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Title:  Ueda was sick (because my sis said it should stay that way)
Pairing: Ryoda
Rating: Safe
Summary:  Ryo and Ueda go away for few days. I just describe how they spend it, wanting to have some peace and rest, and well actually ending up having some, although they have to ignore Ueda´s cold and kick out some visitors in order to do so.

Disclaimer:  It would be really fun, if I could just order them online, and in a week they would arrive in a box all plastered with signs FRAGILE on it.

A/N:  Actually it was me, who went to a cottage for a few days during the Easter break, I didn´t even had a PC with me, but my sister had, so I started this and now I bring it to you. Those are kind of just episodes connected to create a story and since I didn´t like my last guitar scene, I tried again. It is actually me, who is sick and I so wish it would be Ryo I was trying to hide it from, not my parents.
Warning: Extreme fluff and western music included.
No beta

It was so … manly in a way. )
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Title:  Did you mean it?
Pairing: Ryoda
Rating: Safe/PG 13 can´t decide, but you get the picture.
Summary:  Tatsuya wants Ryo to prove what he said, and he decides to fulfill some of his own wishes along the way.
Disclaimer:  It would be really fun, if I could just order them online, and in a week they would arrive in a box all plastered with signs FRAGILE on it.
Warning:  I think I really failed at this; I wanted to write them as they played a guitar together, and I needed a background story to it. You be a judge but I do not like how the scene turned out, I wanted them to play something concrete. Oh yeah, it´s just extreme fluff again.
No beta

... just some random melodies that came across his mind ... )
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Title:  Of plans and phone calls
Pairing: Ryoda
Rating: PG 13
Summary:  Sequel to Staying overnight, as some of you wanted to know what happened in Osaka. Nevertheless I think it can be read without reading the first fic. What can I say, things never go completely smooth with Ryoda. Again, fic has two parts: Ryo´s POV and Ueda´s POV, this time Ryo´s was written first. And you can again choose to read only one of them.

Disclaimer:  I drool over them; I do not own them or anything else for that matter.

Warning: Cheesy, fluffy, and a bit angst too this time, I am sorry but I think I made Ueda overact a bit. Also this time it is looooong, make a coffee to have along with it.
No beta ...

I tried the POVs again, but this time the characters interacted the whole time, so it might overlap too much. On the other hand when I tried to make it into one perspective fitting all the feelings in was impossible. I personaly like Ryo´s POV better now as it is more matter of fact(ish).

“Did you just call me Tat-chan?” )

Oh just shut up, Ill show you how bad it is. )
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Title: Staying overnight
Pairing: Ryoda
Rating: There is a word sex in there; does that make it PG 13?
Summary:  Tatsuya is on his way to Osaka, and Ryo … well he is waiting for him. The fic has kind of two shorter parts: one is Ueda´s take on things, the other one is Ryo´s take on things.
Disclaimer: I do not own these two crazy man, who love each other so much, but I used to travel by train a lot, I still do time to time, and believe me, taking a bus from Brno to Prague is like riding a train, the high way is waaaay to bumpy, so the story is mine and that road has something to do with it:)
Warning: Cheesy, fluffy, and maybe boring as well … so be gentle.
No beta ...

This is my first time writing also Ryo´s POV, until now he was usually just kind of there, now you know what he thinks, and I am sorry he is quite mushy. You can read Ueda´s or Ryo´s POV first, or you can choose and read just one, since I finally learned how to do two LJ cuts in one post …

I just spent over an hour, daydreaming about Ryo ... or how Ueda sees it. )


No kidding, his boyfriend was no princess ... or what Ryo really thinks.  )
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Title: Glasses are cool
Pairing: Ryoda ( I wanted it to be a surprise but then I changed my mind ...)
Rating: Let´s make it PG 13 this time, do you agree?
Summary:  writen for tatsuya-thon, prompt no. 122. 5 reasons Tatsuya wears his glasses, so yeah that´s it ... 
Disclaimer: They are not mine, once again written instead of listening to boring Administrative law classes ... seriosly is there something more boring in this world?
No beta ...

So after experimenting with JRock drabbles (and crack at that) for my sister´s birthday and after writing my first songfic/angst (how did that happen anyway?) I am back in classes and writting my one and only Ryoda, also since I really, really loved tatsuya -thon I chose another prompt, not sure if someone already did this one ... anyway, I suck at writting anything but fluff, so  excuse my poor attempt to write a slight "make out scene" ...
I will stop ranting now ...

I too wear glasses, so I know what Tatsuya talks about (or I wish so ... ) )
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Title: Time to take an action
Pairing: Ryoda (again very Tatsuya centric)
Rating: G , save whatever you call it ... romance and fluff and cheesy
Summary: Sequel to No one to come home to, but I don´t think it is necessary to read it really if you don´t want to, you will be fine. In this one, Ueda wonders what is really going on and why is Ryo suddenly no where to find.
Disclaimer: Once again, created mostly during boring lectures, this time Social Security law, so they are not mine and the plot might not be as well ...
No beta

The first Tuesday lecture was boring this week as well, and since really the plot was swirling around me for some time now, it is done sooner than I expected.
I had two ending scenes in mind however. The result was the same, just the setting was different and actualy the "awkward" line was stolen from the second ending ... I might write it as a drable in a future, at least I will be forced to make it short and snapy:)

...he was going to ask him, or maybe just jump him, next time he sees him...  )
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Title: No one to come home to ...
Pairing: Ryoda (barely, very ueda centric)
Rating: Hmmm ... completely save, there is not even bad language there
Summary: very lonely ueda, writen for tatsuya-thon, prompt no. 92. 5 lonely nights Tatsuya has had and one night when it wasn´t lonely 
Disclaimer: They are not mine, and I doubt the plot is mine too, I think I owe it to Prof. JUDr. Pekarek PhD. who just gave the most boring lesson today ...
No beta ...

This is my first fanfic ever. I found out someone started tatsuya -thon and I enjoyed few out of the fics posted there ... then today I went to the first lectures of the semester (enviromental law I and administrative law III to be exact) and it was boring as hell. So in those 180 minutes, I managed to come to a decision to write a fanfiction for tatsuya - thon. I managed to choose a prompt and even to finish the fic ...
I frankly think it is boring and too long, but since I wrote it I am posting it, blame the boredome on my teachers ... it got into the fic itself ...


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