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So this is probably the last thing this instituion will let me do. type this post. I´m awaiting an error message any second now since they relly do kind of just kick you out into the outside world . . .  but I will not have internet until tomorrow when I come home so who cares, LJ posting on school computer lab PC the last thing I´ll ever do here.

This morning, I´ve passed my final state exams from the combination out of hell as someone called it. my fault for choosing it.

And just about 30 minutes ago I´ve defended my thesis that got stupidly scheduled on the same day.

the details are still hazy.

I´ve graduated. I have not slept all night (sis you better not tell that at home) drunk one Redbull (second in my life) with coke and tons off coffee since yesterday and haven´t eaten yet. Time to go and sleep. Popper post sometimes soon . . .

Oh yeah, I´m also unemployed. Oh joy.
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shockuI was going to wait until the rest of the thesis stuff is decided but I don’t know when that is going to be since it is still not up. So here I go.

christmastreeI came back from the mountains yesterday, have a pic or three. bb can take very sucky pics and my camera was in Romania.
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NGIt´s cold even at home though I blame my body for this, I think I´m just really really nervous by now. 17 days until finals.

!!So basically I will not be around much from now on (lol not much of a new thing, right?). I might wander around, comment to your personal entries maybe, but more likely I’ll disappear. I have downloaded Ryo singing with Saito since I came back, and I’m glad Tat-chan has no concerts for some time now because I know myself and know I would want to know how he is coping but that’s it. Agh his injury is already messing with my fic exchanges plans. Not that that is the important thing to concentrate here on.

paperclipI might do something on my fic journal today or tomorrow because I feel like it; the result of it will probably come only after hiatus is over, but never say never, I’ve been known to write instead of sleeping during exams.

heartbreakoh yeah, fic, [livejournal.com profile] tatoeba wrote me a ryoda drabble here ♥ and I found something amazing in my inbox this morning ♥ ♥ ♥ if it ever goes online, I´ll be linking it for sure.

wrenchLol for a hiatus announcement, or whatever this is, it’s damn messy. Basically. I will not be around much (at all) until September 17th. If you want to get in touch with me, e-mail me or pm me (for my email address), I do check the emails twice a day, kind of with my meals, so it will not be a bother or anything, more like a nice distraction.

Off I go. tegoshidesu
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post from the woods.

breaking news.

I have been given credits for my "thesis seminar," whole ONE that it was worth of, and that was the only thing barring me from taking my finals. Good to know I can at least take them. LOL! Anyway according to my school´s information system, it was inserted into information system on August 19 2010, time. 14:13 (which is clearly why I have been able to see it ONLY TODAY) and officially granted to me on, read well my friends, June, 30th 2008. Backdating is clearly not a strong skill of my consultant.

I still do not have her evaluation, but I suppose since she decided to give me the credit(s), she likes the thesis enough to let me go to the defence.

I however HAVE the evaluation of my opponent. Her biggest problem with my thesis was basically that it had typos in it (My Word kept changing every arbitrability to arbitrabitlity, which is not even a word- or is it? and I clearly managed to miss a few of them). The funny thing is, she had two typos in the section where she tells me I have typos.

I do love my school. It´s Friday, late afternoon here, so I will not know more until Monday but I have a feeling I might be packing my bags on Monday and having the defence on like Wednesday next week.

Oh yeah, the opponent proposed B as a grade for my thesis (and we do not have A- or B+ in school, so it is the second best grade), my mum got all defensive after reading the evaluation saying she could have given me A and I just googled my opponent because I have not heard of her while in school and found out she graduated in 2008, never practised and wrote one of the articles for the last year internal conference at my department about my subject. I went to see it, and now I remember clearly, it was the one that I thought sucked pretty badly. There was practically no scheme or new info in it. Ah Ah I did not use that one, I did not cite it or list it in my literature sources. Big mistake @__@ I think.

nah another news is that a daughter of my parents´ friends who live here just came by and gave me a key to their internet connection. Which is why I am making this entry in the first place. Luckily for me it works only on the edge of my porch where I have to put my pc on a low wall and where I cannot sit. I´ve been on my phone only this past week and in general have no clue what is going on unless it makes it to the twitter, or occasionally to my friends´ page (and it´s not below a cut)lol.

Back to isolation. it´s raining on me and my pc.


