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Okay, never mind, I just want to do this.


Or something like that.

paperclipComment with a pairing AND a prompt/situation/kink/combination of the three, and I’ll see if I can give you a section or two of it.

impactThis is KAT-TUN/NEWS/Kanjnani8 only and I won’t porn Junno and Tegoshi, sorry. Also LOL I haven’t written many of K8 but I’m willing to try. The same goes for most of the kinks. You never know.

heartbreakYou may give me as many prompts as you want (in separate comments) and I may chose not to write any of them ;D This is for fun, pigs can fly.



Dec. 8th, 2011 10:35 pm
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!!Breaking ou of the hiatus or something because of this meme. Chances are if I don't do this now, I will have forgotten by the time I'll be back on LJ fully. Anyway, I've never done something like this before, and it sounds really nice, so:


teardropI have no words for this week. When I texted my mom, she had neither, lol. Anyway maybe I will come back to some events of it before holidays, at least briefly, but for now, packing and then sleep.

shockuOH WAIT!

shinkansenI'm going home by train tomorrow. Aside from 4 hours on one train and 30 minutes on another, I also have an hour to spend on the train station in between. I should be working, but I know I'll probably be too dead to do so after a whole day of catching up. I could write. This is not a request post, but if you have an idea, a prompt, something, leave it here. Inspire me. I have four hours; maybe I'll pick something up. (Whether you leave me the preferred characters is up to you ;D)

Is it true Ueda's character in Runaway speaks in Kansai dialect? /relevant to my nonexistent ship
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I´m craving fic. No one is writing any. my hols is in beta [square] and every one of the projects I should be working on is too complex to start at 8:30 when I am falling off my feet.

SO what the heck, PROMPT ME! KAT-TUN minus Junno in anything romantic, NEWS minus Tego in anything romantic. You all know what I like to write, right? I work best with word/sentence/plot bunnies prompts. Anything I feel like writing tonight will get written. I will pick and choose and I won´t guarantee anything past this evening. I´ll try to keep it drabble-length. LOL I´ll go to sleep in about two hours? Let´s try this.
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Quick update. Life goes on, and sometimes I do get this revelation that I will never catch up. That said, I might be little absent over the next few weeks, at least when it comes to my personal journal and IM.

Writing however goes on, I never really do stop. As for my wips progress, people all get ideas on their exchange fics and are pleased and I read about it, so here is my status. DOA writing done. Editing: Rin is dying, I try to make it a slow (and painful) death so she actually dies only after it is done. snail FQF: I have had an idea ever since I read my assignment, which probably means I will kill myself writing it. NEWSFicOn! Right, I have no clue, no concept, no story, not even a genre. Way to go girl.

My great friend passed her finals today. Just like that. All four of them, no fear because she is just like that and standing in front of a commission of four professors does nothing to her. She is amazing and has no nerves. She has stopped being a student. I´m proud of her. I´m also a bit jealous in that good way. I do not want to switch positions, I am so so so happy for her, I totally get how she is all giddy and smiley (and I´m relieved maybe even for her) but there is that small part of me . . . Let´s not go there.

I am sick and tired of revising my ____ (I believe I have a promise to keep to all of you). No more of it today.

Give me prompts or prompts and pairings and I might write a drabble or two tonight. I´m not promising anything to anyone, and I might decide I will not write at all. But writing is something that has always been my way to let go, so I will try to exploit that again. If you want to have at least a slight chance of me writing something and decide to give me a pairing, stick with NEWS, KAT-TUN and Ohkura, and do not ask for Tegoshi or Junno.

I am now going to make myself a cup of tea and . . . do something totally unproductive, not on my to do list, not something I have to or have planed, so I can get back to fulfilling and productive obligations from tomorrow morning.


oh, right, social experiment.

This is Ryo practicing . . . (lol, no seriously, fill in the blank)
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I just got an email from my "Delaware" family. It´s been so long. My "little brother" over there is graduating and owns a truck, my "little sister" is in 10th grade, a cheerleader and in swim team, and has an almost boyfriend!!! HA they all use Facebook. I might go and start using it again properly.

I dozed of staring into my PC last night and realized I really should go and get some proper sleep. I went to bed at 10:30 pm and woke up at 10:30 am. I didn´t even stir in the meantime, so yeah 12 hours, I had no idea how badly tired I really was.

I woke up with a want to write. But I do not want to start any of my projects, because what I need to write is my thesis and writing a proper fic takes time. But I saw this on my sister´s lj so I am snatching it and saying that it will be quick and short and done today as I see the requests. So shoot! NEWS and KAT-TUN (and Ohkura) only. No Tegs or Junno in a romantic pairing.

