my flist was overwhelming (the 10 days meme contained sooo much info on you guys)

I saw my thread on the love meme. Thank you ♥

Budapest was . . . idk something undefined

I almost fell asleep on the bus from work today and that is scary

I am FINALLY doing laundry

I am not in a good place, I guess

So I am off to wallow in some more idk what and I´ll talk to you all when I get over myself again
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I watched The guests of room #O and loved it. Most likely because it was fun and light and short but also had a purpose, and well I am a softie, so Shige´s story made me cry. And I cracked every time I caught a sight of Ryo, MatsuJun and later Shige hanging on the wall of the room.

I kind of want a Yoko/Shige fic because of it. Where we learn Yoko´s story and possibly his score, and where hot, perfect doctor appears to lecture him again ;D. Or something.


the middle one )


Right that is how I feel about the fact I´ll have no internet starting tonight at midnight until . . . I have no clue when because my landlord is just a piece of work. I don´t even want to go into detail, but [livejournal.com profile] jrockurisumasu deadline is approaching, so I need to be a freaking mod, and [livejournal.com profile] je_holiday will eventually start posting, and if I still have no internet then, I´ll cry. And those three caps are possibly the most awesome moment of Room Zero. Forgive me the not so gentle cut.

Tl;dr: Sorry for not being around in the next idk how many days! Mail me! I´ll cheat and answer from work ;D
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I have somehow survived the week of doom. And Saturday would have been a really lovely day, had I not have to interact with my mother via emails. But I woke up today, and one of the first things I saw was THE lollipop, and I decided I will try to selectively forget the end of my yesterday.

I have my advent wreath! I want one more thing which is what is here called a Christmas rose, for both my flat and my work actually, but I’ll see if I actually manage to shed the money for that. ;__; OMG money. Right.

I managed to talk to my ♥ co-mod today, and it’s not like I had any doubt, but we are now gearing up for another round of [livejournal.com profile] fic_the_faith! YAY! Sign-ups will start somewhere mid December and whoever participates will get their assignment only sometimes in January, so I think that is enough of time to kind of take a breather from exchanges . . .

Now, I was NOT going to do a wish-list for many reasons one of them being the fact I honestly don’t think I’ll get around to fulfilling much (or more like any) from others this December. You may call me a little selfish, but it might also have something to do with all the exchanges this year and that I plan to write more or less for myself only if I write in December. Which means, fluff, probably RyoDa, not much plot, easy, things none of you ladies craving plots are into. If I write . . . because I should be writing about Protocol 14 of ECHR and let me tell you that will take some time.

But then I keep thinking I want lots of things. I mean the material ones. Which none of you can fulfil obviously. Right now, I can only think of about half of the stuff I came up in the past two weeks. It has a lot to do with the fact I moved and lack things I had at home. Even if my family asked, I would probably go, “I don’t know what I want . . . anything is fine.” So this first wish list is in reality a list of things I’ll be saving up for from now on. If I manage to save up ever . . . And I figured it might cheer me up somehow making this list (don´t ask about the logic behind that), so I went for it.

very materialistic list of things that will keep making me broke in the next few months )

Now on the fandom/fic front, it is much easier. And so I am listing those ones as well )

!!Well that was easy. Now, to be serious. You people make me happy all year long. I suck most of it, and I am happy you tolerate me, so the biggest Christmas present for me will be if you keep being awesome pie as you are. And I demand that any of you that will get anywhere in 200 km radius of Brno will let me know, because chances are I will attempt to meet you.

Now, a little announcement. Since my landlord is kind of a douche at times, I might not have internet for a while starting December 1st. The old contract for this flat is ending, and he said he´d take care of it, but I haven’t heard anything about it ever since, and I got tired of writing him emails he won’t answer. I will still tweet random things like I am cold/pissed/hungry from work on occasions and I will abuse the internet there to at least check my email so if there is anything you want me to know, mail me! Or maybe he will surprise us. Have a good week!


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