Aug. 18th, 2010 05:04 pm
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boltThe weather in my country is causing some major damage and I hope it is soon over because I might get into an argument with my favorite element – water (You do not take people’s property and lives)

eyesMy department still hasn’t published the schedule for thesis defenses

planeMy sister is in Romania being shy

4leafcloverOur garden went crazy, and I spent all morning collecting things and finding overgrown zucchini

>_<[livejournal.com profile] je_ficgames still haven’t posted reveals, so I guess I am not reposting that fic either

car2I’m leaving for the woods in about two hours. I’m taking a couple of friends for the first three days (who will chill and theoretically even let me study), and we’ll try Cap à l´Est again and then it’s studying only

footprintI’ll be back . . . see point two of this post. I have no clue. Not until the next weekend, hopefully. I’ll stay as long as it will be possible.


See you then!
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Someone commented on [livejournal.com profile] ryoda_continuum the other day, and it made my heart hurt a bit. DAMN the unfinished thing bugs me. I was thinking of taking it up myself, but yeah the number of exchanges together with real life stuff is just not making it any better.

Speaking of, there is a [livejournal.com profile] jent_bigbang community now, and I’m tempted to sign up only to finish the Ryoda rock band AU that I started to write a year ago! Sobs. It would mean an incentive to finish and possibly a fanart to go with it, but I’m thinking I should finish it sooner than next January.

Once I finish NEWSFicOn! I will have only rainbowbridge fic to write and I guess holls if I sign up, but that seems ages from now. Still it feels like this year I will write only for exchanges and challenges. Something went terribly wrong. I also have a feeling that once I actually manage to graduate (if I manage to-that is) and find a job, I will not have half as much time as I have now or had in the past.

So here is my pledge, though I have no clue how and when I will achieve this.
pencil I will finish my ryoda rock band AU this year.
wrench I will write the last “promised” instalment of “trains and trails” before . . . hmm end of October just to be realistic and given everything that is to happen until then.
magnify I will pick up ryoda_continuum (unless someone wants to do that for me) and write an ending. Which might feel rushed given where the fic is, but I think it is safe to say that this project turned very unsuccessful and I hate unfinished multichapter fics, so it needs to be done.

I know I will have an urge to write for memes and my friends and just because fandom is one huge fiction all the time but I will try to concentrate on these projects before I write anything else. I will not say I won’t post anything else in the meantime because well I apparently write best in the middle of the night and unplanned, but these things need to somehow get done. Well I can only hope I will have Sundays free once I start working.

To balance out all these weird fic talks, there was the 5 questions meme going around ages ago and I have asked [livejournal.com profile] imifumei for some questions back then and never posted answers. So I guess I am finally answering them, to keep the tradition of really really long posts going.

to the questions )

Oh right, I forgot. There is this Ryoda . . . hmm. The kind of pointless killing in the background makes my like for it a bit dubious, but the rest of it is awesome, so I am linking it after all.

Im now off to bottle some peaches. Again.
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Quick update. Life goes on, and sometimes I do get this revelation that I will never catch up. That said, I might be little absent over the next few weeks, at least when it comes to my personal journal and IM.

Writing however goes on, I never really do stop. As for my wips progress, people all get ideas on their exchange fics and are pleased and I read about it, so here is my status. DOA writing done. Editing: Rin is dying, I try to make it a slow (and painful) death so she actually dies only after it is done. snail FQF: I have had an idea ever since I read my assignment, which probably means I will kill myself writing it. NEWSFicOn! Right, I have no clue, no concept, no story, not even a genre. Way to go girl.

My great friend passed her finals today. Just like that. All four of them, no fear because she is just like that and standing in front of a commission of four professors does nothing to her. She is amazing and has no nerves. She has stopped being a student. I´m proud of her. I´m also a bit jealous in that good way. I do not want to switch positions, I am so so so happy for her, I totally get how she is all giddy and smiley (and I´m relieved maybe even for her) but there is that small part of me . . . Let´s not go there.

I am sick and tired of revising my ____ (I believe I have a promise to keep to all of you). No more of it today.

Give me prompts or prompts and pairings and I might write a drabble or two tonight. I´m not promising anything to anyone, and I might decide I will not write at all. But writing is something that has always been my way to let go, so I will try to exploit that again. If you want to have at least a slight chance of me writing something and decide to give me a pairing, stick with NEWS, KAT-TUN and Ohkura, and do not ask for Tegoshi or Junno.

I am now going to make myself a cup of tea and . . . do something totally unproductive, not on my to do list, not something I have to or have planed, so I can get back to fulfilling and productive obligations from tomorrow morning.


oh, right, social experiment.

This is Ryo practicing . . . (lol, no seriously, fill in the blank)
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I am back in Brno for two weeks or so *__* I also have some new LJ friends! Hi there!