The first FIVE people to comment in this post get to request that I write a drabble of of any character or pairing of their choosing. In return, they have to post this in their journal, regardless of their ability level.

I don´t really care if you repost it or not, but it would be fun if you did.

I downloaded Saigo no Yakusoku (no link, cause it´s stormy) last night, so if all goes well today I might watch it as a reward. I woke up to sun out of my window. SUN SUN SUN SUN *___* I have missed you terribly! And I pondered a walk. A look at my sidebar however tells me that this is a typical winter sun, clear sky means cold cold cold weather. -12°C in the middle of the day!!! 10 Fahrenheits if you were wondering. I will only look at the sun today.

Have a good weekend guys!!!
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Title: Keeping me happy
Pairing: KoKame (AU, established)
Rating: PG 13
Summary: Written in the For the love of the game verse intimately and affectionately known as "that baseball AU", using a prompt of New year´s resolution. Koki keeps his promise, though he might have overdone it.

Disclaimer: It would be really fun, if I could just order them online, and in a week they would arrive in a box all plastered with signs FRAGILE on it.
No beta

Requested by/for [livejournal.com profile] chivakaza who has the advantage of being able to detail her request anytime. Basically she said: “I want more of that baseball AU.” I complied. Also this is how she likes her Kame, ok? Or at least I hope so … It was about time, I posted something else than meme ;D

This cant go on anymore. )
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Title: Airport kisses
Pairings: Jin, Kame, Pi, Ueda, Ryo in various combinations XD
Rating: G to R
Summary: Series of drabbles connected by a prompt of airport kisses
Disclaimer: It would be really fun, if I could just order them online, and in a week they would arrive in a box all plastered with signs FRAGILE on it.

A/N: For Tally. This was fun to write and so I hope you are not disappointed too much. I almost managed to avoid pron this time, almost being the key word here. Skip the last one if you are not in the mood, the rest of them is quite safe. And every author has to have "Jin leaving to US fic", sorry mine happened for your request …

5 drabbles =3 )
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I´ve been meaning to post this only when I am done with two more fics I need or have planned to write. One of them I really need to write, but it is not happening at all for me and I don´t want to force it, especially given the circumstances. I also feel a bit bumped about something I really shouldn´t feel bumped about and this is supposed to make me feel better. As for the other one, I think I will be ok once I really sit myself down to write it.

So this really is a request post, but before we proceed. What is this?

a close up:
According to me, those are really pretty blue lights in the form of stars (the unusual "plastic" looking stars, not the monotone pointy ones you see everywhere)

According to my mother, they are perfect little vaginas and she finds it ironic that these decorations were placed on a tree right next to a church. Not once, but twice. If a person knew or had the same association as my mom, then the person is damn funny and I now laugh every time I pass this or the other tree they grace. But why is it that my mom has vagina and I have star association? And what kind of visuals is my mom looking at lately to come up with this when seeing Christmas decoration? ROFL. What do you think?

For the rest of you , who do not care:


REQUEST SOMETHING! This is how it goes this time:
1. Parings, characters:
I will write KAT-TUN and NEWS, but I will NOT write Tegoshi or Junno in a romantic relationship. I am also willing to write Okhura, because he is hot, Taurus and I like him. A lot.
Some specifications:
[livejournal.com profile] resha_hime , if you are reading this, I will write you SakurAiba if you ask me to. I just hope, sometimes in the future you will crave your old fandom again, even if only to read, since I know you have no time to write anymore. Still it is always a blast with you and I am glad to have met you this year.
♥ to j-rock shippers on my friend list. I think there are exactly 3 of you, one of them being my sister. It´s Christmas and you are all great, I respect you and love you and so Die, Kaoru and (*le gasp*) Shinya are a go this time. chivakaza, this doesn´t mean you can´t request something else ;D
2. Prompt me
by a picture, word, sentence, situation, I don´t care. Just go easy on "inspirational" quotes, I don´t like them and they leave me hanging. The same goes for vague pictures of blue sky and sea blue ocean ... Think about it and try to give me something that I will look at and go: "Oh, I really want to write this *__*" I know it is hard, and i usually fail as well, but try is a key word here.
4. I don´t plan on writing too much of smut for this, but if you don´t want to receive any, tell me!!!
5. By now, you should know I don´t write serious angst, if you haven´t noticed before, now you know. Don´t expect it from me, though I sometimes slip into bittersweet.