I was gonna somehow retell the whole “cottage of doom” episode in regards to my thesis, but got over that ambition by now. Let it be said that it was not pleasant (but that was expected). I have since then rephrased my ideal job requirements to (1) as soon as possible, (2) as far away from home as possible, and (3) pays for some rent and at least one meal a day (unfortunately I am still too spoiled to live under a bridge). Also, I have shown my thesis to my mother yesterday and tried to give her some overview of what goes on in every chapter. She has amended her stance of me being totally unreliable and faulty and idk what else to “maybe your consultant would have communicate with you better if it had been written in Slovak instead of English, and then you might have finished it”(which may or may not be true), but it only translates to “if this had been written in Slovak (and I could have read it and surely save you by my awesome ever knowing demeanour), you would not have failed to hand it in on time (and put the entire family on shame).” Well . . . she hadn´t liked me writing it in English from the start because it stripped her off control and I had known that. End of story, and I promise to whine about this a little less from now on. I know the thesis has taken over my journal in the past few weeks.

Now fandom, [livejournal.com profile] naoryuu got me awesome Potato and Wink up, and Arashi nakasha? (unofficial photobook) when in Japan <3. I have them only for few days now, but they were bought last year. So GREAT *__* I have the Potato with Arashi-sleeping shoot *__*, and the way Shige´s PhotoShigenic looks like in that sea of color and gay makes me want to learn Japanese only so I can read it. Also I felt as a total pedophile because both those magazines are full of Juniors mainly. It was disturbing, all those young boys trying to act all – sexy is it?

I know these were scanned, but I wanted to flail over my own scans, though I remembered too late and managed to scan only very little. )
It´s good I don´t want to make living by scanning, I suck at it. It was the first time using that scanner, but I am just too weak to squish those pages down enough for the scans to be really good . . .

Which brings me to the fact that Arashi 10 year anniversary concert is out but it is split in like 30 parts in total for all the DVD (of 99 MB on MU each), and I need to find my inner zen to start downloading that. Until then I will watch the Kanjani8 concert! Can has time to do so?

I start working tomorrow again, but that is more than okay. Yay for paced return!!! Two days only this week . . .

Right, now, I had not been able to resist and asked [livejournal.com profile] myxstorie for a colour. I should have known better. She gave me purple!!! I . . . I have issues with purple. IDK how many of you have ever been in a catholic church during the Lent, but during that time the cross is covered in the very exact purple that has become so fashionable in the past few years. No matter where I see it, that is my first thought: God dying for me and that I should repent for my sins. I can´t fight the 8 years of catholic school in my system. Anyway, I have gotten over the trauma to some extent in a past year or so, so there are some things, but TEN???

here is what I managed to come up with )
If someone still didn´t get any color to list 10 things in it which she/he loves, comment and ask me for one, I will happily oblige!

Also if you are still looking for a partner in crime for [livejournal.com profile] je_devilorangel, hook-ups are here. Some clarifications about themes from SM-kun himself are here!. Don´t let their existence discourage you! And this was wayyyyyy too long, sorry <3

EDIT, I am a fail! HAPPY BIRTHDAY [livejournal.com profile] einji!!!
lol in sync with "my color", I hope you had a good day <3
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I just made myself café latte with 3 beautiful layers . . . it´s almost 7 pm and I have spent most of my day sleeping. I plan on going to bed no later than 1 am tonight too. I need to get back to a normal rhythm.

I came home yesterday. My parents are spending Easter in our cottage/vacation house place, so it was just my sister home. She held what I believe was the first grill party of the season by our almost outside/almost inside fireplace. The food was great. And she got epically drunk. I am living through her because if there was a reason for me to do it for the second time in my life it was yesterday. Well, one of us was enough.

Currently, I am washing what feels like my entire wardrobe. Tomorrow afternoon, we are “visiting” our parents (that worked out unexpectedly well), and I will find out if I am disowned and if my mother really drives an eggplant (car) now. Conveniently, we are staying only one night and are coming back on Sunday afternoon. My sis needs to be in school soon, that is the reason. I will wait for my parents to get back and leave for Brno on Tuesday, I hope.

Here is the list of things I want to do during the break, before or after the visit of doom. Should be fun.

*finish washing, ironing attack! I believe there are my parents´ sheets there waiting just for my return home . . .

*make onigiri - tomorrow, my sis promised to teach me how to do them properly (any ideas about what other then tuna to put inside that I will actually get in an average Slovak Tesco?)