6. And who wants to be courageous, can follow a bit of a different pattern. List 5 characters (not pairings but characters!) and 3 to 5 prompts, and let me mix and match! I will chose characters and will connect it with a prompt of my liking, so it is a bit of a risk, but can be fun!

This is my way of thanking you for this year. It has been a great pleasure to meet you all! Very likely, I will say this again but there is never enough of love out there. If you don´t completely hate my writing, please request something. I have asked for loads of fics this year, so you shouldn´t be shy to ask some from me as well.

These requests will most likely be fics, but can turn into drabbles as well. I won´t limit myself or push myself.

I have no idea how soon they will be up. I am going away "into the woods" right after Christmas. There is no Internet there, but I am taking the laptop with me, so it is likely for me to write some of it there. But, please be patient with me.

I am calling these Christmas requests only because it is that time of the year right now, and I do want to "give" you something. But my "presents" may be very late. Please understand this. I don´t care if you are on my f-list or not, if you follow the rules, you will most likely get a fic (so link people if you want to, provided that you warn them what and how I write), though, as always I do have a right not to find anything attractive enough to write.
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Title: Sharing is caring
Pairing: Ryo/Shige
Rating: R
Summary: Shige misses Ryo, I mean Tegoshi told so to Koyama and Koyama agrees, so Shige must miss Ryo.

No beta
Disclaimer: It would be really fun, if I could just order them online, and in a week they would arrive in a box all plastered with signs FRAGILE on it.

Requested by/ for [livejournal.com profile] imifumei .

... some time now is how Shige describes the time line here. )
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This is probably the most I have ever spammed my f-list in a day, since I am posting for the 3rd time today. I am sorry. This fic is long overdue, it is actually the first ever request I received. But as it is Dir en Grey and totally not my fandom it took long. Thanks sis for waiting patiently. I did research still I can´t probably do these "hard core dudes"! XD And it is not long either, I still hope you will find at least something you like in the weirdness this has become.

Title: Darkness
Pairing: Kaoru/Die
Rating: PG
Summary: prompted with: “Sometimes the sky looks like the sea. Sometimes the sea looks like the sky. Sometimes I am you. And sometimes. You are me.” and this picture

No beta
Disclaimer: It would be really fun, if I could just order them online, and in a week they would arrive in a box all plastered with signs FRAGILE on it.

Requested by/written for [livejournal.com profile] chivakaza

Did you forget your contact lenses then? )
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Title: Only for you
Pairing: Pin
Rating: NC-17 (probably, just barely, I don´t know …)
Summary: requested as: “pin go on a road trip“, and I might add that it is the last ride of the season.

Disclaimer: It would be really fun, if I could just order them online, and in a week they would arrive in a box all plastered with signs FRAGILE on it.
No beta
A/N: for [livejournal.com profile] crystallekil , I think in US it is still 3rd so yes, you can have a birthday fic :p. I really am not sure though if this is what you were looking for, they might be a little OOC but somehow I got carried away by the atmosphere. And I felt lazy to split it into the comment boxes so you get your own post.

Do you think the convertible was a good idea? )
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Ok so ... I guess I am writing as of now, the wheel is starting to spin again …oh so slowly. I might need your help guys and I have done this before, so you should know the drill.

Leave a comment, requesting a story and I just might write it for you!

1. Request a story in this format: Pairing/groups AND prompt (this is crucial, anything goes: picture of them, a setting, something solid that I can grab onto, nothing too general like for example Ryo/Ueda meeting, also avoid some totally vague quotes and parts of the song, be specific!)

2. Give me more options, so I can chose. You are increasing your chances of getting something actually written

3. I will write you anyone from NEWS and KAT-TUN with exception of Junno (I don’t know how to write this guy!),

Tegoshi in a romantic/slash situations and Akame pairing, I will write Kame with someone, Jin with someone, just not together.

4. I will most likely not write smut, but I might so tell me if you do not want one!

5. It might be a whole fic or just a drabble, the choice is mine, I may ignore your request completely but I will try my best not to do so.

Pimp this to your friends if you want to, I don´t care, if a person requesting is on my f-list or not. I am frankly more scared that no one will request a thing than that there will be too much of requests here. I am realistic.

some specifications mostly for chiva ...  )

Last but not least: Happy birthday to [livejournal.com profile] crystallekil , have a great day and a great year!