*clean my bookmarks; they are a complete mess after the thesis debacle, the same goes for my pc docs files and desktop (I don´t really see this happening)

*write that one prompt on the [livejournal.com profile] jesmutmeme that is dead by now, but oh well at least I could probably just post it right away and link the requester, I just really think mindless porn is a way to relax now

*I might be eyeing a prompt at ♥ THE PIN FIC ANONYMEME ♥
And the after that fic cleansing I have so many wips *__* and no exchange to write for!!!

*yeah reposting, finish meddling with my fic community, the layout needs a bit more of touch ups. I also need to go back to my fics here and link them to the community . . . and then [livejournal.com profile] pillow_verse will be fully functional and all beautiful even

*right, reply to the wonderful wonderful comment that lovely [livejournal.com profile] tatoeba left on the ftf fic I wrote for her <333 (which I already reposted and I might need to reply to comments there as well)

*finish reading ftf fics, I just had no chance on reading them all, I am on it though, and can´t wait for Monster trucks among others . . .

Speaking of Fic the Faith, Hyphen-chan failed a little with reveals, as I completely forgot I wanted to put everyone´s names to the “From” column once the reveals go up. It is fixed now, and I feel complete.

There were so many things happening in the fandom lately, I forgot what everything I wanted to comment on, so these are mostly things happening today

*oh yeah the KAT-TUN happenings, I had things to say, I am sure of that, but after all, Koki says it the best

*NEWS is working! But really they look so hideous on MS special! Ok, Koyama´s clothes are actually more than ok,but everyone else I have a problem with at least one piece of clothing. I love them. It gets better when they move . . . The biggest catastrophe is Ryo (both his hair AND his pants, but mostly the hair). WHAT THE ... NISHIKIDO!!!

* Shige´s new drama trailer is awesome, if the drama is at least half as action packed as the trailer, I approve. Also Shige is hot (ter with every NEWS single)

*[livejournal.com profile] stormy_team is disbanding; I am doomed and will actually have to beg for admission to all those other subbing teams which application posts drive me crazy. Any suggestions for a decent (and a bit stable) one other than lovely [livejournal.com profile] ast_team? Apparently, this was April´s fool . . .not funny, and I tots had 2nd when I read about it . . . oh well, better for me then.

Is that all? I guess so. I might slowly get back to commenting on people´s journals or something over the next few days.

Oh yeah, I was offered to do the assistance/translation gig for De Paul School of Law summer school, or more precisely for its 3 days Brno leg (read as their tour of all Supreme and Constitutional Courts of Czech Republic – surprisingly, there is 3 of them together). Last year I basically rode a tram with them 3 times and translated a cool round table discussion with Supreme Judge at Supreme Court. They paid me an incredible amount of money (and all that time, I thought I was doing it for free, but it was fun so I didn´t mind). It is a bit ironic. If I had managed to turn the thesis in, I would have had to decline. Like this I might just do it, even if it means going to Brno just for that. But if they pay me as well as last year, it means almost the entire tuition fee for those extra months of school should be covered. IDK though if I will be able to like go anywhere this summer. We will see after the Saturday visit of doom. All in all, if it works out I will be super excited, the professors were grumpy, old and funny men, and the students were mostly hilarious. It also means practicing English . . . and there is no cut to this post because I am lazy.
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[livejournal.com profile] fic_the_faith has finished posting yesterday. I should probably be reading some fic rather than making this post (in my break), and there hopefully be time to say this “officially”, but there is a lot of emotions.

It went by so so fast! I am nowhere near catching up with reading the fic. I actually think I clocked on like the 3rd fic of the 2nd day and did some random out of the order reading then because a thing or two were shorter. It is so funny, though. While I understand about people wanting reveals early on, I didn´t know until I really really thought about it that I want to wait until I have time to read them all. Which at the present moment I don´t. But in this way, given [livejournal.com profile] hyphen_chan´s connections and tongue faster than brain or something, I am special. From the standpoint of the participants, I think they are better on Wednesday.

I am, however, loving every moment of this. People has written some great things, are really nice about reading and commenting and the use of sparkles is *___*

Don´t you ever tell me KAT-TUN fandom is akame against the world, or cold as their idols or whatever. People (at least in this little corner of the fandom) are amazing!

Fun facts that I believe can be disclosed. There was no need for pinch hitters. At one point, [livejournal.com profile] hyphen_chan has wondered if there even would be Jin/Kame tag and icon necessary. We thought we were gonna come down the history as that KAT-TUN fic event that has ignored the biggest ship of the fandom. On the other hand, we had JinDa A DAY!!! I am also loving the fact there are two JinRu fics. I haven’t read neither. To complete, there are three Jin/Junno ones. So if you were wondering what people are lacking normally . . .

I love it when [livejournal.com profile] hyphen_chan´s inbox suddenly lights up from grey to white and red in the left bottom corner of my screen! I plan on reading, not only skimming through every single comment! I love the quoting, the colours, commenters quoting each other back, the sparkle explosions, people going so so out f their ways!!! And I love the Dutch alter ego of [livejournal.com profile] hyphen_chan for being awesome pants! She keeps my faith (and face) . . . So there, be it my never ending proclamation of love for that community. It has kept me sane for the past week. It has given me back much much more than I put in. Oh just I am not looking for like people telling me here how much they liked it or how we did or anything, I am not coercing things out of you in that sneaky way, just I felt the need to state these things. I´d rather you tell [livejournal.com profile] hyphen_chan after reveals are up what it felt like. The Dutch alter-ego needs to see too . . .

While we are at it, I just learned my consultant might not have time to read through my thesis anymore. Got another two-line email today. Which I have no clue how I should take. I don´t know if it means that, if she doesn´t make it, I won´ t be able to hand the thesis in. Or if it just means the column of “was the thesis properly consulted” on my evaluation will say no or the lower grade or whatever and she will put me down in that evaluation. It would be freaking great to know if I am trying for nothing, or if they let me at least hand it in on Wednesday at the risk of failing me through consultant and opponent evaluation process.

As it is, I do not sleep and just write and feel kind of sick atm. Forming coherent thoughts, creating hypothesis and deducing conclusions have become physically painful process. Thus, naturally I won´t even find out if I got the conclusions right. I just hope I will get hold of my English beta in time. If I have all chapters but conclusion written by tomorrow night, I am handing it in no matter what. That said, the chapter I am writing now is killing me. I hate safeguarding basic principles and playing with words like public order, mandatory, international mandatory rules and stuff. Just saying.

I just kind of surprised myself by voicing some opinion on inner-workings of EU and you probably really do not want to know, but since I actually typed it down in a spur of the moment . . . aka you don´t really want to know )
3 MORE DAYS! And nights. And it is over. I think then I want to sleep for at least a week. I am afraid that wish won´t be granted ;__;

See you at reveals! Lol I wonder if someone tried to guess who wrote what, I am not the one who thinks people should purposefully change their style to hide their identity, but i think people tend to surprise even themselves when writing for exchanges. Do you guess afterwards? Or do you not even try?
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Ninuš ([livejournal.com profile] chivakaza, if anyone was wondering,)

Happy birthday!!!

Other than being able to drink in US, 21 seems kind of ordinary age to turn. The shock of not being a teenager should be gone by now ;D

No really, have a good one! Enjoy life in this upcoming year and for many, many to come.

And just so you know, it is kind of awesome to have you as a sister (most of the time :P)

And because I can, have a picspam of your “Johnny´s OTP”. I am evil that way. I also haven´t managed to write you anything, sorry about that. Will redeem myself (this summer or sometimes after March 31st).

LOADS of pictures! )

Speaking of Kokame, [livejournal.com profile] jentfic_remix is posting reveals tomorrow. Probably my Saturday actually, but let me have a ray of hope. I haven´t linked THE ONE FOR ME yet. Someone remixed “that baseball AU”, or rather its first instalment. It´s kind of great. Apparently Kame can emo (not really, but almost there) over Koki as well. It´s better than my original, though mine has a lighter mood. I like it if you were wondering. A lot.

There is one more funny Ryoda I haven´t linked yet too, so if you are craving some, here you go.

In other news, my thesis doesn´t want to get written. Deadline is in less than 3 weeks, and I am freaking out. It doesn´t help that I am spending Saturday night at a ball (I even kind of have a garde this year – le gasp), and I am going to see 30 seconds to Mars next week too. Which means going to Prague. Kill me now. But the tickets have been bought long time ago, so I am not wasting that money. Sleepless nights, here I come. On top of that [livejournal.com profile] fic_the_faith starts posting in less than two weeks!

Oh, right, I have a NEW banner for my welcome post! Don´t laugh at my Photoshop meddling. I just wanted to add some text, and I played with contrast and red filter a bit. ARASHI ♥ on my LJ. It has been too long. I know the text is not funny. Who cares, I have procrastinated some blissful 30 minutes making that. The point was to stare at Arashi in some funky photo-shoot.