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Title: How are you?
Pairing: Koyama/Ueda
Rating: PG 13
Summary: request: "a washed out photograph in the bottom of the drawer", ... I followed very loosely and it seriously is strange
Disclaimer: It would be really fun, if I could just order them online, and in a week they would arrive in a box all plastered with signs FRAGILE on it
No beta

Requested by/for [livejournal.com profile] gaillen

He finds old hat, old book, some worn out picks ... )
I guess I am back … not really. I am not completely home yet and as far as I know the moment I get home tons of things will come storming at me … but that is another story, just I wrote this and so …
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The last fic, that didn´t fit into the previous post

Title: You freaking little schemer
Pairing: established RyoDa
Rating: PG 13
Summary: request: "Ryo taking Ueda to Osaka", ... so he does, but of course it won´t be so simple
Disclaimer: It would be really fun, if I could just order them online, and in a week they would arrive in a box all plastered with signs FRAGILE on it

Requested by/for [livejournal.com profile] toastypineapple

I am in my old jeans and a T-shirt that remembers my junior years. )
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Sorry for spamming you, but sometimes ago I have done a request post and the fics were posted to the comments. I didn´t even properly read through them back then, I was on the roll, and just wrote them all in a really short time span. Now I finally read them again and decided to post them properly because I am a freak and I want to have them nice and sorted.

Disclaimer: It would be really fun, if I could just order them online, and in a week they would arrive in a box all plastered with signs FRAGILE on it

Title: Drunken call
Pairing: Kame/Ueda
Rating: PG
Summary: Request: "Kame is drunk and is wandering along the street and Ueda finds him."

Requested by/for [livejournal.com profile] ryunuka

It will make the morning a little more bearable ... )

Title: Figuratively speaking
Pairing: Koyama/Ueda
Rating: PG 13
Summary: Requested with the following prompt: spazzy falling in love meaning, literal falling of koyama for ueda =D and that´s what it is

Requested by/for [livejournal.com profile] kriszeth

I can feel it ...  )

Title: The love I had
Pairing: Ryoda
Rating: PG
Summary: request: "Let me bring it babe All your love that I had I’ll enveloped it tightly In my eternal sleep...", it was supposed to be angsty, but I fail ...

Requested by/for [livejournal.com profile] dayenniez

I want to be a part of the surprise committee or whatever you and Pi are. )

Title: Jin´s mission
Pairing: (JinDa friendship and a little of established RyoDa at the end)Rating: PG
Summary: reguest: "Candies ( or sweet stuff like ice cream and all)", Jin shows Ueda how to enjoy his food

Requested by/for [livejournal.com profile] floppy_snoopi

I am happy chipping on my salad. )

I know I have new requests now I should be writing but I spend all day working. I won´t go into details, but it is kind of hard manual labor (I sound as if I am working in a mine) and I have come to a conclusion, that it kills my brain cells, other than that I am too tired to write something when I come home, so I at least did some organizing. I have one more day left, then I leave to Italy and then maybe those waiting will finally be satisfied …

Comments are love, constructive criticism even more.

Edit: This post was too big when I first tried, so I will be posting one more fic right afterwards, sorry my flist
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Title: For the love of the game
Pairing: KoKame (AU)
Rating: PG 13
Summary: When Koki likes something, he is devoted; and he likes his local baseball club and their matches a lot, and so he takes it upon himself to make the star of the team, the young pitcher Kamenashi Kazuya always happy; for the sake of a good game.

Disclaimer: It would be really fun, if I could just order them online, and in a week they would arrive in a box all plastered with signs FRAGILE on it.

Requested by/for[livejournal.com profile] chivakaza  who kind of did a beta as well …

I have no ball you could sing ...  )
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… unfortunately it is not Ohno who is taking me there …

credits: kimmyxfleur @ okomiyage

This is not a hiatus post, this is an express request post. I know I still haven´t fulfilled one request from the last time, but that is because it is J-rock fic and I will write that damn fan fiction, I just need to be in the right mood!!!
To the rules )

Request away, BUT you have time only until tomorrow (that is Tuesday, 18th of August 2009) 5:30 pm CET!!! Anything requested after I leave ... is left behind ... obviously.

Tomorrow I am going for a little getaway to our family’s cottage; I will be staying there until Sunday. Then I will be home until Thursday but working my butt off cleaning a newly build apartment building (windows, floors, …) and then my dear friends I am leaving for a holiday to Italy. I will be back home on 7th of September. So from tomorrow until the 7th of the next month, I will not post much. I probably will do some posting in those few days I am home in between, but …

Oh and what about someone surprising me and writing a chapter for [livejournal.com profile] ryoda_continuum while I am not looking?
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