Off to fight my thesis. How does it go? “Fight all night?”
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I had tons of things I wanted to mention today. But then I called home to refer my exam result and suddenly I don´t feel like anything but ranting. But I am too tired for that. So … let´s see how this one will turn out.

I´ve slept from 5:15 to 6:00 last night (this morning). Or rather I wanted to, but I was awake most of the time I was lying down, trying to have some rest.

The written portion of my exams started at 9:40 am. I freaked out over VAT formula and ended up screwing most of the second half of the questions (which were completely unrelated to it, I just panicked obviously). Also the proff got stuck in a train on her way to uni, so the oral part hasn´t started until around 1:00 pm and so by the time I was up, it was 4:00 pm. When, after a bit of talking, she gave an option to either take a worse grade or continue on to another question to try to push it up (since I was in between) I almost hugged her, took the grade and left. I like that professor and I am a bit sorry about the impression I left though. Seriously the grade is far from stellar but it fits along with my plans for this semester. My goal is to simply pass.

Well of course then the whole phone call(s) happened and I should have not hung up on my sister, but if I have heard her “no” one more time … never mind. Moving on.

I PASSED!!! Now that THAT is off my chest (again)…

shopping, cleaning, working, thinking, just blabbing really )

♥ Right back to happy. I stumbled upon this over at baidu search yesterday. I want to join the club!!!

♥ I begged Crys for some Big Bang music two days ago because, as usually during an exam period, my entire music folder feels like it has played one too many times. I also can´t listen to anything Slovak, Czech, English or French when studying because I end up listening to lyrics. Korean should be ok since I won´t ever understand more than “I love you” and “I´m sorry” in that language. It´s just funny because THIS is exactly how I have come to love Arashi 3 years ago. I like Haru Haru now. No idea why. Any other tips for studying background music in any but the four languages listed above?

♥ I am taking a small break from Weekly Highlights over at [livejournal.com profile] ryoda_love because it takes me hours to compose it every time I do it. Only the fic choosing takes ages, I can never decide and then putting some thoughts into some semblance of order is a challenge on its own. To keep the community alive I came up with a peace offering. Because I clearly am sane and have a clear mind.

♥ talking of exchanges, I´ve come up with a perfect title for my [livejournal.com profile] fic_the_faith fic. Only that I am not sure if title is enough to pull the fic off. I will need to elaborate on this idea of mine.

♥ Aaaaaand I need to look over [livejournal.com profile] jentfic_remix sign ups to see if I can pick some preferences. I might do that now. Make some tea and scroll down. And fall asleep soooooon.

♥ Few days back, [livejournal.com profile] tokeruyouna embedded a video of Gackt and Nishikawa Takanori singing Konayuki and I have learned that I am not the only one who thinks the original version of the song is … well less than stellar (as that seems to be my word right now). I love this version though. I cut it out, so here - have the audio rip.

Well, I´ll see how the work goes for the first time this year. I need to relocate the PC monitor there, my neck gets too stiff from its current position. My roommate is coming tomorrow and I am so not looking forward to it but at least I will spend most of the time at work. No studying tomorrow. I need a day of break before even looking at the disaster the environmental law is.

And this weekend I am heading to my friends´ apartment and I fully intend to spend entirely too good time there on a pretense of picking up my administration law books. I missed them (my friends, not the books). Guys I AM BACK IN BRNO!!! Let the joy wash over you. ROFL this still is a huge post.
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FIC THE FAITH ASSIGNMENTS HAVE BEEN SEND OMG LET ME FLAIL!!! sdxcfvghasj,c.fgvjbkvsadtrfghjklfdfhvjbx

Seriously, I was as excited as ever when I found it in my mail box, if not more ;D I have also finally properly read my own assignment, like really really read with all the details and everything and let me just say *__*!!! It´s a little scary, because so far, my exchange fics were always completely unknown waters in one way or another, whereas this time, I feel pretty comfortable with most(all) of the things. And so my resolutions is not to let myself slip into this the dangerous waters of being too confident about this. I am playing around with possibilities here and should stalk KAT-TUN fandom for some silly little thing that will set me off . I WILL DO MY BEST!!!

Which brings me to a great video. [livejournal.com profile] newshfan has apparently cracked and did sub the entire BTR after all, including CM and Documentary. Which I spend the last hour watching. HELL YEAH! I really loved the documentary, just so you know )

In my right now uneventful RL, my sister has left for school today and I hope we will manage to see each other properly sooner than in 3 months this time. We chat and stuff all the time, but it´s still nice to know how she looks like ;D.

I on the other hand have decided to stay home, ditch work and mostly my annoying roommate for this week and will go to Brno probably on Saturday evening. I will see. I have searched all the student servers for materials for my exam and I am extremely pleased because I have found a book on tax law, just the one I needed, scanned, cropped even ♥, and it´s not as huge as I thought. Sweet 509 pages – about 1/3 maybe 1/4 of the course material right there!!! This is my happy face! For the rest, I will have to rely only on my notes and some scattered materials and the actual provisions obviously and then on Monday I am cramming in the school library, but honestly it will have to do. I wouldn´t give it much more anyway since it would just frustrate the hell out of me.

It stopped snowing here. Something small and in between rain and ice falls down now. I won´t drive anywhere unless I´ll really have to in the next few days since it´s supposed to be cold and this will all be ice. Although I will have to clean that ice out of our huge driveway and more importantly from the sidewalk in front of our house. It´s not even our property which is why, logically, we are responsible for anyone who slips there and injures himself/herself. It wouldn´t piss me, if this town took care of other things, but since it doesn´t I am just irked.

I have taken a break from my Love and Adoration meme, but I think it´s about time I get back to it. Today I have Rin “on tabs” and [livejournal.com profile] tokeruyouna is the person I stole the meme from, so it really is about time.
♥ I love that she friended me because of my pron and finds it somehow a feat that I have written it on a bus ;D
♥ She has written the Elephant fic of awesome and if you haven´t read it yet, it´s a crime and you should go and fix it. If only because, for all I know, she could be the one bringing the charges forth if you don´t!
♥ No really, Rin said so herself, and I will shamelessly repeat, because it still amazes me: Rin and I are in the same field of business, although I still need to graduate for it to be official. It astounds me that two of my great LJ friends share this crazy occupation with me. It proves that this profession has some cool, loving, funny and not dry people in their ranks ;D
♥ Rin asks these questions that make me think. And tolerates my wordy and confused answers. As she herself puts it, commenting turns into conversation and I add: sometimes with substance even!
♥ I adore her “PV´s that I like series” she has done on her journal. It was great fun! I love her sense of humor, might as well say it here.
&hearts ; I come back to her writing, which is very interesting, she can do hot, funny, quirky, sad, anything and I feel she putts lot of thoughts into her works. If you are left wondering about something at the end, you were meant to!
♥ I adore how easily we fell into this whole “friendship” thing. I can´t put a finger on it but it feels so natural to “have her around” one way or another.

I am trying to catch up on last je_holiday fics I wanted to read before reveals, but with studying, it is becoming a pretty futile effort. I hope “Santa” will keep his tradition of posting super late in his own time zone, which would give me all tomorrow to try some more.

I will bitch and complain, sorry. No one loves my KoKame baseball AU. DDDX I secretly love the last about 1/3 of that fic. In the first 24 hours after I posted it, 300 people clicked this journal and only one of them left a comment. 1 OF THEM!!! I usually do not care, but I think this one deserves more love and 1 out of 300 who found it in them to comment is breaking my heart. But don´t mind me, all that really matters is that my sister liked it, because it was written for her. I don´t want to go into the whole “commenting” discussion. Maybe it would help if I managed to spell the subject line correctly when I posted it to jents XDDD

Back to yet another definition of a tax!
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So this was supposed to be pretty freaking happy post but I should learn NOT to check my school email right after sending my work in to maintain a peace of my mind at least for couple of hours. Still I am not failing again, therefor:

The happy meme
1. Post about something that made you happy today even if it's just a small thing.
2. Do this every day for 8 days without fail.

So today ...
Cut for happy failure )

I hope all of you are having a great time!
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So right now I really wish my operator would support the twitter feeds. I feel like I´ll have all kinds of things to tweet about during the next two days. And then it would be easier to come back to it and actually remember it happened instead of having one big blur out of things.

I am sorry if someone feels abandoned by me. Here on LJ or in more RL. This will last for two more days and then I´ll hopefully manage to go back to replying to people´s entries istead of just stalking them (or what is not under LJ cut) in silence. And I will manage to send out heads up for my meeting on Monday, maybe even write my thesis (that is kind of a burning topic now).

Seriously today I did nothing but excel charts and badges and more excel charts and sorting things alphabetically and I got very mad with one of my "coworkers". But because he just couldn´t listen for 3 fucking minutes I spend 2 hours doing extra work that could have been avoided and then I waited another more than an hour for him to redo half of the stuff he messed up!!!

And because of that I still don´t have the roaster for Saturday volunteering work done and my lovely volunteers will eat me alive tomorrow. Or rather it means I either stay up longer or get up sooner tomorrow. Considering I wanted to go to sleep at 22:30 and it is midnight already I will go with option no. 2 this time.

But I totally kicked ass with the final version of registration charts (or I hope it is the final one, if not that said coworker might not survive, or rather I might look around for some woo-doo dolls.) Ha they even have a logo which no one managed to send me in all day long so I actually had to go and extract it from the documents on-line. Thank god for Adobe professional!!!

The pic is how my screen looked like all day long. the chat that is on the bottom is with a person sitting about half a meter away from me.

This is the last time I get to do this conference and it got so huge in the past six years I got to watch its progress. I really hope all goes well and i can say goodbye with some dignity left. And this year I am actually going to make them let me go and listen to at least one freaking lecture!!! I WANT!!! Tomorrow we meet at 10:00 am. Registration starts 12:30 and the reception (I get to sit down and eat) starts at 18:40. I should be home by 22:00, maybe a little later. On Saturday I start at 8:00 am and I am cutting the scholarships of people who come late this year. Last year me and two more girls who managed to come in time ended up carrying heavy tables by ourselves around the faculty. I can afford to be mean, I am leaving. I decided. The workshops run till 18:30 and then there is a dinner, I seriously hope I can just eat and go home, but I doubt it. God knows last time they kept me there past midnight (and I felt like being rude for refusing to have another shot with someone - I swear drinking when you barely manage to stand and you are sore as hell is not my kink). Oh well I will just laze around on Sunday, trying to persuade my feet to function. Talk to you then!

PS: In reality I am totally excited, nervous and my eyes are sparkling and I will probably do more work than anyone and will forgive everything and take blame for everything because what it comes down to is the thrill, the funny quirky professors and my undying love for this event that has given me so much!
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I was off to watch News concert. (Finally - my recent crappy download speed is responsible for it taking 3 days to download) I was all settled and happy to go when I realized I still had unnecessarily big light on. I got up, turned it off and turned on the small one – my light bull exploded!!! With a big bang! And I thought: “oh it is Friday the 13th after all”. For some reason, that made me post.

- Crys wrote me and Pix (that is how I am going to call you [livejournal.com profile] pipsqueaks !) a fic yesterday, Ryoda gen and it has an awesome atmosphere!!! I love her some more again for it!
- Arashi´s special drama has been “revealed” No link guys, I am lazy but HELL YEAH!!! It looks like there will be some action!!! In any sense of that word you might think of.
- I am also looking forward to Johnny´s baseball game, I laughed at the “bring a friend/chaperone” rule very much.
- Amy promised to beta my AU monster, so I am so writing it this weekend!!!
- Also I was quietly chosen to be [livejournal.com profile] gaillen ´s helper over at [livejournal.com profile] ryoda_love and I am planning a little not so “sekrit” project for it, I am all excited and I hope I won´t blow it!
- More importantly, I love everyone who commented on my last “bus PWP”! Not because of their first comments, although those were all kind of awesome as well, but because somehow, for some reason, most of the people then kept talking to me on that post. I haven´t had so random fandom convo´s with all kind of fans in such a long time. It felt great! I don´t know if everyone just felt chatty that day, but GUYS it was so nice to flail and talk with you.
- I am really grateful for that chatty Tuesday I had. I also made a new friend; I can officially spy on the author of the “Elephant fic of awesome” from the [livejournal.com profile] jerainbowbridge . YAY.
- I felt like doing a fic request post because of all that love I received and guys I WILL do it and I own you all one, but I have too many writing obligations in November. Once I hand in my JEholls and the part of my thesis that is due at the end of the November you are so ON!!!

- To top this all of, my sister posted this! It is an advent calendar, do you know them, they usually have a cute “Christmassy image on it, and have 24 small cases with chocolates in them, you count down until Christmas Eve with them, eating one chocolate a day. My mom got it for her and I apparently have the same one waiting for me at home. What the hell? Where is the cute and Christmassy? THIS IS PRICELESS …
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I am in so much trouble!!!

I am not pregnant, just some obligations caught up with me :) )

Oh yeah I saw some random very cool eighto scans today! Okhura was super hot. And Nakamaru´s hair is growing slowly. I think he should keep it like it is now or even shorter. In my humble opinion, it really suits him. Sorry, in the spirit of my latest failures I have no links.


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